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How to give your video a MOOD

February 7, 2020

Hello everybody my name is Daniel Schiffer
I make videos about filmmaking and content creation right here on YouTube
and today I am super excited to be doing a tutorial with Epidemic Sound all about
how to give your videos a mood. Now the objective of a mood video is to listen
to a song and see what kind of feeling or vibe it conjures in your mind and
then you pair it with visuals that convey the same sort of feeling or mood
hence the name mood video. Now whether or not you’re making a mood video
specifically it’s important to realize that a mood is crucial in any type of
video whether that be a wedding film or a documentary, a travel film, a short film
or even a music video moods are important every time. Without some sort
of mood or vibe a video tends to feel quite hollow so let’s talk about a few
ways you can give your videos a mood. When you’re initially planning a video
it can be very tough to know exactly what kind of mood or vibe you’re trying
to convey something that makes this easier is if you already have a song
picked out prior to shooting now of course in most cases you don’t
necessarily need to pick out your music before you start filming a video in fact
usually what I like to do is start with some kind of theme or vibe that I have
in my head capture my footage accordingly and then
after the fact when I’m about to edit I’ll find a song that then fits that
vibe but either way you go the music you choose is going to be one of the big
things that drives the emotion and the feeling of your video. Now something that
I found very helpful was when I listened to Thunderbird for the very first time I
grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and just started writing down all the words
that would pop into my mind as I listen to this song things like urban nightlife
neon city futuristic these are all things that popped into my head when I
first listen to the song. Now moving along for music the next thing we’ll
want to consider when capturing the mood is the subject matter of the footage and
what I mean by this are things like your characters their actions within the
shots the locations and of course your camera movements. So now the goal with my
own footage was to capture a sort of city nightlife kind of theme through
different subjects and locations. So here we’ve got my friend Tammy in various
spots around downtown Toronto including the neon demon studio
which I might add is one of the coolest places I’ve seen in the city if you ever
visit Toronto you should definitely go there it’s like a videographer or
photographers dream. Then I got some footage of my girlfriend Sara also in
various places downtown and lastly we’ve got the clips of me skateboarding
sprinkled throughout the sequence to add another element so the way I kind of
decided to go about this structure and the pacing of this video was to start
off by introducing each character one by one in a more isolated way with the bars
of the music now as the video progresses and the song picks up more energy then I
start to cut back and forth between the different scenes and characters more
frequently and this just keeps the video a bit more interesting and exciting
now something I like to look for when assembling footage like this is to link
the camera movements from one shot to the next as well as having a variety in
speed rather than having the entire video be in one speed it’s good to have
a mix of slow-motion in regular speed because this keeps things more engaging
and notice how with a lot of these shots I plan them specifically so I could link
them together using basic transitions there isn’t a whole lot there in terms
of software intensive techniques like masking or key framing, tracking instead
I just tried to stick to beginning and ending my shots with similar colors or
movements so that they could be connected by simple cuts. And now that
we’re done with all of that fancy stuff we can really bring our footage to life
by adding a color grade this will make all of those neon and city lights pop
and this is one of my favorite parts of editing and last but certainly not least
we can start adding sound design to really elevate the video to the next
level I use sound effects from a variety of different sources including Epidemic
Sound. But here’s what the video looks like with the sound design and the music
turned off so you can really hear all of the individual sounds so that’s the video with just the sound
design and once we bring the song back into the mix it’s really just gonna tie
everything together and get across that mood that we were going for if you guys
enjoyed this video or found it helpful don’t forget to hit it with a thumbs up
and subscribe and I will see you guys next time


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    Daniel = awesomeness 🌡

  • Reply Epidemic Sound January 31, 2020 at 2:50 pm

    Thank you for watching, and special shout out to Daniel Schiffer! 💯 Don't forget to check out the final music video here: and continue listening to Ooyy here: Keep an eye out for our exclusive BEHIND-THE-SCENES going LIVE on our Instagram @EpidemicSound THIS SUNDAY! 🔥

  • Reply Kiyoteru Chau February 1, 2020 at 7:01 am

    Thanks for the tutorial, helped me a lot!

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    Thanks this video is helpful, thanks for sharing!

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    I love that transition from black hoodie to black subway board

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    I can’t find any good “swoosh” sfx on ES for transitions. will you guys be adding more?

  • Reply Johnny Snipes February 3, 2020 at 9:45 pm

    Deserves so many more views! Daniel is a BEAST at sound design n editing

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    so cool <3 i love it, thanks for the tutorial

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    summoning @JR Ali & @Benn TK

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