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How To Get The Best Oral Sex Ever | Madge the Vag | Scary Mommy

August 27, 2019

(whimsical music) – Can I get some of that? Going down, eating out, muff diving? Whatever you call it, here are
tips for the best oral ever. So Ariel, hello. – [Ariel] Hi. – So you are a sex
educator here at Babeland. – Yes. – Let’s not beat around the bush. Should my partner just
go to town down there or should he just concentrate
right on the hot spot? – So some people like
the hood being touched, some people like contact
through the clitoral hood, and other people actually
like the clitoral hood to be pulled back and
for stimulation actually to be directly on the head of the clit. Different people can want different things at different times. So it’s just really
important to communicate whatever you want in that
moment with your partner. – Okay Mike, I’m gonna ask
you a big old question here. What is the vulva, go. – Uh, it’s a part of the female anatomy. – Well that’s very general,
it could mean it’s on my boob. What’s the most sensitive
part of the vulva? – The clitoris. – The clitoris. – Clitoris. – The clitoris, no. – Yes, yes.
– Yeah, that is? Alright, so, I don’t know it was there until a few years ago. – Well it’s good enough, you’ve obviously done well. Over to the right,
little bit to the right. Up higher, little higher,
little higher, that’s it. That’s it, that’s the spot. How do I ask for it? Should I shove him downtown or
how do I get him down there? – So I wouldn’t recommend
shoving him down there unless it’s something you talked about and something he said he was into. But I think that again like dirty talk can be a really good way to do that. So like, I love when you eat
my pussy, can you do that? Moaning and like other noises,
as long as they’re genuine, can also be a really
great way to communicate that you really love something. – Oh, that’s a good idea. – I’m also a fan of dirty texting. Just make sure it’s sending
to the right person. – Oh goodness, not to your
mom, like that one time. Do you ask for oral sex? – All the time. – Sometimes she’s smacking you on the head and sometimes you’re like
heading downtown, see you soon. – I just say I would really
love to feel you down there. – Oh, can I take that one? – Yeah, of course. – Goodness, is he bored. Wonder what I look like at this angle. Oh I have to fart. So if I’m feeling self conscious, how can I just relax my
mind and enjoy the moment, what can I do? – Don’t be afraid to read
erotica or watch porn to kind of get yourself
in the mood and relax. There’s a lot of bad porn out there, but there’s also a lot of great porn, and that can be something to explore too. – Oh, so watch it beforehand, not during? – Yeah, or during. – [Madge] Or during, yeah. – The world is your oyster. – Put on my favorite show
while he’s down there and just. – You could try it. – Oh really, oh that’s interesting. I love Seinfeld. What do you think about
when they’re down there? Are you in the zone? Are you thinking thoughts about laundry? What are you doing? What are three things you think about? – No, I’m not thinking about
anything but cunnilingus. – I try to be as present as possible. – Don’t stop. – Nice. – I need to focus on me. – You got to get in the zone. – Exactly. (whirring) – Okay Ariel, don’t give me lip service. Show me, show me exactly
what I should be doing. – Yeah, I can give you some tips. So if you want to do me a favor and show me a broad tongue like this. Ah. Kiss. And then more of a pointy tongue. I think that that’s a really good thing to kind of showcase different ways we can use our tongues and use our bodies. So like a broad tongue
is gonna be more of like a sloppy broad surface area. And then a pointy tongue is gonna be more of like a pinpointed sensation. But I think that for a lot of people they really like the underside
of the clit being licked, and don’t be afraid to
try licking the sides or trying circular motions. It really is all about experimenting and finding what works for
your body in different times. – So I have to find out what I like. And if I’m like do the ice cream cone. – Yeah, exactly. – What are some ways that we can get even more creative with it? What else can we do? – This is a flavored lubricant which can also be a kind of
fun thing to incorporate, and that could also maybe
help alleviate feelings of anxiety. So if you want to try this
one, it’s blackberry fig. It’s very autumnal, it’s fall season. – Oh, delightful. – It’s important to remember
that the more creative you get the more fun oral sex will be. – Okay ladies, well we’ve
mastered the art of cunnilingus. Oh, that’s a tongue twister. Now go forth and spread the word. I’m Madge the Vag, and if you
have questions or comments send them to me lickety split.


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