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How to Get Rid of Thrush | Infant Care

August 16, 2019

Thrush is similar to a yeast type infection
in a baby or a fungal infection. The area that a baby can get thrush is usually
around their mouth and sometime in their diaper area. You can recognize this because it’s raised
bumps, and sometimes the bumps have a white tinge to the top of them. If you notice this around their mouth, inside
their lips or gums, in their diaper area or on folds of their skin, you would want to
contact your doctor, and have them seen immediately, because only your doctor or dermatologist
can accurately diagnose thrush. If they are diagnosed, you may be prescribed
a prescription cream that’s anti-fungal to cure what’s going on. The way they get thrush is that in moist environments
yeast can grow. And if they suck on a bottle too long, or
there’s moisture trapped inside a pacifier, or there’s moisture trapped in a diaper
area, thrush can develop. If this happens, you want to make sure that
you sterilize all of the bottles, the pacifiers, and try to air these areas out as much as
possible. Your doctor should give you the cream and
the direction to help fix the situation as soon as possible.


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    WTF? The title says, "How to get rid of thrush" but in the video it talks about going to your doctor.. I thought you have to tell them step by step 😀

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