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How To Get RID Of Tapeworms Naturally

August 22, 2019

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker. Author of Candida Crusher. Thanks for checking out my video and thank
you for all my subscribers for sending in different kinds of comments, lots of good
feedback and also for your questions. I’ve got lots of questions. In fact, I’ve got so many questions. I’ve got paperwork full of questions. Let’s go through a few today. We’re going to cover a couple of different
videos today. The first one I’m going to cover, which I’ve
had a few people asking me from different countries, particularly a few parts in South
America and also North America. “How do you get rid of tapeworms naturally? Eric, how do I get rid of tapeworms?” Let’s talk about worms in general for a minute. I will talk about tapeworms as well, of course,
but many people freak out about worms. You’d be surprised how many times I’ve seen
a photo that someone sent me or I picked up a picture from some website or looked at YouTube
about all kinds of bowel motion pictures and people thinking they’re passing out worms. “Look at this huge parasite I passed out and
this massive worm. It’s like a UFO almost,” one guy said. Crazy. I’ve even had people ask me if they’re passing
out worms through her eyes, ears, nose, penis, vagina, you name any part of the body and
someone thinks they’ve got a worm coming out. Some people think you’ve got worms in your
eyes. There’s a lot of funny people out there. Most times when you see something in the stool
and it appears like a worm, it’s not a worm at all. It’s an undigested food particle. A lady sent me this alarming photo as part
of her consultation saying she was very, very anxious and scared. She thought she was going to die. When I looked at the picture, it was peas. It was small round pieces of pea that were
undigested and she thought these were larvae and parasites and things. Basically, many different types of vegetables,
unless they’re chewed properly, will be passed out partially digested and you may think that
you’ve got worms, but you haven’t at all. So be careful. Don’t freak out. You’re not passing a UFO. What a crazy thing to say. There’s some funny people out there. You better have a sense of humor in my business,
otherwise you go nuts. Let’s look at a bit about tapeworms. Tapeworms are flat worms. They’re segmented worms. These can be about the biggest parasite that
can really live inside the human body. They can get quite large. They can get very long. Generally, they’re going to come from uncooked
meat, so beef, pork, lamb, fish. Different kinds of species of tapeworms can
live in different kinds of animals. Particular types can live in fish, beef. With land animals, I’m not sure about fish,
but I know that they pass generally through the fecal matter. Animals will basically pass out wastes and
then eggs or larvae deposit on the ground. Other animals will pick that up through feeding. It will go into the animal. It will live in the intestinal tract and it
will develop into a mature adult stage, release eggs, and then the cycle continues. But also people who handle contaminated meat
or who actually have tapeworms, they can actually, if they’re not clean and hygienic, if they’re
not in there handwashing, they could actually pass eggs or larvae onto other people through
food handling practices and things like that. I don’t want you freaking out about tapeworms. Because in all the years I’ve practiced, which
is nearly 30, I’ve only had one case of tapeworms. Tapeworm is quite rare today. It’s not a very common thing you’re going
to find in practice. Not very common at all. Much more common to find parasites that you
can’t see with the eye like blastocysts, for example, which is probably one of the world’s
most common of all parasites. Not tapeworms. People think of parasites, they think about
huge beetles and worms crawling through people’s bodies and stuff like that. It’s not like that at all. You can’t see these things with the eye. You need a microscope. It’s incredible how many people have told
me that they can feel big bugs crawling around inside of them or they feel digestive systems
or they get noises internal. They think it’s worms burrowing through their
intestinal tract. These people have got an amazing sense of
imagination. They’d probably do good in movies or plays
or things like that or become good comedians maybe. I want you to rest assured. Tapeworms are not that common. In some countries, they probably will be much
more common, but in North America and Europe, they’re actually not common at all. The three stages of a tapeworm. We’ve got the egg stage, the larvae stage,
and then we’ve got the adult stage. You can in very rare cases actually have a
serious infestation of tapeworm. It can burrow into different organs and it
can get pretty bad. But in those cases, an MRI will be required
to see if there is any infestation throughout the body. But generally, with a stool test, we can pick
up eggs quite successfully for tapeworms. As I mentioned, I’ve done a lot of stool testing
and I’ve only ever seen one tapeworm report come back. What are the symptoms of tapeworm? Symptoms of tapeworm are generally similar
to the symptoms of other parasites. It could be a lot of nausea, vomiting, weight
loss, bloating, anorexia, lack of appetite, all sorts of strange, crazy symptoms that
we can get with parasites. Weakness, weight loss, tiredness, diarrhea
is a common one, bloating. These are all common symptoms. What’s the medical treatment? There are two drugs I’ve written down here. praziquantel and albendazole are the two common
drugs that are used for tapeworm. Many people believe that only medical treatment
is required for tapeworm and for the successful eradication of tapeworm, but that’s not the
case. For thousands of years before drugs even came
along, people did eradicate all kinds of parasites, bugs, worms, and bad bacteria from their bodies. They didn’t go down to Wal-Mart back in the
old days. The Aztecs didn’t really have Google did they? When you think about it. If you think back to the good old days, what
did people do to get rid of tapeworm? They had nature’s pharmacy. They relied on different plants out there. They relied on seeds and nuts and fruits and
vegetables and many things. This knowledge was passed down from one generation
to another generation to another generation. We call this empirical observation. People worked out that certain things and
certain things didn’t work. They didn’t actually and do university studies
and double blind trials and all this crap that we’ve got to go through today. It either worked or it didn’t work. I’m a bit like that in my clinic with patients,
too. I believe that a treatment either works or
it doesn’t work. Observation works well. And the longer you’ve been in practice, the
longer your own empirical observations have built up over a long period of time and then
you can make reasonably good judgments on what’s going to be effective for the person
and what’s not going to be effective. You can go down the pharmaceutical route for
tapeworm if you want, but it’s not necessary. I’ll share with you now some really good natural
tips and tricks on how to eradicate not just tapeworm, but different kinds of worms from
the body in general. And you don’t need a whole bunch of money. You don’t need a whole bunch of dozens of
different supplements from the internet. You just need a couple of carefully placed
foods in your diet and understand the principles and you’re going to go a long way toward natural
eradication of tapeworm. If you look at probably one of the most common
things that were used by different American Indian tribes, but also the South Americans,
for tapeworm for generations. And also people in different countries in
Asia how they eradicated. They just used to use the pumpkin. Pumpkin has actually been validated through
a 2004 study conducted in Peru where they found that pumpkins seeds, in fact, were probably
just as effective as using natural vermifugos, which is another word for expelling worms
and parasites from your body. Pumpkin seeds are very effective. They contain an amino acid, cucurbitacin. That’s a particular type of amino. That amino they found has an interesting effect
on eradicating the tapeworm by interfering with its reproductive cycle, but also directly
affecting the worm itself. Pumpkins are quite good to eat. If you feel you’ve got parasites, pumpkin
or pumpkin seed even more so. I’m not a crazy person by any means, but I
believe a really good time to treat worms and parasites is before a full moon. Again, traditionally, if you look back in
history. For thousands of years, this is what people
did. They really planted crops by the moon. They harvested by the moon. But they also treated for parasites by the
moon cycle. I wrote about this in my book, Candida Crusher. You can look it up. If you look three to four days before a full
moon. We call that the waxing moon. Moon coming up. That’s a very key time to treat parasites. Chewing on pumpkin seeds or eating a lot of
pumpkin seeds before a full moon will have more benefit than after a full moon. Looking back at some interesting books on
South America on the Aztecs, for example, and people like that, this is what they did. Actually treated before a full moon. Interesting when you’re going to harvest crops. I’ll just give you a few tips here. If you’re going to chop fire wood or harvest
crops, be careful about taking them too late after the full moon. Because what happens is moisture can be affected
a lot, so you’re going to have more moisture coming in before a full moon and less moisture
after a full moon. There is heightened tension before a full
moon. This is where things build up. They come to a head at full moon. Then they tend to simmer down and settle down
going toward the new moon at the other end of the cycle. Coming back to tapeworms. That’s a good time often to have extra pumpkin
seed in your diet and good for children. If you notice of their children, you’ll find
their bottoms become itchier if they’ve got roundworm before a full moon than at the other
end of the cycle. Just an interesting observation. In this particular study from Peru found between
70 to 80 pumpkin seeds as a dose was quite good. You actually grind them up into a powder,
then you can sprinkle that on food. Pumpkin seed also contains a lot of zinc and
some people believe that it’s the zinc portion is the effective thing against expelling parasites. Others believe it’s the amino acid. I don’t care what it is. The thing is I know that pumpkin seeds do
work. Another tip that I’ve learned in my practice
and just talking with lots of practitioners over the years is grated carrot and grated
beet root. Fresh beet root and fresh carrot. Mix them together. You get this lovely red orange salad. Don’t put anything on this stuff. Just have straight beet root and carrot together. You have about one to two tablespoons again
for about a week leading up to the full moon. You can eat it any time, but I just think
it works better then. You try that trick. Grated carrots, crated beet root. I’ve grow my own carrots and beet roots, so
can tell you. It’s an incredibly effective way also to clean
the liver up and just to regenerate the gut and the body in general. Very fresh carrots pulled out of the garden,
washed, and very fresh beet roots are delightful baked. You can bake them together. You can grate them together. They just work well I find that combination. It’s a lovely color on the plate, too, having
those two things. I often put a twist of fresh lemon juice on
it. Two other fruits that are going to be effective
for tapeworm are pineapple and papaya. Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain. Bromelain is a digestive enzyme found in pineapple. One expert that I was reading up on believes
a three-day pineapple fast is very, very effective for tapeworm. Be careful of course if you’ve got a Candida
yeast infection. You can’t just gorge yourself on fruit. I think papaya is actually not too bad for
some people with Candida. Pineapple you need to be much more careful
because it’s potentially allergenic. Papaya is not so allergenic. I prefer papaya and, in fact, the black papaya
seeds are used by a lot of people in the Asian-Pacific region. You can actually dry those black seeds found
in papaya. You can put them in your pepper grinder. Use it like pepper. In fact, a lot of people do that and they
actually help to soften up predigested meat, so when you eat it, it’s easy to digest. Green papaya leaves when wrapped around very
tough steak, you’d be surprise how tender the steak is. Get one or two big papaya leaves. Not too old, so reasonably young. I used to grow the papayas. I tried this out myself one day with a piece
of chuck steak. That crappy steak with a lot of fat in it
that you put in the casserole. You try that. You just get a nice couple of big papaya leaves. What you do is you put them on a surface,
put a wooden roller over it or just gentle crush them, but don’t wreck them, and then
wrap that right around the meat. Two or three leaves right around it and just
pull it tight. Put that in a bag and put that in your refrigerator
for one or two days and you watch what happens. It’ll be nice and tender. Tenderized steak. That’s the action of the enzymes starting
to break the protein fibers down, soften them. Black seeds from the papaya. You can dry them and grind them on food. You can also chew them fresh. They’re great to give to children ground up
on food to stop roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, all kinds of things. The papaya contains papain, which is also
a digestive enzyme. Papaya is a fantastic food for people for
traveling in the tropics to keep their gut clean. Pineapple similarly. I love pineapple and prefer to eat it when
I go to tropical countries because it’s sweet, juicy and fresh. That crap they’ve got in New Zealand. They’re pick it green. They’ll throw it on a boat. They’ll gas ripen it. When it gets here, I don’t really like pineapple
in our country because it doesn’t grow here. Always try to eat fruits where they’re grown. It’s a good tip. If you live in the States, it’s crazy to eat
bananas in the middle of winter when they’re picked somewhere in another country. I just don’t think that’s the right thing
to do. I hope that gives you a few tips and some
good information on tapeworm. Avoid sugar. Worms and parasites love sugar. Also consider my Canxida Remove product, the
tablet. That contains a lot of ingredients that are
going to really piss of these tapeworms big time, especially the black walnut, but also
the berberine. It’s quite an effective tablet against parasites
in general. You’ll find that at Also don’t forget to click in the link in
the description box below to get my free Candida report. I put together a very nice Candida report
for you, a shopping list. I think you’ll quite enjoy that information. If you’re not a subscriber, subscribe. Thanks for tuning in. Thank you.


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