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How To Get Rid Of Pimples And Acne Permanently – 13 MODEL SKIN CARE TIPS

August 21, 2019

hey guys what’s up my name is Daniel and
welcome to DLM model lifestyle now if your new to my channel please subscribe
and click the bell so you won’t miss anything new now this is a video request
some of you guys asked me hey Daniel I got a problem with acne and pimples and
please help me out and just tell me how to get rid of it so in this video I’m gonna
tell you 13 tips to get rid of acne and pimples so
let’s get into the video all right now I used to have acne and it
was a huge problem for me especially in my teenage years oh man
acne is evil they steal your confidence you know sometimes they’re not there and
then they pop up just out of nowhere they’re just there and then they
disappear again you know and just when you get your confidence back up and you
go to a special event boom they’re there again and sometimes they just want to
stick around for a long time so getting pimples is normal yes but there are ways
to control it so I’m gonna give you guys 13 tips to get rid of acne and pimples
the first step is stick to a great skin care routine if you haven’t started a
skin care routine yet start right now it is so important guys to have a
consistent skin care routine now there’s a lot of bad tips and good tips out
there but the biggest reason that you have acne and pimples is because of
those bacteria under your skin’s surface now when you look at your skin you have
all these small holes in them right and they need to kind of breathe if you have
any dirt or oil or dead skin cells in there then yes the chances are that you
might get some pimples so to fix that you need to have a good basic skin care
routine and you gotta stick to it because it does take consistency and
patience to improve your skin we all have different skin types right but a
good skin care routine will improve your skin over time now there’s a few basic
steps that you need to follow in your skincare routine number one
wash your face two times a day number two exfoliate twice a week to get rid of
those dead skin cells and number three moisturize your skin twice a day in the
morning and also before you go to bed so what are the best products for your
skincare routine well there are a lot of products out there right and so
everybody’s face is a little bit different and their genes are different
but for me I love Paula’s choice PC4men they are really really good that’s
my first option second option you can have a look at tiege & hanley they’re
really good as well and then if you have a low budget you can try out the
products from L’Oreal men now I’ll add the links of all the products in the
video description down below so you can have a look at them and do your own
research as well now let’s move on and then sleep you gotta sleep more
consistently because acne breakouts and other skin anomalies are common
byproducts of sleep deprivation so if you sleep between 6 & 8 hours a day it
should be fine and then get the right supplements
probiotics zinc and more antioxidants all of these will really help you to
fight acne now research shows that there are two superstar ingredients that
reduces acne they are benzoyl peroxide and also salicylic acid so if you use
products with these ingredients in them then it will really help you to take
care of the acne and pimples but just be careful and check out what other
ingredients are also in the product before you just go ahead and buy it
that’s why I love Paula’s Choice products they have this clear range
where they build their product range around these two ingredients they have
regular strength products and then they also created extra strength products for
those really stubborn acne another good tip is to wash your
pillowcase more often there’s a lot of people that only showers in the morning
but that means you’ve been going on your day getting a lot of dirt on your face
and then you go to bed on the same pillowcase every night that’s terrible
so wash your pillowcase every now and then it’s also better if you take a
shower at night time as well stop scrubbing your face too hard and too
much it will irritate your skin and it will make things a lot worse
just watch it gently and when you dry your face just tap it gently as well eat
the right kinds of food yes you’ve heard that saying that says you are what you
eat right well it is true you got to stay away from all kinds of sugar it is
not only bad for your health and causes a lot of diseases and it also makes you
fat but it is also bad for your face because sugar feeds yeast and yeast
feeds Candida also try to stay away from gluten and all kinds of unhealthy bad
grains you have to remember normal bread from the store is not normal bread
anymore check out what is really in it also stay
away from bad oils sunflower canola vegetable oil those are very very bad
oils and this brings me to the next tip you gotta eat more of the following
foods healthy fats healthy proteins meaning organic protein and fiber rich
products and then also you got to drink a lot of water never use thick
moisturizers in any area where you have acne or pimples because they clog those
pores and they just make things a lot worse again your skin needs to breathe
right so use lightweight products like gels and liquids or lotions use a gentle
but effective water-soluble cleanser twice a day because drying cleansers and
harsh cleansers and scrubs or cleaning brushes they just make things a lot
worse try to avoid all types of bar cleansers
even if they claim to be soap free because there’s ingredients that keep
the soap in a bar kind of form are actually the culprits that clogs your
pores then another tip you’re probably doing it right now stop touching your
face take it off, haha yes we get into that habit we do it without even thinking you
just go through the day and you touch it and you think and well you’ve been doing
a lot of stuff of your hands right so it gathers dirt so stop touching your
face also start to wash your hands a lot more you know so for those times when
you do touch your face at least your hands are cleaner now my last tip is if
you keep on struggling with acne and pimples go and see a dermatologist and
ask for some help and hey remember all the products that I talked about in this
video is in the video description down below just to make it a bit easier for
you to go and check them out and to do your own research now if you liked the
video give it a thumbs up subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video Cheers


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    clean surroundings: clean clothes, clean bed and pillowcases: do your damn laundry
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