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How To Get Rid Of Mild Acne Scars(Mild Acne Scars से कैसे छुटकारा पाएं)| ClearSkin, Pune| (In HINDI)

August 21, 2019

Do have mild scars because of pimples or acne? Do you want to get them treated and reduce
their appearance? Today we will be talking about the treatments
for superficial acne scars or mild acne scarring. Hello, I am Dr. Dhananjay Chavan, Cosmetic
dermatologist and Hair Transplant surgeon, Clear Skin and Hair MD, Pune. Treatments will be most effective if you have
macular acne scars, pigmented scars or mild atrophic scars. The dermatologist will first assess your skin
photographically, in special lighting and a physical examination. After assessing, they will make a treatment
plan that will treat your scars and give you satisfactory results. The dermatologist may recommend either laser
or non-laser treatments. Mild scars are not too severe and they may
reduce to a large extent with simple treatment and in some cases, they may even fade completely. Mild scarring is not even visible at a social
distance of 50 centimeters. Macular scars are a type of mild scar. In these scars, the skin colour may change
but there generally isn’t a lot of scarring, atrophic change or pitting on the skin. Lasers can be used to treat acne scars but
there are some non-laser procedures as well that are used in combination for best results. Let’s first discuss non-laser treatments. Chemical peels and TCA Cross can be used to
treat mild scarring. Traditional skin specialists use microderabrasion
or dermaroller. Nowadays, there is a procedure called dermapin
which is replacing dermaroller as it is safer and more effective than dermaroller. Except for chemical peels and TCA cross, all
the procedures can be combined with PRP. This gives better results. Let’s talk about these procedures in detail. The first treatment modality is chemical peels. Chemical peel is a useful treatment for erythematous
scars, hyperpigmented macular scars, atrophic mild superficial scars, and grade I and II
scars. Chemical peels exfoliate the epidermis or
the skin’s superficial layer, removes the dead skin cell layers and stimulates collagen
formation and skin rejuvenation. The peels improve the depth and contour of
the scar, and soften them. They improve the overall texture, tone, and
appearance of the skin. The peels use alpha hydroxy acid, beta hydroxy
acid like salicylic acid, mandelic acid, azelaic acid and mainly glycolic acid. Chemical peels is safe for hyperpigmented
scars and darker skin types as well. After a chemical peel procedure, the superficial
dead, thick skin cells gets exfoliated and the thin layer peels off and the skin starts
getting rejuvenated. New delicate skin is generated which is sensitive
to ultraviolet rays. That is why proper skincare and strict photo
protection like broad-spectrum sunscreen, using a physical sunscreen is essential. This doesn’t mean that you can’t step
out at all, with the correct protection you can go anywhere. This will also ensure that the results for
the treatment last longer. The next procedure is microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical, minimally
invasive procedure. During this procedure, a simple machine abrades
the epidermis of the skin. In this procedure, the dead and dull skin
layers are mechanically removed with a special applicator that has an abrasive surface. This is a safe procedure that works for all
skin types and colours and shows immediate results. You may experience mild tenderness, swelling
and some redness after this procedure but this disappears in a while. There is no need to worry. This is an office hour procedure, this means
you can go for a party with glowing skin immediately after getting this procedure done. It is very important to use moisturiser and
sunscreen after the procedure. The next procedure is microneedling, which
is commonly called dermaroller. In this procedure, a handheld roller device
that has multiple medical grade microneedles attached to one side is used. The dermaroller is rolled on the scarred skin
in a star shaped direction. This causes micro injuries on the superficial
papillary dermis and skin surface. These micro injuries help in stimulating collagen
and rejuvenating skin. Basically these micro injuries start the healing
cascade of the skin. In this healing process, the skin generates
fibroblasts, elastin fibers, collagen and capillaries. This helps I reducing the appearance of scars. The dermaroller can be an uncomfortable procedure. In fact, it can be difficult to carry out
this procedure in small areas like near the nose and so on. That is why the dermaroller is being replaced
by the dermapin as it is a more advanced, accurate, safer and effective technique. The dermapin also aids collagen induction
and skin rejuvenation. The dermapin is more effective than the dermaroller. In comparison with the dermaroller, the dermapin
causes minimal damage to the skin surface, and there is lesser pain and bleeding as well. In this procedure, skin punctures are made
vertically over the scars. The needles don’t bend which makes it easy
to use in small, contoured areas. This procedure is quite fast, easy, safe and
most comfortable and least painful for the patient. The next is the TCA cross which is specially
done for icepick scars. TCA cross is generally used for deep scars
and icepick scars in combination with other treatments. But in some cases it may be used for mild
scars as well. In this procedure, droplets of TCS or trichloroacetic
acid are placed on the scars. This causes chemical cauterization, the height
of the scars is reduced, and ice pick scars are filled to a large extent. A healing balm is applied on the skin after
the procedure. The skin heals in 4-6 days after the procedure
and the scabs also come off. The frosting that happens after the procedure
reduces in 3-4 hours. This procedure increases collagen production
and reorganises the collagen in the dermis. This heals the scars and reduces their appearance. There may be a slight burning sensation after
this procedure. In some cases, there may be temporary redness
or chances of pigmentation. If this procedure is not carried out by a
trained dermatologist, it may result in widened scars, and spoil the skin. So always get any procedure done only from
a trained professional. This procedure is cost-effective, minimally
invasive and the healing time is also quite quick. The last procedure is Platelet-Rich Plasma
therapy or PRP. This treatment is carried out in combination
with the above mentioned procedures. PRP is not done with chemical peels or TCA
cross. But PRP can be done in combination with microdermabrasion,
dermaroller and dermapin. So let’s understand PRP a little better. In this procedure your blood is drawn and
the red blood cells are separated from the plasma. Your plasma, which is concentrated with platelets,
is injected back into your skin or rubbed into the channels created by dermaroller or
dermapin. This plasma is rich in various body growth
factors and proteins which stimulates the production of collagen in the skin and dermis. This reduces the appearance of acne scars. Because your own blood is used in this procedure,
this procedure is safe and does not have any side effects. If your scars are mild, treat them immediately
or at the earliest. Your treatment modality will be decided based
on your skin type, acne scar type, and existing acne and on your expectations. The same treatments are not effective on all
acne scar patients. In fact, the same treatments don’t give
the same results in any two people because every individual has mixed scars. These mixed scars have different intensities,
depths and different types and scar combinations. Each individuals skin may have a different
response to each of the procedures. That is why the treatments are done in combination. The treatment for mild scars usually takes
3-6 months and treatments for patients with severe scars may take a year or year and a
half. That is why you should be patient and give
time to the treatment. Unfortunately, acne scars are permanent. Acne can be treated, can completely go, but
scars caused by inflammatory acne will become permanent if not treated on time. That is why you should treat acne on time
and if you get scars you should treat those also on time. I hope you found the information about non
laser treatments for mild acne scarring that you were looking for from this video. If you have any other questions regarding
this topic, feel free to ask us on Me and my team will get back to you at the
earliest. Mild acne scars can be treated with a combination
of modern medical non-laser treatments like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, dermaroller,
dermapin and PRP. You can get good results as well. Don’t ignore your scars thinking that they
are mild or avoid treatment by applying makeup, growing a beard or using home remedies. Get your scars treated and consult with a
dermatologist for the right treatment. We will be making videos about treatments
for deep scars, so stay tuned. All the best! Thank you!


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