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How to Get Rid of Dandruff — Best Natural Remedies

August 28, 2019

Next question. “Doctor Group, I’ve had
dandruff for years. What can I do with it? I’ve tried everything under the sun and
nothing seems to work.” Dandruff usually is associated with
an internal, in my opinion, situation with fungus. A couple of different things you can look
at, you might have a chronic candida infection, and that could be because
you’re eating a lot of sugar, a lot of alcohol consumption maybe, maybe not.
Another thing, you can check your toenails and your fingernails; if you have any
toenail fungus, fingernail fungus, sometimes that’s associated with dandruff as well. Over the years though, I’ve seen perfectly
normal people with dandruff with no toenail fungus, but, to me whenever I, wheneverÉ if i had dandruff, I would use antifungals, which seem to
work the majority of the time. So, what I would do in that case is, is I would take my first morning urine, about midstream, mix it was a little
organic apple cider vinegar, and pour it on my head, rub it in real good, and that just let it, I can dry with
towel and let it dry naturally. People think it’s going to smell and you’re
going to smell during the day, but it soaks into the scalp and there’s absolutely
no smell. Okay that, that’s what I would do.
Now internally, I would take, a good antifungal probiotic, which is a
bacillus laterosporus strain, and the product Latero-Flora is the one I’ve used
for years, and the one I recommend, and that’s what I would take on a
regular basis, just following the directions on the label. I would also
take a product called Mycozil, M Y C O Z I L, it’s the most
effective product, in the world that, I’ve tried
for all-natural, it’s made with fully organic herbs, and it’s really
designed for fungus, any type of fungus in the body,
whether it’s nail fungus, whether it’s candida, it doesn’t matter, or these weird
funguses that we’re starting to see pop up since the chem trail,s started to be sprayed into the air. Were
seeing all kinds of fungus now pop up in, in people, in literally there is a fungus among us. And I think that, regardless of what health condition
you’re suffering from, you should always work with eliminating the fungus in your
system. So I would take the Mycozil along with that, and the other thing that I would take
would be oregano oil. I would make sure it’s in an organic oregano
source, of organic oregano oil, and I would also make sure it has
at minimum of 80% carvacrol content. Now with all of that, I know for a fact, pretty much, that my dandruff would
go away. Thank You


  • Reply Mohamed Khan November 26, 2008 at 7:41 am

    thanks a lot

  • Reply verska27 January 19, 2009 at 2:17 am

    Whare do I found the antifungus-probiotics???

  • Reply Edgar Castillo November 22, 2009 at 2:06 am

    wtf urine? Whatever happened to head & shoulder?

  • Reply Flat Matt July 17, 2011 at 6:08 am

    "There is a fungus, among us."

  • Reply OfftoShambala July 13, 2015 at 10:47 am

    Probiotics & Oxygen … this is what made the difference for my sons bad fungus problem (ringwork ALL OVER his arms, legs & feet)… after 9 months of allopathic remedies and topicals that did nothing, it totally disappeared after 1 dose of probiotics and ozone therapy in 1 day (admittedly, I had cleaned up his diet, but it wasn't that clean, I'm sure)… For anyone watching this, I think also adding the GHC's Oxy Powder would be helpful as well because the ozone hemotherapy I used for my son is kind of expensive (150 to 200 generally for one "session") and not very accessible, but that Oxy Powder is more accessible and may even be better in some regards.  My younger son now has a fungus problem and I will try this particular strain of probiotic along with the Oxy Powder… I had taken him for 2 ozone treatments with no probiotics and it did not seem to make the difference for his dandruff or soriasis or whatever he has (it's not been officially diagnosed)… but both are fungus from what I understand. There is no way my son will go for the urine/vinegar thing… he might be amused by the urine, but he has a strong aversion to the vinegar LOL… so I will try these other recommendations first… if anyone reading this wants to know how this turns out, let me know and I'll see the message and respond.

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