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How to Get Rid of BV Fast Naturally at Home | Home Remedies for BV

August 13, 2019

if you are experiencing soreness
inflammation irritation or swelling in vagina you
could have contracted bacterial vaginosis in this video we will talk about signs
symptoms causes and treatment options on how to
get rid of bacterial vaginosis fast naturally at home bacterial vaginosis shortly known as BV
is the most common vaginal infection in women of childbearing age that mainly
affects the vagina the main bacterial vaginitis symptoms
include white or grey vaginal discharge, a strong fish like odor after sexual intercourse itchiness or soreness around the vagina
and vulva painful and and burning sensation while
urinating bacterial vaginosis mainly occurs due to
imbalance and overgrowth of certain bacteria in the
vagina rough unhealthy sexual practices can
increase the vagina pH which may also lead to symptoms
moisture in the vaginal area, excessive use of antibiotics, tobacco
smoking and poor hygiene are some other probable causes of bacterial vaginosis using an intrauterine device for birth
control douching and having multiple sex partners
are some other contributing factors for bacterial vaginosis now we will talk about some treatments
to get rid of BV awareness and prevention is the key to
bacterial vaginosis treatment prevention includes taking steps and
measures with your lifestyle to stop BV from
coming back wearing clean underwear which is cotton
based and not tight allows healthy bacteria to breathing
room so it can continue to provide immunities women who do not bath on a regular basis are more likely to experience
bacterial vaginosis. also avoid douching as it may cleanse
good bacteria from vagina watching these particular steps is a
simple beginning to prevent BV from occurring antibacterial medications are the
standard treatment for bacterial vaginosis although these medications whether in
oral and cream form are effective in killing the bacteria and
prevent them from spreading to other parts of the body they also destroy some the good vaginal
bacteria that effects by causing yeast infection
in women hydrogen peroxide helps in restoring the
natural bacterial flora and rebalancing the vaginal pH take quater cup a three percent hydrogen
peroxide and mix it with two cups a water and then douche into the vagina
through applicator do this once a day until the BV symptoms
go away a woman’s body needs a healthy balance
of bacteria in her body for her vaginal system to thrive probiotic vitamins and supplements can
help restore the PH balance. probiotics can be taken in
vitamin capsule or tablet form or drink as a supplement via powder to prevent BV next we will talk about some natural
home remedies for BV plain yogurt is among the best home
remedy for bacterial vaginosis where you have to place plain yogurt
consisting Lactobacillus straight into the vagina with the
assistance of a plastic applicator this treatment assists to keep the
balance in between the good and bad bacteria in the vagina apple cider vinegar remedy for BV
works best to deal with the vaginal smell all you require is a bathtub where you
need to soak yourself in warm water including one cup vinegar
for 20 to 25 minutes tea tree oil has anti-fungal properties
that attack the unhealthy bacteria in the vagina that cause bacterial vaginosis In tea tree oil bacterial vaginosis
remedy you need to insert the suppositories
directly into the vagina for up to six weeks but make sure you don’t use the oil
directly onto the sensitive vaginal lining as this may lead to an allergic
reaction in some cases recurrence is a bacterial
vaginosis even after the treatment are possible however maintaining proper hygiene
having safe sex and balanced diet comprising nutrients and vitamins can
prevent bacterial vaginosis from developing and recurring to learn more effective treatments and
remedies click link below the video in description subscribe to my channel to learn tips
and remedies to cure a different problems


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