How To Gain Weight On A Seborrheic Dermatitis Diet

October 17, 2019

Dr. Eric Bakker here, naturopath from New
Zealand. Thank you for coming back. I’ve got a question here from a subscriber,
“How do I gain weight on a seb derm diet, a seborrheic dermatitis diet?” Seb derm’s a chronic skin condition of the
scalp, often affects the scalp, scaly, itchy flakes. It can be really annoying. You need to follow an anti-inflammatory diet. Especially look out for the fats, the bad
fats like deep-fried foods, for example, takeaway foods. If you’re watching this and you’ve got seb
derm, you probably already have an idea that eating conventionally, takeaway food and the
SAD or the standard American diet is not a great idea. I’d be looking, definitely, at having a fresher
approach, much fresher. If I had chronic seb derm myself, I’d do a
stool test to find out what types of bacteria I’ve got in my gut. What’s messed up? What needs balancing? What are the levels of my good bacteria like? Excuse me. Have I got any yeasts underlying there? Many people with dermatitis have got dysbiosis. They’ve got lots of bad bacteria circulating
throughout their gut. Often, they’ll have bad breath as well and
coated tongue. Stool testing and appropriate treatment is
very important for seb derm. I also recommend digestive enzymes. I find pancreatic enzymes, in particular,
really help people with seb derm. I’d be looking at a diet probably similar
to mine. I like eating oily fish like mackerel, like
tuna, okay, like herring, like salmon. Those are foods I recommend, so the right
kind of fats. The best way to gain weight when you’ve got
seb derm is to cut out the crap in the diet and slowly start to eat healthier and healthier
and healthier, three good meals per day, supplementing with probiotics, in particular, and also omega-3
fatty acids, the fish oil. I’d also probably recommend that you take
some fat-soluble supplements. I’m sorry. The vitamins A, D, E, and K, the… yeah,
the fat-soluble vitamins. These are the four I like you really to look
at, particularly vitamin A. I find that a good one with dermatitis. Check for food allergies. Many people with seb derm have got an allergy. If you’ve got a runaway, out-of-control skin,
and you’re getting nowhere, and you’ve improved the gut, and you can’t seem to get on top
of it, make sure that you do a test for leaky gut and also a food allergy profile. We look at an IgE and IgG antibodies. Take the key foods out, the ones in the top
tier which have the highest predominance for triggering a response. Just take them out. Don’t take all the foods out showing responses,
just the ones with the high peaks. Take a couple of those out. Stick with probiotics. This will really help reduce the inflammatory
response with seb derm. Okay? Now, the way to gain weight is to get the
gut in good shape first. You’re not going to gain weight if the gut’s
in poor shape. By improving it, by watching the stools improve,
no bloating, minimal gas, good stool formation, good energy levels, good sleep patterns, this
is the path for getting a balanced microbiome, leading you to getting the kind of weight
that you’re looking for, a balanced weight. It’ll work. It’s worked for a lot of people I work with,
and I’m sure it’ll work for you too. Thanks for the question. Don’t forget to click on the link below if
you want my free 17-page candida report, which is perfect for people for seb derm as well. Thanks for tuning in, and thanks for the question.

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