How to Fill Out The Face Naturally

August 31, 2019

hey guys today’s is a big one how to fill out your face naturally everybody asks about this and it’s funny these people that lead to keep any comments in Karen you have plastic surgery we can tell you got Botox in galleries and things like that and her lips are obviously plumped up she’s had big lifts all her life she was born with them her mama’s big lips her son as big lips my god he’s one of the lucky ones there’s no knee pit I don’t like sharp things near my body needles knives ring and I hate I hate blood I hate sharp things it just freaks me out yeah Cara’s had her breasts done 20 years ago we’re going to cover that in another subject but they were talking about the face on this one okay I mean look at this beautiful gorgeous creature at 49 years old you can’t cheat your way to look like this that’s a sin that body that comes from eating right and having a healthy lifestyle and feeling good about yourself and being young at heart and treating yourself as healthy as you can be this is a great example of what a person can look like when there are 50 I mean my god what an inspiration she is to me and I hope she is to you because she deserves something for the accomplishment of getting this far and looking like that I am proud of her and I hope she inspires a lot of you this is health this is you this is what you look like when you eat right in your healthy the face can get plumped out and it can get shriveled up based on certain things in your life and you don’t need to cheat with having your next your face stretch of having all plumped out with fillers in order to get that look we’re going to show you how to do that naturally and what causes it to go bad or what allows it to go good and we’re going to list all this stuff for you today so let’s set the record straight matter of fact I think Botox is that just relaxes your your muscles does man I mean how could something that just like makes your frown lines go away and things like that that’s not going to make your wrinkles go away in your face or anything and filler by the way fillers are nothing more than just different forms of hyaluronic acid which your body creates anyway naturally but you shouldn’t even need that stuff if you’re doing what we do which I’m going to outline here so let’s list firstly the things that cause your face to shrivel up so there are three main things one yeah well obviously other than diet obviously not eating right is going to make things happen the biggest one of all is stressed nothing ages you faster than stress here’s some pictures of me from eight years ago I look terrible and then around six or seven years ago I looked really old and shriveled up and I was eating raw food Here I am this national TV show in Germany six million people watching me and I am so mortified by hi I look here like how I was going through a lot I was really stressed out even though I was doing raw food I looked really old and shriveled up and I was going through a lot of stress at that point I was losing several loved ones in my life and it was just not a good time in my life and that’s it just shows you just you can see I’m eating basically the same food now that I was back then the difference is I was really stressed back then and so I guess you could call it that that’s BC before Cara now it’s the WC I’m with Cara and look at the difference unbelievable okay that’s number one is stress number two is sugar sugar cross lengths the proteins in your skin making them hard brittle and wrinkled so let’s take this for example they say this is your skin it’s flexible its pliable it’s kind of sick this is what skin is supposed to be like like it stretches and it’s flexible things like that but if you eat sugar this is what happens to your skin it’s all hard and crinkly and wrinkled this is your skin on sugar this is your skin without sugar that’s huge and number three is smoking if you smoke you’re going to shrivel up like a raisin uh there’s no way around it all right so what makes you look plump well underneath your skin is a layer of plump stuff because there’s a layer of fat and collagen and elastin your skin is also made up of collagen collagen makes up pretty much all the connective tissue in your body and as you age starting in your late 30s you start losing collagen especially people that are unhealthy so what happens is the layer that’s holding your skin nice and smooth starts to shrivel up underneath we making your skin go like shrivel up so there’s ways of preventing the collagen and elastin from shriveling up one is you eat more things that boost the production of collagen and elastin and the main things for that are collagen the main ingredient is silica that’s the most abundant ingredient in all the connective tissue in your body now most of the silica supplements out there have horsetail which is not good the silicon horse kale is poorly absorbed into the body horse still contains nicotine and it constricts blood vessels so now you get blood pressure issues from taking it just not a good thing to take secondly a second source of silica is diatomaceous earth but it’s a hassle to try to get it to absorb into your body if you just drink you just drink powder diatomaceous earth with water liquor just going to go right through your body it doesn’t do anything it doesn’t get absorbed the only way to get it is to leave it in water a glass of water overnight and then a tiny tiny bit of it dissolves into the water the stuff that’s settled at the bottom because that just goes right through your that doesn’t observe in your body that tiny bit so that this is like a long lengthy process to try to get a tiny bit of it the best most absorbable source of silica there is bamboo that is why it’s the main ingredient in my green formula that’s why I created it is there as your main source of silica does it make your arteries that make your veins if you’re not just your skin it’s everything all the connective tissue in your body needs silica that’s why it again is the main ingredient in my green formula secondly you need vitamin C to absorb the silica into your body ascorbic acid the white synthetic powder you buy in a store that actually causes wrinkles to get even worse it’s not the same as the herbal form of vitamin C because you need a compound the vitamin P the vitamin A to vitamin K and the copper to work together to create the vitamin C compound which then work to create the collagen so you need that and some other things in the minerals which is why I suggest taking the sea moss seaweed because as all the minerals needed it’s basically I call it nature’s collagen it’s a great source for building that and that’s what Kara and I take a lot of we make raw vegan cheesecakes with the sea moss we put in our blenders and smoothies drinks and we take the vitamin C and the green formula daily that’s not mean I created the stuff for myself first I didn’t create it to sell to make money I created these herbs for myself and I used them for years before I started selling them because they were it’s just what I did I did it for myself I wanted things to work I mix my experiment on myself so that is the collagen and elastin you need to make your skin plump out the other thing is there’s a slight layer of fat that smooth things out you’ll notice that people that are overweight that have that don’t eat healthy sometimes have a smooth skin they got the best faces and I look younger that’s because they all this fat pushing out their skin from underneath it’s like a balloon blowing up and it’s all smooth but that doesn’t mean you’re healthy just because you have a smooth faces I mean you’re healthy and just because somebody has a wrinkled face doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re unhealthy a little bit of a thing that I noticed when Kara came around was I started getting a little round in the face took me a while to figure out I was like I’m eating more because I was and this is leads to me to the two ingredients that if you want around your face down smooth out of it just eat a bunch of cashews and maple syrup which we have they’ll cover recipes I started her food it’s so good it’s so amazing I start eating more dessert some things and sweet things that she was making and and I started getting a little rounded not just in my face but all over and I started losing definition and in in my arms and my body and that’s what it was so some of you don’t mind it’s okay you’re you don’t want to look like an Olympic athlete and that’s fine you know you like a little bit of roundness to it then just use the recipes that have more cashews and maple syrup because that that will definitely plump you out a little bit and round you off and that’s kind of like nature’s filler so if you want natural filler cash use maple syrup there you go we a lots of recipes make good plug that do that now the fine balance is finding a balance between having that smooth round plumped out face and having a chiseled body and definition in your arms which which is most people don’t care about that you know I do I’m a sculptor I’m an artist I liked it like see how far I can push things so for Karen me having sculpted bodies is kind of important so finding that balance between a gaunt shriveled-up safe but having a chiseled body or having a plump face and a plump body is kind of a fine line so here’s the thing to do is all right let’s say see if I can you can see this I hope this is your body here’s your skin and if you play it with Newsom fat in here which kind of smut plumps you out but you want to have some definition so normally you could waste you could either way the fat just shrivel yourself up and then the definition underneath starts showing up or to do what bodybuilders and what we do is you build up the muscle from underneath like for example your abs or your shoulders you want them to come out so you build up kind of like mountains coming up from underneath the ocean so you have you build up the AB muscle so they start poking up through the fat or you build up the shoulder muscles so they be instead of having the shoulder like that you have a shoulder like that you see what I mean so you want a muscle to kind of push up through the fat that requires hard work which I know a lot of you mostly you probably don’t want to do but that’s that is what I mean if you get a layer of fat on your body it’s going to be all over you’re not just going to have it on your face and nowhere else that’s almost impossible to do so what you got to do is you got it like if you’re going to it’s a matter of sculpt the sculpting is you take away and you add so what we do is we try it okay I want a little more definition here and you add so you got to build up the ab muscles and start poking out through shoulder you know that bulbs on the shoulders just gives you that cut we’ve got to work out the shoulders more it’s hard work but that’s what you do the most of you are housewives or just normal people say I don’t want to do any of that I just want it look young I don’t want it wrinkles find and eat cashews and maple syrup and do the the cream formulas and vitamin C and the sea moss and and lose the stress in your life simple as that I mean most of you keep telling Keira put some meat on your bones you do skinny we like skinny that’s what we are we like it that’s us we like this the longest living people in the world are skinny there’s no fat people that live to be 120 I’m sorry we we like skinny and that’s just us we’re not saying you need to be like us but that’s us we like to see how far we can push sculpting ourselves we’re artists we like to sculpt so that’s kind of the way of doing it of plumping out your face in a natural way you know the body can produce its own hyaluronic acid if you give it the right things to do that giving it the right minerals and acids you need acid did anybody deal with doom or apple cider vinegar don’t do baking soda or the alkaline water to start you know just made this this whole alkaline thing is going to backlash in a few years you’re by is made up of acids and the more asses you get rid of stomach acid hyaluronic acid you know you’re made up of all kind of your muscles your body’s made up of amino acids it’s all acids okay I’m not going to get any argument about here believe what you want I’m just trying to tell you what works naturally and what to do so if you want to plump out your face lose the stress in your life stop smoking stop drinking stop doing the bad things that that are sucking the life out of your body if it’s a bad relationship the job you don’t like whatever it is deal with it read my book instructions for a new life that’s why I wrote that so you can deal with the stress and get rid of it all right secondly build up the collagen and the elastin underneath the layer of your skin stop eating sugar so it’s so it doesn’t crinkle up and wrinkle because after sugar does it makes your skin get hard and crack and get like this this is sugar this is what sugar does to your skin this is what healthy oils and amino acids and minerals do to your skin makes it nice and stuff eat foods that might make a tiny bit of fat underneath there to smooth it out and I prefer cashews and maple syrup maple syrup it’s healthy it’s not bad for you but it does add a little bit of fat to your body so if you don’t want fat take the Marcus wheat which is a zero calorie sweetener doesn’t do anything to you it tastes just like sugar it uses like sugar take little sugar it’s all about sculpting yourself where do you take something away and where do you add something in that’s really what it boils down to you don’t need to go and have all this stuff injected into your body it’s it’s there are days where we look bad we look terrible I mean like where we just don’t get enough sleep or you know something stressful happens that day or we just didn’t drink off water alright that’s not the same drink water you know and then ever notice oh somebody’s in a bad mood and they just look really old and then you or then a moment later you you say I love you and then they smile and then they instantly look 20 years younger it’s just the way you feel can make you look younger within seconds the bot the face is like a mirror to what’s going on inside and it’s really hard to hide that it’s really hard to hide how you feel try to fake it with like plumping it out and stuff you have like lumps here and here I’ve seen people I have like you’d seen I got like a golf ball stuck on their face or something old look at if you could something injected in there oh you want it to be smooth all over all around and then I’m hitting 55 this year this is I you know you start getting wrinkles you start getting things that happen and there are days we just look terrible and yeah your skin gets a little looser and stuff but that’s part of life so what i’m trying to do is minimize and show you how to do it naturally and again it there are there’s going to be some days where I’m doing a video and I look 20 years older and it’s going to be days where I look 20 years younger it’s just most of it is you know like I said there’s so many factors like did you get to sleep the night before did too many people insult me online that day or do you know whatever I mean there’s days I bring you down there you bring you up and it shows on your face so stop like over analyzing people’s faces like like like like oh they must be doing something bad oh they’re they’re lying they’re getting or or oh they look good today they must be got they must have went to a plastic surgery people get a life stop focusing on stupid stuff like that that is ridiculous start focusing on a things in life that matter alright like being happy in life doing the things that you want to do being happy for others ifs other people look good be happy for them don’t try to cut them down and if people are look terrible and they’re sad try to bring them up you know try to try to make the world a better place that’s all I’m going to say here so anyway there you go how to fill out your face naturally and so you don’t have to spend all this ridiculous money getting things that might not look great and it’s 20 of these people I get their through the lip injection and they look like they got these big kara was lucky she’s one of the lucky ones he was born with amazing lips and amazing other things that I wish I had looks like she did but I’m not getting injections then we get big lips so I knew I out these things help inspire you to do things Messer we play around with your life a little bit see if you could try this try that is excu it’s different things everybody’s different but we give you our feedback for what works for us and that’s it so alright have a good day we’ll see you next time mark is signing out for today [Music]

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