How To Cure Strep Throat : Best Way To Cure Strep Throat In One Day- VitaLife Show Episode 187

October 16, 2019

Welcome to the VitaLife Show. I’m doctor Janine Bowring a naturopathic
doctor and in this episode I’m giving you the best way to cure strep throat to do
it in one day without the use of
conventional antibiotics in this incredible I’m used to myself with my
own children and I absolutely love we’re gonna do a
special shapes for concoction let’s call it because it
doesn’t taste its shape and also show you some refugees really
is that we use here from by the tree to cure it these chronic and often these acute infections that
happen you know you sir to wake up overnight you have this terrible sore throat it’s
best to of course see your doctor have a
diagnosis but this is one of the best ways to treat it so the strep infections unfortunately
cause the that white passages to the White Pass at
the back I love your time like on the tonsils
coating the tonsils you can see this by looking in a mirror in shining a bright
light on this is often that’s tract infection
so you may also have a cough a fever and is extremely painful so difficult for most people to you know
have proper fluids and and drinking and eating properly during the course a strep throat infection now the important
thing is that you know most times an antibiotic will be prescribed and in my experience structure will come
back again and again because the antibiotics you know there’s mixed
reviews on their effectiveness and actually killing that strap infection so this is a great concoction that we’ve come up with and
I’m gonna share with you know you’re gonna want a heavy-duty wonder I
regular going to work as well but won’t get it down to the next find consistency you can with a
high-tech lender and the ingredients are honey some natural honey on past rises best
that has the natural pollens in it if you can find it and honey again any news about to 2-3 tablespoons because this is the key
ingredient to try to kill some of those other flavors that are in here that are
quite potent we’re going to use some ginger root so I used a boat this much so couple love
inches a ginger root you just cut it off and put it into your blender the juice a
half a moment such a squeeze that and put
that into the blend some cayenne pepper so cayenne
pepper in the powder form the spice form that’s
how I purchased it and you can use a half to one teaspoon
at the cayenne pepper it’s very strong very hot so that a lot
of these ingredients are similar to what dan called the Master Cleanse are so if you in a
lot of people have done after cleansing and detoxing and man for weight loss a lot at this time when Green’s in in that and we’ve also added of course by Trey hold flew me inform you I know
this is really important as your immune booster this helps you
Steve of those infections but especially during a strep throat infection really
really important this is like your natural antibiotic as well as probiotics so the
body to probiotics are an important part exit near means
this is strong but also fighting as infections and hot helping of the to maintain that
balance in the immune system between the good and the bad bacteria of courses these are the friendly flora so we’ve
got that all in here with about a quarter to half a cup of water to help
with that consistency so let’s blended up and we’ll see what it looks like so what you do with the the remedies as
you actually can add them in so of course you can swallow
the capsules as well but you can add the supplements the VitaTree Cold and Flu Immune Formula and the VitaTree Probiotics right into
your blend so this is the cold flu immune so we actually have two capsules that in
here this is the second capsule and two capsules of the VitaTree Probiotics
so this is the second capsule and we have blended this now we’re going to blend those right so that
that it’s all within your same shake and okay so now we’re ready to try our
concoction where the shake for our strep throat I have to warn you it’s very pungent very strong very spicy and so
what you gonna do is sip on this so this was actually an
effort two servings and drinking the whole thing all at once
probably wouldn’t recommend and so if there’s any members in your
family that also you can share it and here we go see you gonna feel that burning
sensation especially when you do have a sore
throat you can really feel it so just sip on
this and it may take you a half an hour to an hour it actually get through this but fantastic and I can feel a burning
which means that it’s killing whatever is there in the back of my throat so thank you
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take the right type of probiotic hope you enjoy this shake I hope you get
rid of that strep throat and thanks for joining me today

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