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How to Cure Candida : Leaky Gut Syndromes : VitaLife Show Episode #148

August 30, 2019

Welcome to the VitaLife Show I’m doctor Janine Bowring and this is where we share information
about how to get healthy from the inside out using natural remedies things in
your kitchen it’s a really easy informative
information so be sure you watch to the end of the
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conversation so today I’m talking all about candida and inflammation in the gut because in one of the previous the
videos that we had here at the VitaLife Show on Youtube I was asked well how do I deal with you
know this leaky gut syndrome and what’s going on in my digestive
tract I think it may be candida that was from one of our viewers so I’m gonna share with you today a great
protocol this is what I give to all my patients and our customers here at VitaTree the right supplements put together and
just the right amount to help to deal with this leaky gut and this candida
issue so what is candida well canadia is a yeast overgrowth in the digestive tract
unfortunately it’s often overlooked in medical mainstream you know it circles and sorta
poo poed the Lee conventional medical doctors
because they don’t really recognize it as a
syndrome or something that’s affecting the overall health but as a naturopath I
can tell you it’s something that we see over and over
again and once you eradicate this candida issue health is restored people get there energy
back digestion gets back to normal you get a nice flat tummy time again so again candida is something that’s so
common and you may not know why you’re having so many digestive issues I can you know most times guarantee that
there’s a candida hourly he got issue going on so first and foremost the best way to treat
it is to avoid the foods that feed that bad he so things that contain yeast you know a
lot of starches things like pizza and doughs and breads
it’s not the best thing actually feed the yeast makes the problem worse sugar is the biggest culprit sugar
will feed the Houston the use to multiply cell you tend to probably be addicted or
crave a lot of sugar especially when you have the Skandia issues so by killing these guys of which I’ll
share with you in just a few moments had actually get rid of them but to also make sure not feeding these
yeast these candida organisms it’s the best
thing they can do see have to watch the diet a little bit you don’t have to be
crazy you know you don’t have to totally avoid sugar but you do have to watch
your your intake the good news is as you’re killing off
the candida to what happens is I don’t really crazy sugar anymore so that’s a good sign that your gut is
actually improving and getting better the other thing about candida be
unfortunately another bad organisms in the guy is that they give off toxins and they
actually cause an inflammatory reaction in the GI tract so you want to follow in
anti-inflammatory typeof regime where you’re not having too many
saturated fats you’re not having you know too many stimulants a lot of you know the drugs unfortunately
conventional drugs are over stimulating and causing
inflammation in the body so this is something you know as much as
can be avoided you certainly should do that and in terms and now treatment I
promise I was share the protocol that we have here for Vitatree for candida and
inflammation so first and foremost you need to form a
more alkaline environment especially in the gut best way to do this is with our whole
food calcium which is a fossilized coral calcium just one scoop a day at bedtime really easy to get your system or
alkaline unfortunately things like cancer cell survive in a more acidic
environment so this is one of the best things that you can do in terms of
cancer prevention and treatment but also to address this candida issue
so that’s our whole food calcium of course check out all these supplements that I’ll be mentioning at secondly probiotics now not all
probiotic are created equal here at VitaTree we created the best
probiotics designed for the human digestive tract and that’s the key
difference design for the human digestive tract in
just the right strain of acidophilus bifidus do check that out at I’ve had numerous customers and patients alike that it had chronic
Candida issues using other probiotics and other
supplements out there with no result when they switched over to the VitaTree
Probiotics this is when they got the results and
I’m convinced that’s because of the strain that we use in billions amounts of CFU’s so very
high quality live probiotic and again designed for
the human digestive tract so that’s what makes the difference so check that out
again at now I talked about the inflammatory
response natural inflammatory are needed in terms of supplementation so
its third on the protocol list is the VitaFish oil a natural anti-inflammatory it’s
your Omega 3’s the DHA and EPA which is really important to get that
inflammation under control drink enough water so this
number four on the protocol make sure you’re getting enough nutrients water into your system this is
so important to flush out the toxins as well but to make sure that you’re hydrated
because most of us walk around actually dehydrated if you drink coffee you know if you exercise you may be
dehydrated in this can lead to that inflammatory response as well and last on the list
number five what happened as you’re killing off the
candida and getting you know healthier and we’re
actually be launching a parasite formula which is specific for Candida so watch
out for that but there is a bit of a die-off reaction
as you’re killing off those bad guys so detoxification is really important so
that will be our VitaDetox helps to cleanse all the internal organs
and I guarantee if you follow this protocol and as soon as we launch our new parasite formula so stay tuned for that and keep watching and make sure you subscribe to our
videos that you know it’s as soon as it launch really important to do this protocol get
rid of that candida once and for all and watch your diet after that doesn’t
mean that the candida won’t come back if you know get back onto you having a lot of
alcohol and sugar and yeast foods then it can come back unfortunately if you take antibiotics that can cause
the candida to come back as well but you know always stay a step ahead
of that Candida issue and do the best for your health you will feel and look your
absolute best when you cure this candida issue that may have so please leave your questions and comments
below be sure to subscribe to this channel say get all of our latest
information and our updates on our new launches of our products and thank you for joining me today I’m
Janine Bowring the author of “The Healthy Millionaire” also the formulator for VitaTree Nutritional’s which is all natural supplements without any other fillers
or the bad things that you don’t want in your supplements


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    Please change the background back 😉
    Thx for the video as always 🙂
    And have you ever thought about using plant basesed omegas in your products? (
    Algae-Based DHA vs. Flax )

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    The good news! It's possible to stop your Candida overgrowth & enjoy permanent freedom from Yeast Infections in just 12 hours – Guaranteed!

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    The excellent news! It's possible to cure your Candida overgrowth & enjoy forever freedom from Yeast Infections within 12 hours – Guaranteed!

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    The good news! It is possible to cure your Candida overgrowth & enjoy forever freedom from Yeast Infections within 12 hours – Guaranteed!

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    You could end Candida infection  without having ordinary medication within 2 months holistically.

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    i hate candida I have it for 20 years making my life miserablelast year I got h. pylori   im start a veggy diet   and not sugarmy doctor  just gave me antibiotics im tired of its worts for me

  • Reply shaialk February 12, 2016 at 3:42 pm

    hi, thanx for the video! i have some candidas in my igestive tract according to an alternative meidicine treatment but i would like to know which conventional test i need to have so i know for sure what to do next?

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    How about if I dont have candida and I take Vita Cure what hapen?

  • Reply Vkei+fitness February 10, 2017 at 6:24 am

    No we need to acidify our internal digestive tract to kill the overgrowth Candida thrives in a alkaline environment. I eat raw vegan super alkaline diet which seems to have caused my persistent Candida that hasn't gone away.

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