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How to Cure and Get Rid of a Yeast Infection | Natural Home Remedies and Cures for Yeast Infection

August 13, 2019

yeast infections are very common it is estimated that almost 80 percent
of women have at least one yeast infection in their lifetime in this video we will explain best tips
and natural home remedies on how to cure and get rid of yeast infection fast
naturally yeast infection is caused by the fungus
known as Candida albicans it is also known as thrush candidiasis
or fungal infection this fungus remains present in small
amounts with other bacteria in the genital warm and moist areas of the body the infection usually affects the mouth
throat vagina esophagus and the gastrointestinal tract a vaginal yeast infection is overgrowth
of fungus in the vagina characterized by vaginal itching burning and discharge both men and women are susceptible to
this condition women get vaginal yeast infections while
men get penile yeast infections yeast infection is primarily caused by a
fungus however some of the other possible causes for yeast infection are
weak immune system stress certain diseases like diabetes or
AIDS, poor eating habits, excessive use of antibiotics, hormonal changes and
unprotected sex yeast infection can be divided into two
types: oral infection also known as thrush and genital infection the symptoms of oral yeast infection are creamy white lesions in the inside of
the mouth, on tongue and gums, difficulty in swallowing loss of taste cracking in corners of mouth constant feeling as if something is
stuck in the mouth vaginal infection in women also known as
Vulvovaginal candidiasis is often ignored by women and hence not easily
diagnosed following are some of the main vaginal
yeast infection symptoms in women vaginal discharge having a cottage
cheese like appearance burning and irritation in vagina pain during intercourse the symptoms of penile yeast infection
appear within a couple of days of getting infected and are nearly similar
to those of vaginal infection following are the symptoms of yeast
infection in men pain around penis white discharge cracked skin Next we will discuss treatment options to cure yeast
infection antifungal creams, ointments and oral
antifungal medications are usual options for treating candidiasis on the other hand vaginal suppositories
are commonly used for treating vaginal yeast infections though these medications can cure the
infection they can cause a few side effects moreover they may fail to prevent its
recurrences this is the reason why many people
prefer the natural treatment options and home remedies to cure yeast infection now we will discuss some best natural
home remedies and cures for vaginal yeast infection chickweed, burdock root, dandelion root
and Echinacea arc among useful herbst and best yeast infection home remedy to
cure and soothe yeast infection these herbst are also safe for use
during pregnancy these may be used singly or in
combination as infusions for tinctures. to prepare an infusion place one ounce
of any of these herds or a mix of equal parts into a quart sized jar fill the jar with boiling water cover
and steep for two hours drink two cups daily as needed slippery elm bark powder, marshmallow
root powder and comfrey root powder soothe irritated and inflamed tissue sprinkle the powder on your irritated
vulva or rinse yourself with a tea of any of these or a mixture of them. to prepare a tea, mix one tablespoon of
any of these herbs or a mixture of them with 1 cup hot water stirring well you can also prepare an infusion with
the whole dried herbst by boiling 4 to 6 tablespoons of the Herbs in four cups
of water for 20 minutes rinse irritated vulva with the tea or
infusion live culture plain unsweetened yogurt is
one of the most effective natural yeast infection treatment when applied directly to the vulva it
reduces inflammation restores pH balance and also restores normal vaginal flora
while destroying the yeast. take four tablespoons of yogurt and let it come to room temperature then insert your index finger into your
vagina and gently scoop out all the yeast you can easily do not attempt to scrape it out just get
out what you can so that the Lactobacillus acidophilus cultures in
the yogurt get a better chance of overcoming the yeast then wash your hands thoroughly and put
one to two tablespoons of the yogurt onto your index and middle fingers smear this up inside your vagina apply the remaining yogurt to your vulva
the same way. repeat this twice a day during an acute
yeast infection or a couple of times a week if you are prone to yeast outbreaks apple cider vinegar makes a great rinse
for the vulva and works like yogurt and is good cure for yeast infection mix one-fourth cup vinegar in three to
four cups of lukewarm water and apply as you did in the previous yogurt yeast
infection remedy vinegar stings considerably especially
if your flesh is raw or if you have been scratching so it is best applied in
an orb of warm water the juice of the aloe vera plant is
exceptionally cooling and soothing and mildly antiseptic as well it can be scraped from the inside of
fresh leaves or purchased at natural food stores in the form of aloe vera gel
and applied in the case of an extremely irritated
vulva you can spread some of the gel onto a menstrual pad and wear it
throughout the day. next we will discuss some best tips to
prevent and manage yeast infection drink plenty of fluids especially water lemon juice and herbal teas are also
good. wear cotton underwear or none at all synthetic fibers trap moisture in the
crotch area and provide an excellent breeding room for many organisms you may even need to change cotton
underwear by mid-afternoon if it gets damp from discharge or sweat wear loose-fitting cotton clothing
trying not to wear pantyhose especially those without a cotton panel in the
crotch avoid all concentrated sugars including
honey maple syrup and corn syrup. avoid caffeine including coffee
caffeinated sodas chocolate and black tea don’t use bubble bath, bath oils, bath
salts or strongly perfumed soaps in your bath or around your vulva use white unscented toilet paper wipe from front to back after a bowel
movement rinse your vaginal area with water
during the day then pat dry to reduce the likelihood of bacterial or
fungal growth bacteria spread readily in heat and
moisture dry yourself gently but thoroughly after
batting or swimming change out of wet swim clothes soon
after swimming don’t scratch your crotch scratching will further irritate the
area and spread the infection avoid intercourse during the worst
symptoms or if painful your partner may also need to be treated
to prevent reinfection you urinate after sex and thoroughly rinse
your self off with warm water reduce stress in your life as much as
possible get adequate rest because infections
thrive when your body is run down thanks for watching the video if you want to learn more home remedies and
natural treatment on how to cure and get rid of yeast infection fast naturally
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