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How to Crochet A Rectangular Virus Blanket

February 15, 2020

Hello everyone In this video I’m going to show you how I crochet this beautiful rectangle virus blanket Before we begin I want to talk a little bit about the importance of what kind of yarn you choose for a virus pattern For the baby blanket that I just showed you I used This Bernat softie baby is it considered a category 3 yarn I also used a size down for the hook, This is an F 3.75 and they recommend a G 4MM for this yarn So this yellow on is the one I just showed you and that is the category 3 Then we have Red Heart Shimmer year, we have Ice Cream yarn by Lion Brand and then we have a simply soft Caron And these three yarns are are all a considered a category 4 yarn I just wanted to show you that they are very similar to the category 3, Like really, really close almost to the point where I would consider them all the same category Then we have a red heart super saver You can see how much thicker that is and it’s almost like thick and like sticky yarn We also have a Red Heart with love yarn and that’s the soft Red Heart But it’s really, really…… Um thick compared to the other yarns So I highly recommend NOT using The thicker yarns Thick and sticky yarn is what I would conceder ummmm, so go for like The simply soft by Caron It’s almost soft and silky And it does really well with all of the virus patterns Alright, let’s begin! To begin I have chosen the Caron simply soft yarn And I have a pair of scissors a stitch marker and two different hook sizes I have the G 4.25MM crochet hook and I have an F 3.75MM crochet hook This yarn calls for a 5.00 which would be an H I highly recommend going down a hook size which would be the G and if you are having trouble with is rippling or buckling in any way You want to go ahead and ago down a hook size To an F I’m going to go ahead and start with the G hook And see how that works up for me I’m chaining 21 Place 3 dc into the 6th chain from hook so we have, our V’s here, uh 2, 4, 5, 6 You NEVER count the loop on your hook So I’m yarning over for a double crochet inserting my hooking to the 6th chain grabbing my yarn and pulling up a loop I have three loops on my hook Yarn over and pull through the first 2 loops yarn over and pull though the second 2 loops Place 2 more double crochet into the same stitch skip two chains and place 3 double crochet into the next chain so I have one, two Three Skip two chains and place 3 double crochet in to the next chain One two three skip two chains and place 3 into the next chain I have one two three and skip two more and place three more so one two three and we have three remaining chains so we are going to skip over two and double crochet into the last just one double crochet now chain up 3 one two three and we are going to dc crochet two into this, the top of this double crochet that we just made so in order to do that, I’m going to go-ahead and grab these first two loops here that you see I the front of your double crochet then I’m going to place two double crochet into those two loops, there so I’ve got one, two and that’s what that looks like right there. chain 3, one, two, three and place 3 double crochet into this space right here in the double crochet so we’re going to just do, right through like this. so we have one two three chain 3, one, two, three we’re going to turn our work a little bit like this because we’re going to work down this side now and into this same space but more on this side here we’re going to place three more double crochet one two three skip the, three double crochet on the bottom here and we’re going to work into this next space with 3 more double crochet so I have one, two three and three more into the next space. that’s one two three and again, in the following space one two three and again, one two three place three more double crochet into this last loop here, there’s one two three chain three one two three you’re going to turn your work a little bit and place three more double crochet into that same loop space one two three ch three, 1, 2, 3 place three more double crochet into the same space just turning your work going around the corner so two, and three that I have here So that’s what it looks like so far. we’re going to skip right over these three double crochet and we’re going to place 3 dc into this next space again in the next space, do the same thing. go to the next space and do it again we’re going to do this all the way back to the other end. three double crochet in each one of the spaces. okay, so now we’re just going to go right from that double crochet and we’re going to slip stitch to the top of our chain 3 to begin the next round chain 3, one ,two ,three, and we’re going to go right into the ch 3 space here at the corner. placing three double crochet, chain 3, and three more double crochet into that same space we’re going to move on to the next chain 3 space and do the same thing. three double crochet, chain 3, and three more double crochet. next all along this side we’re going to place 3 double crochet into each one of the spaces. I’m going to let you do that and I’ll see you as soon as we get to the other side. I’ve placed three double crochet into each one of the spaces, and now we’re back over here at the corner, we’re going to do the same thing we did on the other side, we’re going to place 3 double crochet chain 3, and three more double crochet into the same space to round that corner. and the same in the next one three double crochet chain 3 and three more double crochet next I’m going to go all the way back on this side placing 3 double crochet in each one of the spaces and then when I get to this last space, I’m going to just place two double crochet and I’m going to slip stitch to the top of this chain 3. because that’s going to be my third double crochet I will see you in just a minute next we are going to snip our yarn, you can pull your tail through and weave in your ends if you like and then we get to begin the virus pattern next you want to join your yarn into this corner of your rectangle you’re going to be using the second chain there, and re attaching your yarn, chain up 5, this is the loopy row and the first of our 4 repeating rows for the virus pattern we’re then going to single crochet into the first double crochet here, after our chain 5, chain 3, skip two double crochet and this space, single crochet into the next double crochet. chain 3, skip 2 double crochet, and this space, and single crochet into that next double crochet one more time, chain 3, skip 2 double crochet, single crochet into the next dc. chain 5, skip one dc and sc into the next dc ch 3, skip this space, and these two dc sc into the next dc ch 3, skip this space, and sc into the top of that chain 3, from the previous round. ch 3 , one more time skip this space and two dc, sc into that last dc ch 5, these are our large loops, the ch 5’s. we’re going to sc into the second of the chain 3 here at the corner. ch 5 skip that last ch, and sc into this first dc ch 3 skip one dc and sc into the next dc. ch 3, we’re going to skip this space and sc right into the next….. dc ch 3, skip this dc, and place a sc into the next and last dc. so we’ve got three chains right there at the end and then our corner we now have to ch 5, we’re going to do exactly what we did over here, and do it over here. sc into that second ch ch 5, skip that chain, and sc into that very fist dc. ch 3, skip 2 dc and this space and sc into the next space, or the next dc, I’m sorry! ch 3, skip the next two dc and the space, sc into the next dc. chain 3 skip 2 dc and the space, and sc into the next dc. here we are at the other side, this is our other large loop, so we’re ready to ch 5, skip one dc, sc into the next dc now three more small loops ch 3 skip this space and two dc, sc into the next dc ch 3 skip this space and 2 dc, sc into the next dc. ch 3, one more time skip this space two dc, and sc into the next dc. and we’re here back at the corner again, so ch 5 sc into the second ch ch 5, sc into that fist dc, ch 3 skip one dc, sc into the next dc, ch 3 skip that space and sc into that next dc ch 3 skip that dc and sc into the last dc ch 5 and we’re going to sc down into that same stitch that we started in…. slip stitch into the chain 5 that we began, and ch 3, to begin the next round the loopy row is complete! to begin the next round we’ve chained up 3 and this is considered what I call the first double crochet row of the repeats you’re first repeat of row is the loopy row, the first dc row, the second dc row and the dc ch 1 row so you have 4 rows (rounds) total we’re going to place 9 dc into this first loop the ch 3 does count as our first dc so we’re going to have a total of ten (10) dc into this ch 5 space I have 7 here if I’m counting that ch sc into this first ch 3 space ch 3 sc into the second sc 3 space ch 3 sc into the last ch 3 space, so now we have two, ch 3’s we’re going to place 10 dc into this large loop this large side loop, which if our ch 5 sc into the next ch 3 space. ch 3 sc into the following, ch 3 space, ch 3 sc into the last hc 3 space now go right from that sc into 10 dc because we are at a large loop again so we have 10 dc in all of the ch 5 loops and into this next ch 5 space we’re going to do ten more dc sc into the ch 3 ch 3 sc into the next ch 3 space ch 3 sc into the last ch 3 space next you’re going to do 10 dc into into each one of these ch 5 loops you’re going to deal with these ch 3’s on the side just like we just did with the ch 3’s and the sc and when we get back to this side I will show you what’s next! at the end of row 2 this is what the blanket looks like you can see these are the ch 3 spaces and then our dc 10’s in our large loops to begin row 3 I have slip stitched to finish row 2 and I’m going to ch up 3 next we’re going to dc in each double crochet so we should have 9 dc in this in this first corner here so just one into each stitch and then once we get here to the ch 3 we’re going to go right from that last dc into a sc we’re going to sc into this first ch 3 then ch 3 and sc into the next ch 3 space go right from that sc into a dc and dc 10 for this large side space so we’re going to do each ch 3 set space just like we just did with the sc ch 3 sc and then dc when you get to these corners you’re going to dc in to each dc you should have a total of 20 dc for each of the corners im going to let you complete this round and I will see you for round 4 Here I am at the end of round 3 and you can see my work is doing a little bit of curling but this particular round likes to do this this is the ahhh… second dc round to begin round 4 and also our dc ch 1 dc row we are going to ch 4 we’re going to dc into the next dc ch 1 and dc in to the following dc keep doing this dc ch 1 along each dc you should still have a total of ten dc when you get to this last dc you just want to dc, don’t ch 1 we’re then going to skip over this ch 3 and dc into the next dc so over those ch 3’s it should look like an upside down V=^ ch 1 and place a dc into the next dc ch 1 again and continue in this fasion along this next arch again you should have ten dc separated by a ch 1 when you get to the valley dc into the last dc skip your ch 3 and dc in to the next dc there’s that upside down V again in the corners you’re going to be placing 20 dc separated by ch 1 so I’m going to let you continue, this round and I will see you when it’s finished I’ve completed row 4 here and as you see everything pulls back out again once you do the dc ch 1 dc row and we’re ready to start our repeats! so we’ve done 4 of the virus pattern stitches or rows and now we’re ready to repeat them as you see here we have our arches which are these, right here… and then what I refer to as the valleys right in here and I highly recomend if you’re going to change colors to chain colors after the dc ch 1 dc row so if you’re going to change colors go ahead and do that on the loopy row I’m not going to change colors so I’m just going to continue from here to begin ch5 skip this ch 1 at the begining so 2 dc and this ch space we’re going to sc into the next ch space ch 3 skip a dc a ch space and another dc sc into the next ch space do another ch 3 these are our ch 3 sets skipping two dc sc into the next ch space our last ch 3 skip 2 dc sc into the next ch space here we are down here at the valley and of corse our virus patterns grow the corners will remain the same in each valley we’re going to place a new chain 5 and that will become our new arch so we’re going to ch 5 and we’re going to skip 4 dc sc into the next ch space ch 3 over your arches our ch 3 sets will be over the arches we’re going to have 3 chain 3’s always so I’m doing the same thing I’m chaining 3, that we just did I’m skipping the 2 dc and sc into the next space chaining 3 again, skipping two dc sc crocheting so we have our fist chain 5 3 ch 3’s ch 5 over the valley 3 ch 3’s ch 5 to span this next valley we’re skipping those 4 dc we’re going to do another set of 3 ch 3’s I have the first one second one third one now we’re going to do our corner this is going to be a full corner this coner, is, ah we started it and we’re going to finish it when we come back around so you’re going to ch 5 skip you’re two dc sc into the next space ch 5 skip 2 dc, sc into the next ch space and that will be just like this now three more ch 3’s ch 5 I’m going to let you continue this row remember that your every ch 5, except for the corners will be separated by the ch 3 sets so have a ch 3 set your second corner ch 3 another valley so your ch 5 ch 3 ch 5, ch 3 your third full corner so two chain 5’s ch 3 ch 5 another valley ch 3 and finish off with your last ch 5 to compleate the fist corner I will see you in just a minute I’m here at the end of our loopy round which is row 5 and the beginning of our repeats I just wanted to show you what this looks like to join the last ch 5 so your going to skip your last two dc of corse sc into that space right before the ch 5 from the begining to begin the next round slip stitch in to your first ch 5 loop ch 3 place 9 dc into this first loop so we should have a total of 10 dc if we are counting the ch 3 this is a repeat of row 2 this row right here so we’ve got our 10 dc sc into the first ch 3 loop ch 3 sc into the second ch 3 loop ch 3 sc into the 3rd ch 3 loop go from that sc into a dc dc 10 into this ch 5 loop we’re going to continue this all the way around place 10 dc into each of your ch 5 spaces and you should have 2 ch 3’s in between I’ve completed row 6 which is a repeat of round 2 now we’re going to do row 7 with is a repeat of of row 3 your going to ch up three second dc row dc into each dc so you only have one ch 3 on this round sl st to your ch 3, I will see you for the next round repeat of row 4 and that is row 8 to begin row 8 chain 4 dc in next dc ch 1 dc in next dc, ch 1 and continue this you should have 10 dc when you’re done with this arch all separated by ch 1 your last dc will just be a dc dc into your next dc skip over that ch 3 there ch 1 you’re going to go ahead and repeat this all the way around big corners your going to have 20 dc all separated by ch 1 and each valley you’ll be skipping the ch of three I’ve completed row 8 on the gray blanket your next row will be the loopy row you will be creating your ch 5’s in the corners and also in each of the valleys I hope this tutorial was helpful, thank you for watching commenting and subscribing more information in the description box ( drop down)


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    I just bought this pattern but learned it from your awesome video the same from your square virus blanket although I love this one so much more your videos make learning your patterns a breeze and I am an old pro(58.5 years old)but starting and stopping with a video you can back up when something you read doesn't make sense at the moment or when you are having a duh moment awesome 10 stars for a 5 star rating!

  • Reply Cynthia Dinsmore January 9, 2019 at 2:25 am

    Wonderful video. Do you have a pattern for border on this blanket

  • Reply Denise Fennell January 13, 2019 at 9:53 pm

    So you work this pattern until it's the size you want? And it is a rectangle? The baby blanket in the beginning looks like it's a square. Love your teaching method btw!

  • Reply Denise Fennell January 20, 2019 at 6:24 pm

    And now I'm confused…I'm not changing yarn so is there a pattern to keep going where you left off?

  • Reply MelAnn Johnston January 28, 2019 at 11:37 pm

    I followed your tutorial to the tee and the rectangle came out all right. When I started the "loopy row" I had one extra space at the end of the first side?? (ch 5 loop, 3 chain three loops ch 5 loop and three ch 3 loops to the other corner) Don't know what I am doing wrong?

  • Reply Nic Winchester February 2, 2019 at 8:00 am

    This looked so complicated but. Not really. Kinda mindless actually. With this one I can actually look at my show and work along.

  • Reply Gauri Kamat February 3, 2019 at 5:53 am

    Y u dint continued frm same place…

  • Reply jean checkley March 1, 2019 at 3:34 pm

    Can you make this in stylecraft dk

  • Reply Margaret Jenkin March 29, 2019 at 10:32 pm

    Hi Jonna can you help I’m wanting to do this rectangle as a tablecloth which is large 2.100 metre x 1,200 metre (68,890 feet x 3,415 feet). Do you suggest I need to do a longer middle or more rows of the centre so I can get it the length I need. My daughter wants it

  • Reply Susy Mayberry May 15, 2019 at 11:49 am

    This is a great video and it's easy to follow, BUT, you need to change your hook to a different kind. You seem to struggle with splitting stitches. Try a Susan Bates hook.

  • Reply Fedeleness May 28, 2019 at 12:50 am

    Is this a rectangle or a square?

  • Reply ken denta June 13, 2019 at 5:01 am

    The virus stitch looks really complicated but nice to look at reminds me old dollies.

  • Reply maria david chettiar June 19, 2019 at 3:36 pm

    Can we make this in a thick and multi colored yarn will the pattern be clear

  • Reply Lisa Brown July 13, 2019 at 8:32 pm

    Yay, I've been looking for a rectangle version!
    What's the stitch repeat length for making a longer and skinnier version? I want to make a rectangular shawl. Thanks!

  • Reply Dawn Gealy July 16, 2019 at 8:08 am

    Too many distractions-a ring, awful nail varnish, items on the table. I did not even begin the blanket!

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    Thank for the easy instructions. Tried this pattern. Now on my fourth afghan.

  • Reply Lucy Pearson August 4, 2019 at 9:26 am

    Great video. You made it so easy. Used this pattern for a doiley. Hoping you can advise how I can make it skinnier/ longer for another doiley so my kids can identify where they have to put their lunchboxes after school. Love all you stuff!!!

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    Thank you very much for such a detailed pattern explanation.
    This is the best video of this pattern I have seen.
    At last I “ get” it

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    Thank you very much for your throughout instruction and show close up to see the stitches. I love this pattern especially it’s the rectangle one.

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  • Reply Shenandoah September 30, 2019 at 10:55 pm

    I thought I'd experiment a bit, and figured out how to start this with an oval in the centre instead of the granny rectangle. It took a bit to figure it out, but I actually really like it with an oval in the centre.

  • Reply Alicia Downs November 14, 2019 at 4:40 am

    How much yarn do I need to buy for this?

  • Reply Esperanza Jimenez Rivera January 13, 2020 at 1:11 pm

    A question, regardless of how big I make this, will it be longer than weide? Still looks square to me.

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