How To Clear A Sinus Infection With 3 Natural Remedies

August 21, 2019

Hi, my name is Larry Cook and I would like
to share with you how I overcame a pretty severe nasal infection with natural remedies.
The nasal infection was a result of me being sick for a couple of weeks. I had really severe
congestion right in this area. In fact, it was so bad and so painful that I actually
thought that maybe my root canal was failing. I had that happen once before on this side
of my mouth. I had all of this pain, blowing out nasty snot out of just this nostril. I
was a little bit concerned. Here’s what I did. It’s something I haven’t
done in a long time. I used the Neti Pot concept, which is basically pushing water in one nostril,
out the other, with natural remedy formula. Here’s what I did. I used a product called
Nasaline, which is essentially a tube that you can put water into. But you don’t just
put water in here. You put some sea salt, which comes with the product, and then I also
added nano silver, which is antibacterial. I added sea salt, nano silver, water, and
then I’m in the shower when I’m doing this so I’m leaning over and I’m pushing water
in through one nostril and it’s coming out the other nostril. I know, it sounds gross
but it totally works. When you’re adding Nano Silver and sea salt
to the area up here, the cavity, basically what’s going on is we’re killing all of the
bad bacteria. I got to tell you, I was actually very pleasantly surprised. I’m telling you
the truth. It was cleared within 24 hours, absolutely gone in 24 hours. This is something
that you can try at home. This is the product: Nasaline. This is what comes in there, the
little tube, and the sea salt. Don’t forget to get your nano silver. You can get this
stuff at any health food store. You can get it online as well. This one is called MesoSilver.
Worked great for me. There’s an alternate this is your traditional Neti Pot, which looks
like this. The Neti Pot, you would just tilt your head and pour it in. Totally good way
to go. However, I really like this because you can push the water through if you have
any blockage. That’s it for now. I really enjoyed being
able to use this remedy and I think you will too. If you ever have any kind of nasal congestion
or particularly an infection, I highly recommend it. If you’d like to learn more about healthy
living I recommend reading my book, The Beginner’s Guide to Natural Living. You can get this
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out a nasal congestion or if you have any of your own remedies, please post in the comment
section. Until next time, I’m Larry Cook. Thank you for watching.

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