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How to Clean Up After Cold & Flu Messes

October 20, 2019

It’s that time of year again when kids
are licking surfaces covered in germs and then coming home and sneezing in
your face and while I can’t tell you how to prevent your kids from becoming sick;
if anybody knows please let me know what I can do is offer you some tips so that
your house doesn’t get completely disgusting and covered in barf and snot Do your kids toss their dirty nasty used
tissues all over the place after they use them? Yeah mine do too.
Here is a great hack to prevent nasty seas of dirty tissues all over your
floors Take two tissue boxes One full and one empty and tape them together So then when your child uses a dirty tissue they can place it in the empty side
instead of throwing it on the floor If they don’t do it you can scream at them
to do it! If your kid has the stomach flu and it’s barfing all over this hack will
help contain the mess and make cleanup of those vomitus moments much easier.
Simply take a bunch of trash bags and a trash can and create your very own barf
can! Put in one bag, and then a second, and then a third, and a fourth if your kid is
really really sick And then each time your kid barfs Simply have them
barf in the bag and remove it And you’re all ready for them to barf again and
again and again! Barf away kids! If you’re worried about your kid getting
barf all over you you can wear a trash bag! It’s totally barf proof. And finally if all else fails you can move to Australia for the months January
through March Cause they’ve already had their flu season cause they’re on the other side of the earth Get it? G’day mate! Cause that’s possible Cause that’s going to happen Cause that’s likely! Thanks for watching! I hope these
tips help keep your house snot and barf free Or at least contained oh and don’t
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