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March 13, 2020

Ahoj. This is Zdenka. Few of the most
frequently asked questions I am getting is where do you find your music? I cannot
find any good music. How do you find your music? and lastly Your videos are
floating with the music so nicely, how do you edit it? Let me answer all that. I
have a lot of tips and tricks how you can edit your YouTube videos and
b-roll so it floats nicely with the music so your viewers want to stay. And
if you are new here, welcome. My name is Zdenka Darula. If you want to learn how to take better photos and videos with the latest gear and participate in creative
camera challenges, consider subscribing. There are two sections I want to cover
when it comes to music. One of them is b-roll and the other one is just regular
YouTube video like this one. Let’s start with b-roll. When I start editing b-roll I import all possible clips I might use on a
timeline in a proximate order. The order will most likely change as I’m editing
further, however, I just like to start like that. Next step for me would be
finding the music. So where do I get the music? I use service called Epidemic
Sound and disclaimer here, Epidemic Sound is a sponsor of today’s video. I genuinely
really like their service. I am actually using them the most. Even though they are sponsoring this video, I am in no obligation to use only them for all my other videos. I want
to mention how Epidemic Sound works. They offer two plans. One is personal and
the other one is commercial. Personal is for people like me who have their
YouTube channels even when it is monetized. You get unlimited downloads of tracks and sound effects for unlimited views and followers and you can use it
on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch and podcast. Commercial plan is
for freelancers and businesses sound tracking commercial productions. It
covers everything from personal to clients productions on all online
platforms and you also get unlimited use in digital ads. Both plans offer 30-day
free trial. Let’s go ahead and open up Epidemic
Sound. There are a number of tools which make it faster when it comes to selecting the right music for the b-roll I’m currently
working on. I usually go to latest and staff pick section. The reason I go there
is because I try to find music which is not played often by other youtubers in
my niche. For b-roll I’m always looking for mysterious, dramatic music with
interesting melody and mainly has many changes in beats and has breaks. Here’s
an example. Once I find something in the latest
staff pic or albums, then I check for few things. Category, genre, beats and artist
name. I try to keep it in my mind and click the bottom find similar. Find
similar is the feature I use the most. Once I’m almost set, then I just
play the whole timeline again. I watch all the clips and I try to feel it, I
make sure it goes nicely together with the music. When I am editing the b-roll, I
try not to limit myself to only one genre. For example like a dance music.
Every time I try to edit b-roll, it’s suppose to be a story. So when I’m
watching all those clips with the possible music, I’m trying to already
imagine it in my head and that way I can say if it is the right choice or not.
Let’s say the right music is selected. How do i edit the b-roll? Usually the
most interesting part of the music, the most interesting changes I keep for very
special clips. The rest of the clips I just throw between and I edit them on
the beat, but not always on the same beat because the video would get very boring
and people would expect when the next cut would happen. When I film, my clips
are usually just very simple. What literally makes my b-roll is editing the
sequence into the right music. So again, to change the monotonous same beat cuts I just add another clip off beat, usually a bit sooner. If the clip is visually
very interesting, then I hold it longer. When the music naturally fades or has
quiet, interesting moment, that is good time for me to add some sort of a
transition. I usually do 2 to 3 camera transitions per b-roll and I think that’s just enough for my style. So when you edit the final b-roll
it looks something like this. Let’s talk about editing actual YouTube
videos like these educational videos I’m making here. I use many other tips and
tricks there. I don’t like leaving my videos just plain, me talking without any
background music. Something I learned when I used to work as a radio announcer
many years ago back in Czech Republic. I like to choose mostly ambient music or
music with minimal beats so it is not interfering with me talking.
I always check the edit with headsets not with speakers, as I want to make sure
it is not too loud. I usually go down with music to -30
to -35 even more sometimes so you still hear the music tiny bit. You
know it is there. On average, I use two to three songs per
video. What I try to do is not having the same beat in all the songs, the same
similar melody as it could get very repetitive and some people could
actually get bored easily. I like to change it a bit with the next song to
freshen it up a bit. It is definitely not a good idea to use music with someone
singing in it and use it as a background music as you’re talking. It’s also not a
good idea to place music on top of music. For example, if you are filming with your
camera and microphone somewhere outside and you record someone singing or
playing music and then you add another music to the background. It will clash
unless the music is very ambient and has literally no melody. Link to Epidemic
Sound can be found just below the video in a video description and remember, the
first month is for free. Well, hit the thumbs up button if you liked today’s
video and subscribe to more videos like these. If you have any questions, comments or simply want to say hi, you can do so in the comment section below and I’ll
see you in the next video… Cau… Ahoj…


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    Spot-on! Another great tips specifying one of the most important ingredient in making a b-roll/video clip more presentable.
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    Good tips, Zdenka! I also use Epidemic Sound…great selections, and the 'find similar' feature is wonderful. Another feature to point out is the availability of the same tracks with and without vocals…very handy sometimes if the music is great, but the lyrics (or artist) don't quite meet your needs.

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