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How to Bounce Back: After an Illness

February 5, 2020

Hey I’m Mark, and today we will be
talking about physical resiliency and how to keep from getting sick. It can be really hard to bounce back
after you’ve been sick. You may have missed some of your school work maybe even a few hours at work. So of course, the easiest strategy is don’t get sick. So here to help us out today from Student Health Services is Lisa Wiebe. First lines of defense to prevent against illness are healthy lifestyle
habits. This include small changes to things like diet, stress management, sleep. When you’re eating, you need to consider what tastes good to you and what you like, but it also needs to be nutritious. And so there are some macro
nutrients that you need to balance out. You need proteins, you need carbohydrates, and you do need some fats. What you would like to aim for if budget allows you, if time allows you. You’d like five a minimum of five fruits
and vegetables per day, different colors. If you can hit the rainbow colors you’ve really increased your nutrient intake. We’re 66 percent water and so we
need to have hydration a key every day. Usually it suggested 8, 8-ounce glasses, 64 ounces a day. I recommend 20 to 30 minutes every day
of aerobic exercise. It’s a hundred and fifty minutes according to federal recommendations per week a hundred so. But you should be active every day and
at least 20 minutes every day. Research shows over and over that you do so much better with retention of information and ability to take tests if you will keep your sleep habits. You want a quantity of six to eight hours per 24 hours. It’s tough but if you can keep a sleep habit of always going to bed at the same time, no matter if it’s a weekday or weekend or your hours at school have changed or your work hours. If you can keep that pretty consistent it helps to put your body into a memory mode. You really should avoid electronic
stimulants as well as oral stimulants. At least one to two hours before bedtime. Sometimes some things we can improve are quality with the hygiene. In addition to going to bed at the same time and getting up at the same time is keeping your room cool. Also, if you’ll keep it dark that can help as well. The best thing you can do is prevention. Okay and that’s hand-washing, staying away from the folks coughing, if you can, and also get your free flu shot at Student Health Services. Can’t can’t recommend that enough. Hand-washing according to the
Center for Disease Control the CDC tells us that it is the number one way to
prevent the spread of disease. So you’ll want to spend at least 20 seconds under warm water and keep the friction going with soap if you have it available. But it’s just not a matter of padding you really want to rub those organisms off your hands. If you think maybe I need to wash my hands you probably do. Also if you have a fever over 100.5 you need to probably, Fahrenheit. You need to have that addressed and find out what’s happening. If you have a severe sore throat where it’s very difficult to swallow please
don’t go to class. Let your instructor know immediately but you need to rest and keep away from other folks. So be sure to let your professor know but you really shouldn’t be around others if you have the flu. Also, I highly recommend if
you feel the flu coming on, and you’re pretty sure it is the flu. Come to Student Health as soon as you can. We do have antiviral medications
that can both lessen the extent of it, as well as the duration of time you have. So the severity and the duration. If you’re not feeling well please see a
medical practitioner. You can see your primary care physician or you can make an appointment at Student Health Services. You can call and make an appointment at (316)978-3620. Or use the patient portal at my Shocker Health. To make an appointment online go to and click on the yellow log in to my shocker health button, and then login using your WSU student ID and password. Student Health Services does
not require insurance, but if you’re interested in purchasing student
insurance click on the link below. Once you’ve seen your health care provider follow the treatment plan as prescribed, and complete all medications. And if you don’t see any improvement in three days, please schedule a follow-up appointment. Thanks for watching, this is how to Bounce Back.

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