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How to Beat Candida Without Extreme Diets and Antifungals

August 19, 2019

– Hey, everybody. Happy Labor Day. I hope you guys are having
a great long weekend. When you’re self-employed,
it’s really funny because you always forget
it’s a long weekend and the holiday comes
along and you’re like, oh, crap, I didn’t go to the store, and you have nothing to eat. So that’s normally my holidays. So today I want to talk
about how to beat candida without doing extreme candida
diets or using antifungals. So for those of you who are just tuning in for the first time, I’m Sandie, I’m a functional diagnostic
nutrition practitioner and whole body healing coach. Anything you hear today is
for educational purposes only so please talk to your doctor
before making any changes to your diet, your
medication, your supplements, any of that, talk to your doctor. Okay, so let’s first start out by discussing what candida is. Candida is part of the normal flora, it’s a fungus, and it likes to overgrow when the immune system is stressed out. And how most people normally address this, because there’s a big belief that candida is just fed by sugar so you should cut out all
the sugar in your diet, all the carbohydrates, keep it
to as little bit as possible, and that’s gonna make the candida go away. So that’s one of the ways
that people treat it. Now, the other way, or
in combination with, people use antifungals. So you take either a herbal antifungal or a prescription antifungal and it brings the levels
of the candida down and that’s supposed to
make you feel better. There’s a few problems with this model. Now, the first one is that candida doesn’t
necessarily feed off sugar. There’s a lot of consensus that candida could feed off of anything. It can feed off of high fat, so if you’re going from a high sugar diet to a high fat diet, candida can adapt and start to feed off of what
you’re now using as fuel. Now, the other problem
with the candida diet is most people aren’t very happy on it. You’ll get the few
people who really thrive on fat and protein, that feel good on it, but for the most part,
people are miserable and they don’t stick to it,
or if they do stick to it, they feel isolated and depressed because they can’t eat any food. Now, there’s a reason for that. A lot of us do not metabolize
fat and protein very well and if you went from a regular diet of a lot of carbohydrates and that’s what your body’s
used to being fed as fuel, and all of a sudden, you switch to this high fat, high protein, your mitochondria aren’t
gonna be very happy with you and you’re gonna feel like crap. Now, the other problem is that whenever you try to kill something, it’s gonna release a lot of toxins, and if you haven’t done enough work on your liver pathways and detox pathways, you’re also gonna feel like crap, and that detox is not
good, that is damage. That’s toxins damaging your body. So this makes it hard to
follow, but not only that, when people stop the
diet and the antifungals, the candida comes back. It might not come back right away, it might take a month or two, depending on how strict
they were on the diet or how high of a dose of
antifungals they were taking, but eventually, it does come back. Now, why is that? That is because it’s
part of the normal flora, can’t kill it altogether,
and you’re not looking at why is it there in the first place? You’re just, let’s kill
it and be done with it and my symptoms are gonna go away. So it doesn’t really work. Now, the same with the antifungals. The herbal route is gonna be less toxic than the prescription route,
but the prescription route, a lot of people can’t tolerate them, they get very, very sick because
of the damage that it does to the liver and the rest of the body, and when they do stop them, the candida, the infections
start to come back and you’ll see a lot of women
with chronic yeast infections, they’re doing antifungal after antifungal, they stop taking the antifungal,
their symptoms come back, and it just becomes a vicious cycle and all that they’re doing,
all you’re doing with the diet, all you’re doing with the antifungals is breaking the body down even more and if we go back to why candida is there in the first place, because
the body is stressed, the immune system is stressed
and candida is overgrowing. So you’re just constantly breaking down and causing more stress to the body. It might put a temporary halt,
a band-aid on your symptoms, but in the end, you’re not addressing why the candida is there. So that is the first
thing that we want to do to get rid of candida
without diets, extreme diets, without antifungals,
is to rebuild the body. We need to get the body strong enough so that it can keep the
candida in check on its own, because remember, it’s
part of the normal flora, and if your body is strong enough, your candida levels are gonna be in check. So how do we rebuild
and rebalance the body? Well, we want to look at all the systems of the body together. The body functions as a whole, it needs to be addressed as a whole. So what’s really important,
your neurotransmitter levels, your adrenals, your sex
hormones, your thyroid, your kidneys need to be
detoxifying properly, your liver pathways,
phase one, two, and three needs to be working properly. You need to be eliminating
toxins really well. You need to address all
of these things together, your mitochondria, any
nutritional imbalances and deficiencies in the body. You need to get the body
as strong as possible because when the body is strong, there’s not gonna be any candida. And the other thing that
we really need to address is the mental, emotional stress, so everything that’s going
on in our outside life, our relationships, money issues, you know, issues with your
children, issues at work, this chronic stress response is causing metabolic chaos in the body and if the body always thinks
it’s running from a tiger because that is basically
the stress response, your body can’t tell the difference between a stressful thought
and running from a tiger, so the body is always producing cortisol and breaking the body
down, breaking it down, so it has no time to keep candida in check and the stress levels just keep building and eventually you end up
getting these overgrowths and starting to present
with a lot of symptoms. So you do want to work on the
mindset aspect of your life and you want to work on
getting everything in balance on the outside and on the inside. So the other thing that’s
a problem with candida is it can feed off of pretty well anything and the problem isn’t the whole food, it’s not the natural sugar,
it’s not the natural fats. You want to get on a
diet that you thrive on, a diet that you wake
up, you eat your meals throughout the day, and
you feel good about it. You feel good about yourself and it’s not causing any more stress, it’s not causing you to go
in a state of deficiencies because it’s so restricted,
so you want to get on a balanced whole food diet
that’s suited for you, and I talk about that
in some other videos, and you want to work on your mindset, and you also want to get
rid of the real things that are feeding the candida. So that is going to be other pathogens. Candida is taking advantage
of a weakened body, so we want to get rid of those
other pathogens in the body that are producing byproducts that candida is feeding off of. We also want to get rid
of the toxins in the body. So it’s not so much the whole
food that’s the problem, it’s what we’re putting on our food. So if you’re eating a
lot of processed food and you’re getting a lot of toxins there, there’s toxins you’re
putting on your skin, there’s toxins, a lot
of toxins we breathe in and we have no idea that they’re even getting into our system
’cause we can’t smell them, they’re odorless, can’t see them, and they’re flooding our system on a daily basis, and our water supply, everything is putting
toxins into the body, and candida likes to feed off of it. There’s actually a lot of belief now with different practitioners
that don’t follow the germ theory that the body
is actually allowing candida to overgrow to take on this toxic load. And now the other thing,
it’s technically a toxin, but I classify it as
its own little category because I do address it separately with different binders and
so on, is heavy metals. So our metal imbalance, our
mineral imbalance in our body is really important to
the overgrowth of bacteria and fungus and parasites and protozoa. We want to get those heavy metals out. It does take a lot longer, and again, that’s why I put it in
its own little category because to safely detox those metals, you’re looking at one to two years, depending on your toxicity levels. So get rid of candida
without any extreme dieting, ’cause you do need to
eat a whole food diet, so you do want to be
getting in that real food, but it doesn’t have to
be extremely restrictive and you can still have some treat meals. I know I’m on a lot of
different Facebook groups and people have meltdowns
because, oh my goodness, they went off their candida
diet for one day or one meal and all their symptoms come back. Well, that’s obvious that
you didn’t fix it, right? Fixing candida overgrowth
would mean that you’re able to eat these foods without
having the symptoms. That’s definitely the end
goal, because who wants to be on a restrictive diet
for the rest of their life? I honestly haven’t met anybody, unless they’re preaching and
they feel that this diet, they’re trying to justify it,
a reason why they’re on it, but really, most people deep down are miserable on these extreme diets, so that’s definitely not my goal, to be on an extreme diet
for the rest of my life. I can eat whatever I want and feel good and mostly just stick to
that 90% whole food diet. So we want to go after those two things, rebuild and rebalance your body and get rid of what is
really feeding the candida. And the order that we do that, so we want to first
work a lot on the liver, we’ve gotta get your phase two, most people have issues with
their phase two pathways, so you’ve all heard of MTHFR, that’s the methylation
desulfation glucuronidation, your glutathione pathways, your amino acid conjugation pathways, that is where people are having problems is phase two pathways, and phase three is how your
body is getting the toxins out, whether it’s through your kidney, through your bile, through
your skin, you know, phase one and phase two are working well and those toxins aren’t going anywhere, you’re gonna run into a problem, so the candida will take
on some of that toxic load. Now, so the first step,
get those liver pathways functioning really well. Rebuild and rebalance the systems. And in order to do that,
you do need proper testing. You can Google, you know,
symptoms of candida overgrowth and probably every single one of your symptoms will fit that. And then if you Google
symptoms of estrogen dominance, almost every one of your
symptoms are gonna fit that, or symptoms of neurotransmitter imbalance, and every one of your
symptoms are gonna fit that. So to see what is really
going on with your body, you’re going to want
to run proper testing, so that’s your DUTCH, your organic acids, your full blood panel, your copper zinc, that’s all gonna show
you a lot of information about what’s going on in the body and you’d be surprised
how many of your symptoms are gonna clear up by
addressing those imbalances and deficiencies in the body. So I have another video called The Six Tests Essential to Healing. I’ll link it in the comments and you can check that video out. So you’re gonna liver,
work on the detox pathways, rebuild and rebalance those systems, neurotransmitters, adrenal,
sex hormones, thyroid. I’m probably missing a few ’cause I’m just going
off the top of my head. Working on reducing the
stress in your life, you’re getting your thoughts positive, working on the mindset
issues, emotional traumas, that is all really important, and then get rid of
what’s feeding candida. We want to go after
parasites and protozoa first. So if you’ve taken antibiotics, which is a big reason people
blame candida, or steroids, it wipes out your immune system. Candida is not the only
thing that is gonna overgrow. You have come in contact
with a lot of parasites and protozoa over the
years and they’re in there and when your immune system is weak, guess what, those are
going to overgrow also, and so that large intestine
needs to be cleared up first and you’re gonna want
to run proper testing to see what you’re up against, and that’s in the six
essential tests video, also. So you start with the
parasites and the protozoa and you go after their biothome. That’s another reason why
these things come back. You try all these
protocols and antifungals and antibacterial protocols
and antiparasitic protocols and you’re good for a little
while and then it comes back, ’cause you gotta go after the biothome and I have a whole video on biothome. I’ll link that in the comments, also. Then, the next step, you want to go after the bacteria in the large intestine and in the small intestine. So bacteria in the large
and then go and check if you have SIBO, and almost everyone by then has no fungal issues and most of your symptoms
should’ve cleared up. Heavy metal work, again,
that’s gonna take a lot longer so you can do a throat to
gut protocol and after. So do those things, rebuild and rebalance, get your detox pathways working, and then go after those
root causes, those things that the candida is feeding
off of in the proper order. So if you have any
questions, feel free to join my Facebook group,
Motivated 2 Heal Naturally, and I will post the link in the comments. And also, you can message me if you don’t want anybody to see it because sometimes these issues are a little bit more personal. You can also email me at
[email protected], that’s the number two, and
if you’re looking for a coach to help you work through this, you can check out my website, Again, well, either way,
number two, letter two, it’s gonna bring you to the same place, and you can check out
my coaching packages. I work in three, six,
and 12 month packages and I do have a group program and we run all those
tests, we work on mindset, we work on a nice,
balanced nutrition plan, stress reduction, and we
get to the root causes. So I hope you guys have a great night and I’ll be going live again on Friday to do another Motivated
2 Heal success story. I’m really excited about this one. And also join me in my Facebook group ’cause I try to go live about once a week to do a live Q & A where you can ask me any of your health questions. So have a great night. Bye.


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