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How Should I Feel 35 Weeks Pregnant?

October 18, 2019

How should I feel 35 weeks pregnant? Like you’re ninety percent of the way there
on the status bar, and wow, that last ten percent looks really hard. I can feel the status due to the inflating
load up front. It is common to feel back pains getting worse
due to the growing load up front. They’ve been getting worse over time. If the back pains continue for a period of
time and get worse or start to take on distinct patterns, you may be in early labor. No, I know that the pattern of every five
or ten minutes is a symptom of early labor. You’ll also be feeling many more practice
contractions. The difference between practice contractions
and the real thing being that practice ones ripple across the uterus and stop and the
real ones don’t stop until after there is a baby. Many women get flustered that their breasts
leak every time a baby cries. Mine leak almost constantly. Then get a maternity bra with space for the
pads to absorb that moisture and make that the seam isn’t rubbing against your nipples. I already got one. A lot of women at this point are dealing with
leg pains. Sure, from carrying the load. The greater issue is leg pains at night when
you try to sleep due to circulatory problems. I’ve seen the varicose veins getting worse
due to circulatory problems. You have an extra gallon or so of fluids flowing
around your body, and you stand more than you lay upside down, so the fluids collect
in the ankles and lower legs. So I can solve the bloated ankles and calves
by putting my feet up more often. If one leg is bloated and the other isn’t,
you have a blood clot and need medical attention. That’s also the likely cause if one leg
is hot and painful but the other isn’t. I’d go in just for the pain. If you have spider veins, at least those will
go away after you have the baby. I’ve been told that dark mark under my belly
button will too. However, the stretch marks, which are scars
from the tissue spreading at a rate that rips from the underlayer, will only fade a little
in color to silver and beige instead of disappear. That’s what scar creams are for. Some of those skin lotions to keep skin supple
will reduce its occurrence, but you won’t be able to eliminate what has formed. Then again, with all the oils your body is
producing, you may not want to add moisturizer. My skin is closer to oily anyway. It seems like I’m leaking from every orifice. Get used to it, since you’ll get over it
at the same time the baby arrives and starts doing it. Oh, and you’re probably seeing heavy vaginal
discharge. I know that if I see blood there, that’s
a sign of labor. And if it changes color, you may have a yeast
infection. That and urinary tract infections seem to
be par the course. There’s a reason they say all the symptoms
of the third trimester are the divine’s way of getting you ready for labor. Sure, so you’re willing to go through it.

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