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How Shiggy’s “In My Feelings” Challenge Went Viral | I Went Viral

December 18, 2019

(light techno music) – Ready to get the
party started? (laughs) (typewriter clacking) Well my name is Shiggy and most people know
me for starting the Do The Shiggy challenge
to Drake’s In My Feeling. ♪ Kiki, do you love me ♪ ♪ Are you riding ♪ ♪ Say you’ll never ever
leave from beside me ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I want
ya, and I need ya ♪ – Whatever day the
album came out, right? It was the day after. So I was coming
from Long Island, I was out with my friend,
just hanging out and chilling. We’re just thinking
of video ideas and the song just
happened to come on. I never heard it before, that was the first time
me hearing the song, too. I didn’t really know what I
was gonna do ’til the video. And I just started
dancing to the words. Honestly, I was
just looking forward to just getting the
numbers on my page and it just did
way more than that. Odell Beckham Jr., he did it. And the thing about him doing
it is, when he posted it, he’s the one who
hashtagged Do The Shiggy. I was hype, because he did
all the extra hashtagging, gave me all the credit. But he’s the one who
started it as a challenge to make it more and bigger
and make it as a movement, rather than me just
posting a video on my page. ♪ Kiki, do you love me ♪ ♪ Are you riding ♪ ♪ Say you’ll never ever
leave from beside me ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I want ya ♪ – Will Smith had
this whole team here. He had a drone. Yeah, he always
do his videos big. So when Shade Room
finally reposted it, it was even bigger. Shade Room, that’s a
page that people wait to see certain things get on, so I had popular things,
but I don’t have anything that really everyone
followed me for, you know? I was in LA with my friend Ben. He was introducing me to Drake, he realized it was me
and he gave me a big hug and that’s when he said, “This is the guy who
made number one.” I was like I didn’t even know
the song went number one, ’cause the song went
number one that day. And one of the biggest
artists of the time can say listen this guy helped
me out with my song. For him to say that
at that time was big. That’s like helping out Mike
Jackson, know what I’m saying? He’s pretty big, it’s
a different level,
different scale. One of the things
I said is like, man you’ve got to
put me in a video. Listen I don’t care who he is. Drake, sir, we’re ready for you. (quirky guitar music) That moment was so dope,
’cause Drake, he’s funny. You know what I’m saying? – Go out, you can go outside. – I can go?
– Yeah. – Okay, I’m just
gonna sit right here and wait for you right here. And the chemistry we had
at that moment just like, it was so easy we did that
scene like one, two, three. It was just big too, ’cause it showed me off
my acting skills too, so it really helped me
out in that aspect, too. – [Drake] Just, if you’re
gonna stand outside, please. – Okay, you want me to go, okay. Want me to go?
– Get out of my beard. – They did say you need
ten minutes though, okay? Just ten, should be
about nine now, right? I’m like yeah man, I
gotta go on tour with you. One moment the
conversation was like yeah, it’s gonna happen,
it’s gonna happen. But the thing is, I didn’t
know when it was gonna happen. So the day I got the, “Yo,
today is the day, you ready?” I got it the day
before I was like, I was so nervous. When I first ran out on stage, people didn’t really know. But when the song dropped,
and then everybody sees me, the crowd goes crazy. Now I’m just in dance
mode inner instinct. And he brought me out
Madison Square Garden and the Barclays. To even be brought
out once is big, but to be brought out
twice is crazy, ridiculous. – I need to know Shiggy, you got the followers,
you got the likes, but is all of this
translating into money? – The breakfast club
interview, that was fun. It was nerve-wracking
’cause everybody’s afraid of how Charlamagne
will react to you. – The Give Shiggy
a Check Challenge. – Yeah, yeah.
– Do you feel like Drake owes you a check? – You’ve either gotta give
me the $250 or plus ASAP or you gotta let
that rumor go away, ’cause I ain’t get it yet.
– Nah yeah, nah, you know the
internet’s crazy man. – Yeah.
– Yeah, it’s crazy. I got you, though.
– You got me? – Yeah, I got you. – The downside of
going viral is, people are kinda
sorta, they simple. They like to see you
do the same things over and over and over
and over and over. But the thing, this
thing going so big. It’s like I can’t do this over
and over and over, I can’t. So it’s just like the tension and the expectations of
continuously going viral. That’s the only downfall of it. – How, how I’m a clown? How I’m a clown? How I’m a clown, tell
me how I’m a clown? Tell me, please. I would like to know,
how I’m a clown? I’m still trying
to process this. But at the same time,
I still have to wonder, or get ready for the
next step, ’cause. It’s like you really
have to top this, you know what I’m saying? It’s like going number one, you can’t really go back. – [Male Fan] I mean like what
you got coming up next, bro? – Hey, I don’t know, I’m just
trying to figure it out man. I’m just enjoying
life right now. – [Male Fan] How you don’t
know what you got next? – I mean I don’t know, I just, I haven’t really
thought about it. – [Male Fan] I don’t
understand how you don’t know– – I said I don’t know! I don’t know what’s next! I don’t know, I’m not
thinking about it. I’m thinking about what’s now. I don’t know! Man, back on the old block.
– Hey, what’s going on man? – Back on the old block
where it all started. Sup, Millie? – [All] Hey, yeah. – This is the spot where a
lot of videos go down at, so it feels kinda good to show
people where it started at, but for me, it’s regular. All the moves? Okay, cool, one second. Step on the penny. That’s a fresh move. And then, my knee’s
a little bad now. And then the other
one was like, uh. And just kinda like a
bounce, I was bouncing to it. And then I said ♪ Kiki, do you love me ♪ ♪ Are you riding ♪ ♪ Say you’ll never ever leave ♪ ♪ From beside me ♪ And after that, then I started getting light, getting crazy, then I did the same thing again. (arrow wooshing) Just, make sure you network. That’s the biggest
thing when you go viral. Even if you don’t go viral, just make sure you network. Befriend people, you
know what I’m saying? In this business, ’cause
a lot of people say there’s shady people
in the business. But at the same time,
there’s a lot of good people in the business that
are willing to help you and willing to see you succeed. So make sure you’re
always networking. Just, stay positive too. (upbeat ringing music)


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