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How Obesity May Harm Memory And Learning

November 11, 2019

Eric Bakker, naturopath. Thanks for coming back. Being big, especially when you’re very big,
quite obese it can really affect your thinking, your memory, your learning, all those kinds
of things. It’s quite incredible. If we look worldwide, we’re probably dealing
with close to 700 million people that are obese. We’re not talking big people, we’re talking
really big people, obese people. There was a lady, a neuroscientist, Elizabeth
Gould, Princeton University. I just read a really interesting study. Now what they did, they got a hold of normal
mice and they fed them up and after 12 weeks they put on 40% of weight. They were quite obese. They obviously study mice and rats in labs
a lot. They look at the rat and mouse model and often
they can extrapolate this information through to the adult. But what they discovered with the mice, they
were of normal body weight. Their spines and their brains and different
parts of their brains seemed to be in healthy condition. But with the larger mice they found these
small parts of nervous tissue were really lacking and really impaired. In the bigger mice, they found that these
larger, more obese mice had a lot of problems navigating mazes and remembering where objects
were and bumping into things and mentally they weren’t in a great space. It’s interesting and the main reason these
studies are conducted, which really just blows me away, is to look for new novel drugs, which
can help to remedy. Instead of stop feeding these animals 40%
the chow in 12 weeks to allow them to get to 40%, they made them fat, created this neural
brain damage and then they try and find drugs to repair it. This is just sucks to me. The best way to repair this kind of damage
is to close fast food outlets down. It’s just to dump a lot of this stuff in the
ocean. You’ll probably kill all the fish, but you’ll
at least you’ll save humanity won’t you? You’ll wreck the climate, God knows what you’ll
do, but this stuff’s got to stop. The day will come when people aren’t fed this
crap anymore. It’ll be in the future. Hopefully someone will watch this video and
say, “OMG, that guy knew that we were going to lose our Coca-Cola,” because it’s coming
up, something’s going to happen. Anyway, back to the rats and mice. What they found, these small bits of nervous
tissue called dendritic spines, so these tiny little things that come off nervous tissue
in the brain were greatly diminished in the obese mice. In fact, there are these cells called microglial
cells, these immune cells in the brain and they started to smash down and really destroy
and get rid of a lot of these dendritic kind of in the spine. They basically impaired how the brain was
working. They haven’t really understood the mechanism,
but they found the obese mice had some type of a problem there with the signal in their
brain and especially the hippocampus and small parts of the brain that were affected relating
to memory. Larger people, well we, we’ve seen this, I’ve
seen this in obese patients myself, often they have anxiety, they have depression, they
have memory loss. They have brain fog. Now we understand that there could be a mechanism
driving this destruction of brain tissue because of obesity. But to find novel drugs to counter this to
me, it’s pretty dumb. The novel approach in my mind is to stop people
from getting obese in the first place. And it falls really on the person naturally. But also, I think that governments need to
look at, take a long, hard look at where they’re getting their tax dollar from. Obviously they’re getting taxes from crap,
junk food, but like cigarettes and tobacco guys, once the health door blows out and there’s
this tsunami of diabetes coming towards any government, any money they make out of crap
food is paltry compared to how much they going to have to spend to keep replacing kidneys
and all this business that we get with people like that. Stop eating junk. How much simpler can it get? Thanks for tuning in. Click on the link below if you want my free
report. Thank you.


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    The drug industry is honestly the epitomy of today's world insanity

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