How long is my flu contagious?

October 16, 2019

(electronic chiming) When you’re ready to
get up and around. “How long are you contagious?” Watch this, now. You actually start
being contagious the day before you
get sick (groans). The flu virus does this, to
speak kind of teleologically, so it makes sure it
gets spread around. So, the day before you get sick, you’re actually a spreader. Isn’t that a bummer? But then, when you do get sick, it’s on the day you get
sick, the day after, and it diminishes pretty rapidly
for most people thereafter. Kids can spread the
flu virus around form much longer
periods of time, a week, even after they’re better. Can you beat that? Children are the
great distributors of
the influenza virus in our population. They give it to each other,
and then they take it home and they give it to all the
adults, those little devils. We ought to make sure
they’re vaccinated. The recommendation is that they too should be
vaccinated each and every year.

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