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How Laughing Affects Our Health (And Why Its The BEST MEDICINE)

February 23, 2020

Mark Twain once said, “Humanity has unquestionably
one really effective weapon—laughter. Power, money, persuasion, supplication, persecution—these
can lift at a colossal humbug—push it a little—weaken it a little, century by century,
but only laughter can blow it to rags and atoms at a blast. Against the assault of laughter nothing can
stand.” Twain was right, except he forgot to mention
laughter’s ability to profoundly affect our health. Laughter is the best medicine for many scientifically
proven reasons: 1. Laughter is one of the best stress relievers. A good bout of laughter can keep the muscles
in your entire body relaxed for up to 45 minutes. Now imagine cracking a few good jokes all
day long. You’ll never have a crick in your neck or
an aching back again. 2. Dr. Gulshan Sethi, a doctor of cardio-surgery
at Tucson Medical Center says that laughter is like internal jogging. It tones all the internal organs and strengthens
the abdominals without ever doing a single sit-up. 3. Laughter induces better social relations. The contagious nature of a smile or a good
laugh help us to connect with others leading to friendships and even romantic closeness. In fact, couples who laugh together are more
likely to stay married longer. People who have enduring relationships have
also proven to outlive those who have few friends and are unmarried. 4. Laughter boosts our body’s immune response. Studies have found that laughing at a funny
movie or finding humor in a stressful situation helps to increase the production of natural
killer cells – white blood cells that attack cancer, colds, and foreign bacteria. 5. Laughter combats depression. When we laugh our bodies dump a bunch of good
neuropeptides into our blood stream including oxytocin and dopamine. 6. Laughter reduces physical pain. Perceived pain levels in participants of many
different studies are lowered when they laugh. Life may cause us pain here and there, but
laughter helps us to deal with it better. 7. Finally, laughter is a measurable trait found
to be higher in those who are more resilient. If you want to find a successful person who
can take the punches of life just as easily as the accolades, you’ll find someone who
laughs a lot. Laughter builds character and lessens rigidity. Mark Twain was a smart man. That’s why he also said “Those that respect
the law and love sausage should watch neither being made.” Made you laugh!


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    Just smiling can improve your mood but laugher can release stress.

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    Laughter is a good medicine but thats because it has the same effect as exercise on the body.

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    God already said that laughter was healthy a long time ago.

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    Here is my testimonial on the amazing power of deep sincere laughter.
    Follow your doctors full treatment plan by try this in addition to self heal any Illness.

    December 3rd, 2018 I was diagnosed with cancer. A tumor in my colon with the cancer spreading to my kidneys. I was told my tumor could break at any time. Even with chemo this type of cancer returns every two years. They scheduled more tests but I declined. I decided to fight this disease myself. As an hack energy scientist and physical healer I had a good idea of what needed to be done.

    Growing up I heard a story of a man who healed himself from serious illness by watching hours of comedy in his hospital room. This story stuck with me. The whole idea of laughter as a potential medicine intrigued me. I shared this mans self healing story many times in life.

    In 2017 long before my cancer diagnosis I was testing laughter as a manifestation tool. I love to experiment. I'm a scientist at heart. I spend a lot of time creating and developing effective manifestation tools. Using sincere laughter to manifest physical reality proved successful.

    Because the tool proved effective I upped the anti. I'd long suffered with a serious addiction. I don't want to discuss it but trust me it was serious. On my hands and knees with my forehead touching the floor [The prayer position], I used prolonged bouts of deep sincere laughter [10 minutes at a time] laughing directly at everything to do with my addiction, it's desires and my behaviors around it. I got on my hands and knees for 10 minutes, five times a day, six days a week. It took 23 days to successfully break this decades old non chemical addiction.

    In 2018 when I was diagnosed with cancer I was really sick. I had severe pain in my gut. I was passing blood. Experienced rapid weight loss. Waves of sickness hit me all day long. My doctor told me I could live 6 months to 5 years if I accepted treatment. I believed I could do better. I'd spent the last 16 yrs studying the human energy body. Me attempting to heal myself was like asking a mechanic to fix his own engine. I felt I probably knew about as much about healing my cancer as the doctors seemed to know.

    It would be my self developed laughing system on which I'd pin my hopes for survival. In truth I saw my cancer as a challenge. A challenge I could possibly beat. I believed cancer could be beat but question was, could I beat my cancer? A healthy diet & deep laughter was my plan.

    To be successful I knew I'd have to protect my attitude. I permanently shut off the television. I removed myself from anything and everyone negative and while on my hands and knees, I sincerely laughed at everything about my cancer for 10 minutes, 5 times daily, 6 days weekly.

    It wasn't easy. I often had to push to get laughing sessions done. I cried at times not being sure this would work. It worked for addiction but this was cancer. I prayed to Jesus while mentally preparing to say goodbye to my kids. Psychologically I was in the fight for my life.

    I did this for 37 days before burning out. My goal was 40 days but I just couldn't go any longer. In truth I was feeling better by the 10th day. By day 37 I felt healthy. The sickness gone. The pain in my gut completely disappeared. I had stopped passing blood and regained the weight I had lost. This without any medical treatment. Blood tests taken 3 months after my diagnosis March 2019, came back normal. My GP said my kidneys were functioning fine. What? I'm healthy as a horse!

    It's now been 14 months since diagnosis and I've passed two medical exams. My GP, I don't have a cancer doctor, my GP says there's no sign of cancer but he can't be sure. Because I've refused treatment he won't do decisive testing leaving it to me to pay for a private CT scan to discover if the tumor's gone. I don't want or need the radiation. Except for an old blood pressure issue my doctor considers me healthy.

    I used prolonged bouts of deep sincere laughter [10 minutes at a time] to eliminate my cancer. I got on my hands and knees with my forehead pressed against the floor and deeply laughed at my cancer for 10 minutes, five times a day, six days a week. I did it for 37 days.

    NOTE: The prayer position is a powerful self manipulation tool and a very important component for self healing.
    [It's an absolute must for self healing.]

    The way I understand it laughter raises core vibration sparking the bodies natural healing ability. With a higher core vibration your body is better able to fight the invading disease. Your body will heal only that which you focus on. Just my opinion. This is not yet proven in the lab.

    What is proven is that all cancers hate oxygen. Laughing provided me with regular doses of deep rich oxygen. So was it an increase in core vibration or high doses of oxygen that healed me? I don't know. All I do know is that after being diagnosed with cancer 14 months ago, today I'm healthy as a horse!

    Don't be stupid! Please follow your doctors full treatment plan and only use laughter as a potential additional approach to dealing with your cancer. 5 bouts of laughter daily won't interfere with cancer treatments or medications, but first ask your doctor for a professional opinion.

    [ ] "Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand." [ Mark Twain]

    I've learned cancer is a spiritual illness not a physical one. A spiritual illness needs a spiritual cure.

    Deep sincere belly laughter on hands and knees will heal your spirit and your spiritual illnesses.

    A claim made by a hack scientist and not even proven in the lab.

    [But it appears to have healed me.]

    I'm proof cancer can be beaten!

    Deep sincere laughter [High Doses of Oxygen & Vibration Medicine] appears to have healed me. 🙂

    Will it work? It can't hurt.

    In truth this laughing system will heal any illness.
    Ask your doctor. [He wont say it works but he'll tell you it can't hurt.]

    I am not a licensed anything!

    This is people helping people.


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