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How Islamic Rulings Prevents The Spread Of Corona Virus And Other Diseases – Syed Muhammad Rizvi

March 6, 2020

outbreak of the corona while virus in China which is created anxiety all over the world and these viruses are basically you know transmitted between animal and people and perhaps you know these are the moments we we need to look at some of the simple Islamic guidelines when we talk about the food and drink what is halal what is Haram there are implications there and also when we talk about some of the simple rulings that we have as far as you know personal hygiene on a daily basis is concerned because there are certain things that we do from childhood who have been taught that this is part of you know Islamic Ajala and behavior and this is how you should do which are good but sometimes we do not appreciate that until we see the world doing the same thing then we say oh I’ve been doing this from my childhood you know it was about in the last two decades there have been different reports that we see from different schools in Canada as well as in us where they instituted this policy where their students were actually asked to wash their hands four or five times during the daytime when they are in the school and this actually had an impact on reducing EPS the abstinence and you know their absence from the school because of their illness for example if you located the study which looked at 305 children in Detroit they found that the youngster who washed their hands four five times a day had 25% fewer sick days due to illness and 51% fewer days lost because of you know stomach upset schools in Ohio that Tennessee California they also actually talked about this issue of hand washing resulting in fifty one person less you know absenteeism and this is we we come to realize that you know a Muslim even he or she does not consciously you know do with his thing just by the fact that they had to do with three to five times a day they go through this process and this is where we come to realize that you know some of these rituals are not just rituals their impact in our daily lives especially if you look at the Hadees that we have on this issue about washing hands before and after eating you know the problem is these days we are so much you know used to spoon and forks that we don’t really think about it but even then we just talk about this Club which has come from the masa mean it was just three or four a hadees’ on this issue one is from beginning from the Prophet of Islam where he says your ally in the Louisville habla Tom were bad to who Shifa on Phil just said were human on Ferris says the new ally doing although before the food and after the food now here let me explain this they are actually four or five these of this type where the word of Ubu has been used by over sixty mile in his conversation with Hasani says well Volvo Haruna Russell only a day in public tom Abbado the word Volvo here doesn’t refer to the ritual of whoa it actually means washing the hands before and after food and so that the Prophet says to ally ally in the Louisville habla time well hi-de-ho washing hands before and after food chef Aaron Ferguson this gives you know health and it’s a healing for the body you risk on a different level a loss Hanover Tejada you know blesses the individual as far as their sustenance is concerned by the simple act Ali himself he says menara the Aniak through higher Beatty he faleaka silly a table lock if a person would like to see blessings in his house that they are increased then he should wash his hand before you know food about hunger family going to the 50-mile you know a very compare you know famous companion of the Imam of the forth and 50 mm Isis here a Bahama Lulu a couple of Tarawa Barda who you’ll abandon washing hands before and after food actually eliminates poverty from the person a worm’s of a surprise BRB you won’t me you have a rabona will they basically you know melt away the porti of the person imam said yes this is what they do about house Alaba jelly of course you know remember some of these statements are conditional it doesn’t mean you just do this and don’t do anything else you still have to do your part as we say you know you do your davao and then you also do your doha it’s not just do i neither is only the wha both goes hand in hand about how Felipe chili is calling the 60mm who says your poon a local autonomy will bad woohoo yes he then if a risk again going back to the statement of the Prophet the washing hands increases the sustenance that a lost pound wa’ta’ala gives to the person and so these are very simple things you know probably I don’t need to even talk about it but I’m talking about it because sometimes we take things for granted and this is where we had to look at it you know the whole issue these days where weather do you you use the mask you know you look at the reports and the discussions about the corona virus it’s not really the mask which is the main thing it is more the issue of you know the hand and washing of the hand which has been emphasized again and again and again this is where you know we see these kinds of events going on and of course we have to take you know physical precautions as far as medicine is concerned you know listen to the advice of the those who are the expert in in that field but of course you know we have to also seek the help of a lost power with Allah as I said earlier Dawa and o our go hand-in-hand it has to be done together you look at safest Azadi you know sometimes people become very worried what do we do very simple you have this very famous and beautiful book known as safe as a idea of imam zein al-abideen re salat wa salam it’s not a small book it’s not a booklet it’s not a pamphlet and I said many times I don’t even asking you to read the whole book the list that I’m asking you is going look at the table of contents at least you know what is in this book so when the time comes you know it we click in your mind okay you know I saw something in the list then you go and look for that door and you reside there are number 15 of safest idea is about this situation of illness and sickness and you’ve seen in in in the introductory part of the door very beautifully Imam guides us how to talk to a loss how Vitara you know from both angles of illness and sickness whether this is for my good or it is there is something that I can be helped by you both elements are there and there is praise for both situations and at the end you know there is this dua that oh allah get me out of this illness let me taste the sweetness of well-being let me taste the coolness of safety and then it goes on and of course as normal american all the doors you know interjects this allah want on muhammad and allah muhammad as a way of proceedures a lot you know these days because we see quite a lot you know inquiries about this issue of dois what should we you know recite when this virus like this are spreading around the world one of the doors which is very famous among the Shia’s there are also many many Sudanese which came to mind although I have not yet been able to find the origin of that it’s just two lines songs like poetry you know it’s also very famous among the Sundanese where it says li hums that uh notes Phoebe Halliwell Webber and a healthy man I’m sure so much you remember he done that I have five or I believe in a five you know throw whom I extinguished the heat of crushing disease al-mustafa while Murtaza webinar whom are well fatima this leaf from Satan refers to al mustafa ala Murtaza of Nahum our well for Thema and this is not only common among she is so yes whatever is required as far as you know advice from the medical experts the concern is very important it should be done and but of course our doors are there and for us pengiran are the vasila for the acceptance of our door


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