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How Is Whiskey Made?

August 26, 2019

You might be a whiskey snob, or a whiskey
lover, but are you a whiskey nerd? Well sit back and watch because we’ve got
some whiskey science for you! All booze making starts the same way–by mixing
micro-organisms (usually yeast) and sugar. The microbes eat the sugar and makes alcohol
as a byproduct of their digestion process, which we call fermentation. And actually, that should be alcohols. The important one–the one that humans like
so much–is ethanol. Anyway, whiskey’s yeasts get the sugar for
fermentation from grains, however, which grain depends on what you’re drinking. Scotch whisky mainly uses malted barley. The malting process halts the grains’ growth
so it’s only partly sprouted. If it’s a single malt whiskey, that means
it came from a single distillery with only malted barley. Scotch grain whiskies and American whiskeys
use cereal grains like corn and wheat. Bourbon whiskey has to be made from at least
51% corn, while rye whiskey has to be at least 51% rye. There is all kinds of other whiskeys — we’re
looking at you Irish whiskey — but we don’t have enough time to cover everything. You’ll have to ask your bartender. What separates beer and wine from whiskey
is what happens after fermentation. At that point, they’re all about 5 to 10
percent ethanol. But liquors routinely get up to 40 or 50 percent
and even higher. How? Distillation. Distillation is a way to separate different
chemicals according to their boiling points. Ethanol boils at 173.1 degrees fahrenheit. Methanol–which is poisonous–boils at 148.5
degrees fahrenheit. So if you pour your mash — the fermented
water-grain mixture — into a pot and start heating it, the methanol will boil off first,
followed by ethanol. After that, you’ll be left with mostly water. Now onto the good stuff. Whiskey needs to retain the flavors from the
fermentation … otherwise all liquor would taste like vodka or worse, Everclear. Whiskey makers have ways to raise the ethanol
percentage while retaining all the yummy flavors. The mash is poured into a still and steam
is pumped in at the bottom. We should note the structure of the still
depends on the spirit – scotch is made in pots, but bourbon is made using columns which
separate out even more flavors. Inside these columns is a stack of chambers
separated by perforated plates. Ethanol-rich vapor rises from the pot. At the highest, coldest, points of the column,
the vapor condenses out and and drips back down into the hotter zones where the flavor
molecules easily dissolve in the ethanol-rich liquid. Flavor molecules like ethyl hexanoate, which
has an apple-like aroma, or diacetyl, which makes for a buttery taste. Over time that concentrates the flavor and
the alcohol. Thanks column still! But not all flavors are good flavors. So distillers usually make their column stills
from copper or give them copper linings. The copper reacts with sulfur-containing compounds,
which often have bad flavors and smells. Hydrogen sulfide is a common one. No one wants the smell of rotten eggs in their
glass. So distillation sends all those flavors and
ethanol up the column. Near the top, that alcoholic mixture drips
out this arm. Since most mashes start out the same, it’s
the distillery’s own unique distilling process that really makes their product stand out. Still designs and processing methods used
are carefully protected knowledge, putting each distillery’s special note on a mash
that starts pretty much the same for everyone. The key to whiskey’s flavor is the aging
process, not fermentation. Once we put whiskey in those barrels, it does
what it does best, thanks to ethanol. Ethanol is really good about dissolving flavor
molecules so once we’ve got whiskey in those barrels it starts leeching all those delicious
flavor chemicals out of the wood of the barrels. To get even more flavor into the whiskey,
the insides of the barrel are charred with flame. That causes chemical reactions in the wood
that produce a whole range of additional flavors. Charring is good for making more phenolic
compounds, exemplified by this structure. One of them, guaiacol, has a smokey flavor. Meta-cresol smells a bit like bandaids and
shows up in scotch, mostly thanks to the peaty smoke that’s used in scotch distilling. No, I don’t understand scotch drinkers either. Changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature
throughout the year force whiskey in and out of the wood as it ages, helping it pick up
more of those flavor molecules. That’s one reason connoisseurs insist aging
increases the depth of a whiskey’s taste. Actually, some whiskey makers are trying to
see if there’s a shortcut for that. Some high-tech distillers are experimenting
with using sound waves or varying pressure to artificially speed up whiskey aging, which
some traditionalists aren’t very into. But these newcomers think they can reduce
the aging process from years to mere hours. Who’s ready for a drink? The next time you’re enjoying whiskey with
your friends, you can regale them with all the whiskey chemistry you learned from today’s
video. A special thanks to District Distilling Company
for letting us film today and thank you for watching!


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