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How ED Drugs and the Flu Vaccine Kill Cancer in Mice

November 22, 2019

What happened, these researchers found that the erectile dysfunction drugs pulled back those suppressor cells and stopped them from inhibiting the natural killer cells. The flu vaccine, because natural killer cells kill virus infected cells as well as cancer cells, the flu vaccine stimulates the natural killer cells because it’s a virus stimulation. And now you’ve pulled back the suppression, you’ve revved up the NK cells and now you’ll kill cancer. And they used a mouse model, again this is just all in mice, the mouse model, where they saw a certain number of metastases spread de novo, they did surgery. It increased it dramatically from I think 37 up to 127 metastases, then they added the erectile dysfunction drugs and those reduced it, and then they added the flu vaccine and it reduced it all the way down to 11 from 127, 90% reduction, dramatic. So just so people can understand so that we’re clear, what they were looking at is how many secondary tumors you have after that initial surgery. So as Dr. Piro was very elegantly pointing out, the idea is when you take out that primary cancer, it pulls back your immune system, that surveillance that usually keeps these tumors in check is temporarily sort of stunted, and this can now occur for 10 days, or even months. And so now you’re fueling those natural sentinels and guards of your system, the natural killer cells, to go back and get rid of those metastases, so the secondary tumors after that primary surgery. (clapping) It’s really important though to not take home from this conversation that you shouldn’t have surgery for cancer. Correct. Why? The only way to start the process of curing cancer in so many situations is to remove it. What we’re trying to do now is add something more to the situation beyond just chemotherapy and other things, that immunotherapy. So it’s adjunctive, when you look at the history of cancer treatment as a non-oncologist, incredibly toxic often, the treatments. Flu vaccine, erectile dysfunction drugs, pretty benign. If those two together, two very benign drugs in the arsenal, could be used successfully after surgery, that’s what I love about it. You’re not, you’re not talking about some treatment that is going to be incredibly toxic to your good tissues, I like that. You’re right. It’s because we’re manipulating the immune system and we’re actually what we’re doing with these drugs is actually helping your immune system do what it’s supposed to do. But I think it’s important to point out to people who might be taking these medications, or think about running out and getting that flu vaccine and take their erectile dysfunction drugs, not to do this. No. This has really only been studied in mice. The human trial is just about to start with 24 people who have abdominal cancer, and we don’t really know how it’s going to play out as yet. So really, really promising, but please don’t do this on your own just yet, we’re waiting on that data. No, and I think that your point is so important for everybody to hear out there that you’re the oncologist, you treat cancer. There are different modalities, each has a place, right? You’re exactly right, it’s a team approach, but there’s such a desire to, again, treat things naturally, to use the immune system, and we’re doing that. We’re doing that all the time now. But don’t say that I shouldn’t get my tumor out, we’ll control it with the immune system because that’s gonna lead to nothing good.

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