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How Does Candida Get Out of Control?

August 22, 2019

How does this get out of control? I already mentioned a few things, which is sugary foods. So I have kind of a one, two, three punch when it comes to beating candida. And one of the first parts is to eliminate certain foods, or to starve the yeast. So getting out the sugary foods. Well over the holidays and it’s you know, it’s that, what do I want to say, that spiral that can happen that is the holidays. You’re stressed, so you’re craving more sugar. Maybe you already have candida and it’s causing you to crave even more sugar. Or maybe you have to go on a round of antibiotics and then you feel bad about that, or you don’t feel like eating. And so you’re eating more simple carbs and stuff like that. So, our diet really is one of the biggest ways that our gut microflora can get out of balance. In fact, there’s some studies showing that just changing your diet the microbiome, within 24 to 48 hours already change for the better. So that’s good that if you’re eating a bunch of junk and you stopped eating it that your microbiome can change for the better.

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