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How Do You Diagnose Yeast Infections?

August 18, 2019

Hi there, Eric Bakker, author of Candida Crusher.
Thanks for tuning into this video today. Today, I’d like to talk to you a bit about
diagnosing yeast infections. On how to diagnose yeast infections, the importance of diagnosing
yeast infection. You may be a person who has a particular interest
in trying to understand if he or she has a yeast infection, and what are the best ways
to go about diagnosing this yeast infection. Up until fairly recently, a lack of scientific
evidence of very high quality, scientifically validated tests have certainly affected us
from really trying to work out if a patient did have a yeast infection or not. There are
many different tests you can do. I’ve completed over a thousand stool tests on patients over
the years, and don’t tend to test as much as I used to test these days unless I’ve got
particular cases or severe cases of long duration. I will often still do a stool test for that
reason. But in many cases, the signs and symptoms and the presenting pattern that the patient
comes into the clinic with will often be enough for me to understand if they’ve got a significant
yeast infection or not. For you, it may be very important at home
to work out “Do I have a yeast infection or don’t I have one?” What are the best ways
to go about that? If you look at Chapter 3 in my book, Candida Crusher, you’ll find a
very extensive list of signs and symptoms of the common ones and the not so common ones.
You’ll also find sections on how to diagnose yeast infections in or how to recognize this
pattern in children, men and women. And you’re going to find some interesting stuff there;
things that you may not have even thought about. Many practitioners tend to overlook many of
the subtle signs of a Candida yeast infection. They only look for the very obvious patterns
like skin itching or diarrhea or bowel problems. But many people tend to forego one of the
symptoms that we could easily pass off as something else. And one of those, in particular,
is brain fog or what some people call “fibro fog”, a fibromyalgia fog. Brain fog is something
I see particularly common with a lot of chronic cases. Joint inflammation, painful muscles,
visual disturbances, black spots before the eyes, popping sounds in the ears, the list
goes on and on, and you can read that in Chapter 3 of my book and will also
have a relatively good list of signs and symptoms and other things to pick up for. I certainly
encourage you to have a look at that site, and particularly my book, for a lot more information. In videos up ahead, I’m going to go to into
much more detail about conventional testing and diagnosing of yeast infections. Explain
a bit more about that; explain about the two different types of blood tests that doctors
will do, a urine test, the stool test. I’ll also talk about functional medicine testing
or testing that I do, stool testing in particular, which I find very, very useful for picking
a whole raft of information up off the patient to really allow me to accurately pinpoint
treatment. I think you’re going to find stool testing quite beneficial. Please read the information that you find
on my site, And if that’s not enough for you, there’s plenty of information
on that site. You can always get my book, Candida Crusher. And please join our mailing
list if you’ve not already joined my mailing list. This video will be part of an extensive
Candida Crusher educational course which I’m offering online for free for people if you
don’t wish to purchase my book just yet or maybe later but want a lot of good free information.
This will be one video in a series of many videos for such people to learn. We’re talking about diagnosing yeast infections
today, but as I said, there’ll be videos coming up on stool testing and conventional testing
as part of this series. I hope you found this information useful today
and thank you for joining me. Thank you.


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