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How Do I Take CanXida Products In My Situation Please Help

August 16, 2019

Greetings, greetings. Eric Bakker. Thanks for coming back. I have a email here from, question, from a
person. I’m not going to mention the person’s name
because of privacy reasons. In fact, what I’ll do is I’ll change the person’s
name and country. What name will I give it? Let’s have a look. Let’s just grab a name from somewhere. Here we go. Let’s just use Mary. Okay. “Hi Eric, I’m Mary from Spain. First of all, I’d like to thank you for all
of your email, your mails, your videos, et cetera. You’ve been a great help to me the past few
years. I recently purchased your CanXida package
and could use some advice on the best way to take these products. As I understand, there may be several different
approaches. Here’s some info on my struggle with candida. I’ll try and keep it brief. I’ve had candida issues for about 15 years,
on and off, with the symptoms including depression, anxiety, brain fog, vaginal issues, et cetera. Over a year ago, I started the Medi diet,
which I’m still doing, and gave up alcohol for good, have been taking grapefruit seed
extract, colloidal silver, garlic, et cetera. I’m now feeling a lot better. The only symptoms I have, still suffer from,
are vaginal complaints and a coated tongue. I decided to save up and buy your CanXida
product in the hope of clearing up my candida completely, wanting to make the best use of
my two-month supply of Remove, Rebuild, and Restore products. I was wondering if you might have some sage
advice for me on the smartest way to take them. Hope to hear from you. Many thanks, Mary.” Right. Mary, let’s talk a little bit about this case
here. For example, when I dissect this letter of
yours, you say, “I’ve had candida for… 15 years, on and off, with the symptoms including
depression, anxiety, brain fog, vaginal issues.” Well, my question to you is you have any stool
testing done in those 15 years? Have you had any ability to track what you’re
going through, and then treat it, and measure the response? It’s a smart idea to do that. Maybe see somebody there in your country that
can do some stool testing on you to see what needs cleaning up, what’s left. “Over a year ago, I started on the Medi diet,
which I’m still doing, and gave up alcohol for good, have been taking grapefruit seed
extract, colloidal silver, garlic.” So, when you take the candida products, you’ve
got more of a complete package where everything is there that you really need to get that
gut cleaned up. There’s no more guesswork. You’re saying, I’m feeling way better now. “The only symptoms I have, still suffer from,
are vaginal complaints and a coated tongue.” Now, Mary, go to my playlists on women’s yeast
infections. Check out the vaginal videos. I’ve done quite a few of them. I talk about boric acid, which I want to you
to go and look up for the vaginal issues. Let me just write that down for you. So, make sure you check out boric acid, okay,
on the channel here because I have done videos on those. That should help to get rid of that vaginal
problem completely. All right? It’s helped hundreds and hundreds of people. The best time to do the vaginal treatment
is when you’re taking the candida product, so that’s when you start with the boric acid,
when you start, okay, because it’s good if you do that all at the same time, because
you’re going to get a good immune-boost response from CanXida and good time to clean that vaginal
area up is while you’re doing that program, all right? The best possible use for your two-month supply. Well, I take it you’re still on the Medi diet,
so my recommendation for you before you take these products, you’ve invested in that, is
at least get some type of stool testing done, if not for parasites, preferably a more comprehensive
one done. I really encourage you to do that, because
that, in my opinion, will give you the best ability to say, “Okay, this is what I’ve got,
and now I’ve got a pretty good idea on dosages on what to take, how much to take, how long
to take it for, and the best way to eradicate this problem I have in my gut.” To me, if you don’t do a stool test, it’s
probably like you driving through, you being in Spain, going to America, and driving around
without a GPS. Without a map, without your Navman or your
little Google Maps, whatever you’re using like the old days, paper maps when people
used fight and scream at each other because they didn’t know where to go. If you want to know where to go, get the test
done. It’s smart. Okay? That will put you in the best possible position. But if you can’t get the test done, what the
heck do you do? Here’s what you do, Mary. In Candida Crusher, you’ll find a page called
The Symptom Tracker. Okay? If you can’t find it, go to the front of the
book because it’s a PDF, click on the link Symptom Tracker. Go and have a look or even do a keyword search
for Symptom Tracker. Print that page off. Add your own unique symptoms to the Symptom
Tracker, and then what I want to you to do is to score each symptom, okay, from 10 being
strong and 1 being mild. Let’s say you’ve got, here, your symptoms
you’ve put here are depression. It sounds like you’re doing good, but you’re
still, obviously, have some symptoms. Let’s say the vaginal issues are a eight or
a nine. You put that down there with the date. Then you’re going to start on the CanXida
products. What you want to do is every three or four
weeks, probably every three weeks, is to come back to the Symptom Tracker, put a date on
there, and then track that symptom to see if it’s still in that severity category, nine,
or 10, or if it’s coming down a little bit. You want to track it long term. Two to three weeks is usually enough for a
Symptom Tracker. With the two-month’s supply, that gives you
ability four times to put a column on there if you’re doing it two weekly. I would recommend you start taking one CanXida
Remove tablet once per day, probably with a main meal, and one CanXida Restore capsule,
and one CanXida Rebuild. Don’t take them all at the same time. Try and spread them out over the day. The probiotic can be taken, the Restore can
be taken for best advantage in the morning or in the evening. If the gut problem isn’t really bad, it sounds
like it’s not too bad, I would take the products once per day, probably for about a week. Second week, I would double it. Two Restore, two Remove, yet maintain one
rebuild if the diet is good. In the second week, start looking for little
issues that can pop up like extra bloating, extra gas, more bowel motions. Really keep an eye on these symptoms. After the second week, depending on you, because
you’re only mild, I would say maintain two Restore per day, and two Remove per day, and
one Rebuild. I’d probably keep that going for the whole
lot of the products. You probably don’t need to go to three of
each because it sounds like you’ve said here, I’m now feeling way better. Keep your dosages down. Don’t make them really high. Okay? A long, slower treatment is better when you’re
not feeling too bad than a shorter treatment with high dosage. I tend to do the shorter treatment with high
dosage with people who tend to have one or two very strong symptoms and they’re looking
for a breakthrough. Sometimes I do ridiculously high dosages with
people for very specific reasons. Other times, I recommend a very long, slow
road to China, break a tablet in half and maybe go for six months, but it sounds like
you’re doing okay. I’d recommend you follow up with those products
all the way through until they’re finished. Don’t stop. Keep on going. As you’re doing that, that whole time, make
sure the diet is impeccable. Keep eating the right kind of foods. Watch the bowel motions. Look at the digestive comfort. Are you’ve still got bloating or gas? How’s the vaginal area going as you’re maintaining
that candida product long term. Still a problem? Make sure you do the boric acid treatment,
especially premenstrually. It’s important to do that. You haven’t given me your age here, but if
you’re still having a cycle, best time to do the boric acid treatment is as you’re coming
into having that cycle. Okay? Just when the period starts or when the irritation
starts. But if there’s no irritation there and you’re
postmenopausal, I would say treat it probably one week out of four. Okay? That’s about it, I think, Mary. Yeah. I think that’s probably the best possible
approach for you, is taking it nice and easy, and keeping your dosages not too high, and
going more long term, but make sure that you watch those videos on the female yeast infection. Also, please check out my lifestyle ones. Click on the link and get your free Candida
Report. All right? Thanks for your question, Mary, appreciate
it. Thank you.


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    Thank you for this information

    Top doctor
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  • Reply amt July 23, 2019 at 3:23 pm

    I had been suffering with candida for some time without great results from diet and treatment and finally had the comprehensive stool test. Enterobacter cloacae complex 3+ showed up so I now see how crucial these tests are. I wouldn't know it needed to be treated if I hadn't had this done. I'm working with my functional medicine doctor but am also wondering how you successfully treat this in your clinic. Thanks for pushing the the stool testing – you can't treat what you don't know you have.

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    I went to my doctor and asked her to prescribe a stool testing for parasites and comprehensive test.
    She said that she knows only one stool test: is test for presence of blood in the stool.
    Is it possible that in Canada they don’t do comprehensive stool test or test for parasites???
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