How Dangerous Is Candida

August 25, 2019

Thank you for checking out this video. I’ve
got a question sent to me quite some time ago, but I haven’t answered it. I’ll answer
it in this video. How dangerous is Candida? Can Candida kill you? Is it a really nasty
disease that you need to be very alarmed or scared about?
Well, you certainly do, particularly if you’re a person who’s very susceptible to getting
sick or if you’re a person who’s got a very compromised immune system. I’ve got no doubt
that in those situations; you need to be very careful with a yeast infection.
If you’ve got full blown Aids, for example, or people that are very sick with Hepatitis.
People where a lot of pharmaceutical antibiotics don’t work anymore, you’ve got a lot to be
worried about. It’s often the simple infections that end up taking people out; that kill people
because they’ve got a lowered resistance. They become increasingly susceptible. Their
resistance goes down and they can get very sick.
A severe yeast infection can wipe a person out within days. There’s no doubt about it;
it can. It can grow very quickly in the bloodstream, but this generally doesn’t happen with most
people. Most people will contract a Candida infection and it will develop in the body
and alongside that, they’ll get bacterial problems. They’ll have a lack of beneficial
bacteria. Their population will go down. They’ll get increasing amounts of bad bacteria. They’ll
get parasites that will occur. They get a whole cocktail of bugs that are occurring
at the same time, and they’ll stay sick for a long, long time.
But it’s a disease that can kill you if you’re weak or sick enough. But in most cases, it
won’t do that. It will just make you chronically unwell. Candida can affect different people
in different ways. Some patients I see primarily get brain fog from Candida. They can’t think
clearly. They get spaced out. Often there’s a huge association between the brain fog and
the gut. They’ll have digestive problems. Other people have digestive problems without
the brain fog, and other people I see have got severe joint pain with Candida. Their
joints ache all over the body. They’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Other people
have only got external manifestations like vaginal yeast infections or jock itch or toenail
fungus or skin conditions related to it like ringworm. Other people will have conditions
around the ears and the scalp, which the doctor says is psoriasis, when, in fact, it’s a yeast
infection. So as you can see, it can affect you in different
ways. If it is going to take you out, it’s going to be systemic. It’s going to be severe.
It’s going to be life threatening, and it’s generally because you’re very weak and sick
to start with and that’s why it could kill. So to answer that question, it can kill, but
it’s unlikely to do so. It’s just more likely to ruin the quality of your life.
Thanks for tuning in.

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