How Can I Get Rid Of Body Fat After My Candida Cleanse?

August 30, 2019

Thanks for coming back. It’s Eric Bakker, New Zealand naturopath. I’ve got a question. “How can I get rid of excess body weight after
I’ve completed the Candida Crusher diet?” That’s a really good question. It all depends on where your body fat, how
long it took you to accumulate it, and how much weight you put on. Things like that. You can’t target belly fat. But I really want you to try to understand
the concept. It’s not just a matter stopping what you’re
doing and exercising more. I don’t know how many people have made billions
of dollars out of the fallacy of changing your diet and exercising will make you lose
weight. What a loud of crap! It doesn’t do that long term. Weight loss is easy, but weight maintenance
is hard. Keeping the weight off long term and staying
there means you need to make long term changes. Try to understand what your lifestyle was
like before you went on the Candida diet. Particularly, what kind of stresses you were
under. If you’re a person my age, you may have a
couple teenagers or a couple of kids at home. You may have a business. You may have a partner. You may work for a boss. I’m basically eluding to stress in your life. Stress has a way of producing stress hormones,
which tend to lock down body fat. This is how our body’s evolved over a long
period of time. Cortisol and adrenaline play a massive role
in belly fat roll, the muffin top, fat around here. If you really want to get weight off, you
need to change your lifestyle more than anything. You need to understand that link between stress
and weight. Stress makes us also eat inappropriately. Makes us grab food quickly. Makes us skip meals. When you think about the pressures and stresses
people are under today with an overwhelming inbox full of stuff coming in. They’ve got family worries. They’ve got financial worries. They’ve got worries with their occupation
and relationship stuff. All sorts of stuff are happening. Their mind is constantly ticking over and
trying to work on problems. It’s constantly elevating these stress hormones. This is exactly what I want you to look at
if you want to target your weight. You need to try to chop out the stresses as
much as you can out of your life. Also, try to adapt to the kind of stresses
in your life. Then you need to maintain a healthy balanced
lifestyle long enough so you can burn off the body fat. I have seen many patients over the years lose
weight, significant amounts of weight without liposuction or surgery. I’ve seen some people lose 100-150 pounds
plus. And I’ve also seen many of those people gain
it back and more. I’ve seen a smaller percentage lose the weight
and it never came back. Those people change their lifestyle quite
radically. They made initial changes and then more changes
and more changes. And after a few years, they were a completely
different person from what they were. It’s not really good for you to think that
you can lose the weight and stay the same person with the same lifestyle, the same ideologies,
the same belief systems and look amazing. You can’t. You’ve got to change how you think. That’s the optimal word here. You have to change how you think. When you change how you think, your whole
life changes. When you’re eating properly, destresses yourself
on a regular basis. As I mentioned in previous videos, cutting
out the stresses in your life. The big obstacles. It could be people. As I’ve also said, a healthy life is like
a garden. Sometimes it needs a mild weed. Sometimes you’ve got to get in there with
a chainsaw and do a bit of brutal hacking and chopping out. Sometimes it needs fertilizer or feeding or
nurturing and nourishing. It needs a lot of TLC. Then you can end up with a really nice outcome. Your life and health is no different. TLC, weeding, pruning, sometimes the axe. Don’t be afraid to make changes when they’re
required. When you understand that concept, you’re going
to have the body that you’ve always wanted to have. But taking pills, having protein shakes, going
to the gym, training your butt off, it’s all a waste of time if you don’t understand that
concept of the adrenals and the stress hormones and sucking onto that body fat because it
will do that. If you’ve done your cleanse and you’ve made
the changes as I recommended in Candida Crusher, you are going to lose weight. If you maintain that lifestyle, you’re going
to keep it off. Keep working on improving your digestive system
as much as you can. Don’t get anal about the diet, but you need
to get quire fussy and make quite a few changes along the way. Just keep fine tuning and fine tuning, and
eventually like me, you’ll find the diet that’s just perfect for you. And also the exercise because you need to
keep moving your butt. Keep your weight off. Keep your muscles strong as you get older. It’s all about movement. So I hope that answers a few questions on
how to get rid of weight after the Candida diet. Think about some of those things I said. It’s based on my experience seeing many people
over 30 years now. As I mentioned, I’ve seen some people lose
weight and gain it back. And I’ve seen a much smaller group of people
lose weight and maintain that loss. Thanks for tuning in.

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