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How Can I Eradicate Staph And Pneumonia Using Enzymes, Antimicrobials, Chelation And Probiotics?

October 24, 2019

Greetings, Eric Bakker. I’ve got another interesting question here
from a patient. This is from a guy in California, and he’s
saying, “Eric, have you got any information on staph sinus pneumonia biofilm-related eradication? Some protocols using enzymes, then anti-microbial’s
occasional chelation, ending with probiotics?” Sounds like this person needs a consultation,
needs to come and see someone like me, or somebody else to talk about how they can get
back on top of things. People who’ve got staph, there are many types
of bacteria out there, but staphylococci bacteria can be quite resistant these days. My recommendation for people with staph and
particular if they’ve got pneumonia, is to really work on getting their cortisol levels
balanced again. So, if you’ve written this question, my recommendation
is to do a salivary cortisol test, and make sure that you’ve got sufficiently balanced
cortisol levels, that boost your immune system up. Because you may well have adrenal fatigue,
you could have thyroid dysfunction, you could have some type of underlying infection in
the body. I’ve spoken about this many times in previous
videos. You may have a disease, too. You could have a problem with your tonsils,
or adenoids, like a low-grade infection. You could have a problem with the appendix,
or the ileocecal valve, valve connecting the large and small intestine, there could be
a small infection. So, small tiny little infections can often
cause a problem, big problem for somebody. They can really zap the energy, and they can
cause a lot of adrenal stress with a person, too. It’s a little bit like a hole in a tire, you’ve
got to constantly pump it up. But then, very slowly, the air will go down,
so it’s causing a lot of problems. So, eradication of microbes like this, in
my opinion, it’s still where the hole is, to try and find it, and plug up the hole permanently. All right? So, it’s a clever idea, is to do regular blood
tests, regular cortisol tests, to make sure that you’ve got a powerful immune response,
and a strong viable immune system. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time taking
supplements and doing chelation therapy. All right? Chelation works best when lifestyle is in
line with giving you a correct immune response. Enzymes are absolutely worth it. I always recommend a good quality digestive
enzyme, and a probiotic supplement. This is exactly why I formulated CanXida Restore,
which is a combination of enzymes, and probiotics, which do exactly what this person’s looking
for. You can give probiotics and enzymes, at the
same time. They don’t cancel each other out, by the way. And people who take a formula with enzymes
and probiotics, usually get better digestion, and better eliminations, and an improved immune
function, as a result. So, let’s just look at the protocol for example,
for a person like this, who will have the pneumonia, and it was eradicated. And again, first and foremost is lifestyle. A person has to determine if they’ve got good
sleeping patterns, good eating patterns, and they don’t have any, much emotional stress
in their life. This all needs dealing with. They need their diet in line, obviously, if
they’ve got immune function. So, following some of the principles I previously
outlined in the video, eating a good quality diet, avoiding a lot of the crap in the diet,
is going to go a long way, as well. And then, the third point, is doing some target
or testing for gut function, and immune function. And a practitioner will help you with this. Maybe some comprehensive stool testing to
determine what’s going on in the gut. And again, as we mentioned some other testing
there, some blood work perhaps, and some cortisol work. That’s going to really find out how to fine
tune your protocol, get you in a good position. Intravenous work, I recommend Intravenous
Ozone. It will work quite well with pneumonia. I’ve seen many cases where they clear up. And perhaps, an intravenous Vitamin C, or
Vitamin C, we call it. Twenty, or ten, twenty, thirty milligrams,
or sorry, grams. A thousand milligrams, per day. This can be given once or twice a week by
a proper integrated doctor, or a good practice nurse can do this for you. So, that’s going to help a lot, too. There’s many other forms of chelation that
you could be looking at. Some people go through the barometric pressure,
or they go into these tubes where they change the atmospheric pressure. That can help some cases of pneumonia, as
well. Some people use inhaled glutathione, or inhaled
Ozone, can work, as well. And for sinus, I know that even with special
tiny little syringe they use for injecting Ozone into the sinus areas. So, there’s many different therapies they
can use now to get rid of sinus and pneumonia-related conditions. And of course, probiotics. As you’re saying, any probiotics. I always recommend a great probiotic formula. So, I hope that gives you a little bit of
insight on how to eradicate a condition like this. Find the problem areas, assessment, proper
treatment, retest, and keep on going, and you’ll eventually eradicate the problem. Persistence fights resistance. Thanks for tuning in.


  • Reply Jade Rule November 9, 2017 at 3:47 pm

    Take as many strains of probiotics as you can find if you have staph and pneumonia! Also look up GCmaf with colostrum, it's a life saver for people who have weak immune systems trust me it works! It cures many cancer and helps people fight infection that would normally kill them. Only thing is it's expensive but it's worth it to feel healthier imo.

  • Reply Candida Crusher December 19, 2017 at 8:18 pm

    Check my range of candida supplements here:

  • Reply Nourished Nevaeh September 9, 2018 at 10:37 pm

    I have dientomabous, sibo (low beneficial bacteria and illeocal valve issues), and staphylococcus aureus infection in the gut or systemic if the immune system drops. Would your products (restore remove and rebuild) work well alongside high doses of vitamin D/C, colostrum and lipsomol glutathione and illeocal massage? If so how long especially with the staph it’s hard to kill from prior experience.

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