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How Can I Break Candida Chitin?

August 27, 2019

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker.
I’m author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of dietary supplements.
Thanks for checking out my video. I’ve got a question here from Francois. Francois is
in Toulouse, France. Francois is asking me, “How can I break Candida chitin? How to break
Candida chitin?” Francois sent me an email also mentioning a product called Lufenuron
that he’s been using and he’s having a few problems with it. So let’s just talk a little
bit about chitin and Candida, chitin synthesis inhibitors and things like that.
It’s a pretty dumb idea to think that you can use a product, Francois, that was designed
to kill fleas in pets like cats and dogs on human beings. Not many clinical trials, I
don’t think, have ever been conducted on a product called Lufenuron. In a couple of universities
in America when they trialed this against Candida, they found no more measurable effects
with yeast as an antifungal agent. In my mind, it’s crazy using products that inhibit chitin
of Candida. Chitin forms a major part of the exoskeleton
of insects. Human beings have got skeletons on the inside. Insects like fleas have a skeleton
on the outside. We call it the exoskeleton and that’s comprised of a substance called
chitin. When you inhibit the synthesis of chitin, you stop the production of it; you’re
going to basically stop the fleas from forming. You’re going to wipe them out pretty quick.
This maybe fairly well for fleas, but how can this relate to Candida. Well, it’s been
found that Candida also have elements of chitin in their cellular membrane and, particularly,
in components inside Candida. But it also has been proven in initial trials on products
like Lufenuron, they found that it was “Wow. This is amazing.” But then they realized it
wasn’t really working. All the early enthusiasm was dampened right down. And we know now that
it’s actually quite useless for a yeast infection, but there are still websites peddling these
kinds of products. I want you to be aware of people who make
crazy claims of cures and new breakthroughs and crap like that. That’s the problem with
the internet. A lot of people buy into this sort of crap and they think, “Wow. This is
amazing. This brand new invention or brand new discovery is going to cure me.” It doesn’t
work like that. There are lots of people out there peddling all sorts of junk, so I want
you to be careful of products that are labeled as chitin or cell wall suppressors or chitin
inhibitors because they’re bullshit. They’re complete bullshit.
Now, how do I know that? I know that from the thousands of patients I’ve treated and
particularly the many patients who’ve contacted me who’ve been on these chitin inhibitors
and they feel like crap. They’ve been sick. They’ve had side effects. They’ve had headaches.
And there’s a big link now with leaky gut syndrome and these kind of inhibitors. So
I want you to be careful. Breaking chitin is a no brainer. You’re not interested in
breaking chitin or cell walls when it comes to Candida.
I’ve written many times on my blog, in my articles and on YouTube, I’ve spoken about
it that you’re not really interested. An intelligent person is not really interested in killing
Candida. The intelligent person is interested in inhibiting the reproduction of Candida
and taking away the food source and changing the environment of the body to stop Candida
from getting a foothold and more importantly from preventing it coming back in the future.
That’s an intelligent person. In my mind, a dumb person is going to walk
around with a handgun and try to shoot Candida everywhere from every angle they can to try
to kill it. Because you’re not really learning anything by killing things. You’re not really
learning how to change the ways that have contributed to this yeast infection in the
first place. It’s all about prevention, prevention, prevention. If we can’t get into prevention,
let’s look at a less dramatic way of inhibiting reproduction of Candida and starving them
and gently eradicating them, not killing them. There’s enough killing going on as it is.
Breaking chitin, in my mind, doesn’t really work with Candida. Candida are very intelligent
organisms. They’ve got the ability to change from one form to a more invasive form. They’ve
also got the ability to manipulate the immune system around them. They’re very clever. They
can even create chemicals that can neutralize the immune system. They can hide a little
bit like viruses. They’re very smart little organisms. They can also manipulate products
that come into the body that try to change their cell wall. They become stronger and
stronger, and more resistant to these things. And there is certainly a link in there with
Lufenuron and leaky gut syndrome. I would not recommend anyone take this product. I
don’t care what products you take, but just don’t take things that are designed for fleas
for cats and dogs. I mean it’s pretty dumb thinking that you can eradicate a yeast infection
by taking a registered flea killer. Don’t even go there.
Let’s forget about breaking Candida chitin. Let’s focus more on lifestyle and diet changes
to permanently eradicate this monster called Candida, so we don’t get it back. And if we
are interested in killing it, let’s look more at gentle eradication not that will kill.
Killing gets you nowhere. Killing just creates problems. I hope that answers your question
in a roundabout way, Francois. Thanks very much for your question.


  • Reply tasos xpeke October 27, 2015 at 3:37 pm

    How about tahini in candida diet? There is tahini with probiotics too and i think it is a very healthy food with good fats.

  • Reply SuperJV4x June 9, 2016 at 1:54 pm

    Regarding the candida chitin wall breaking supplement – I personally won't buy any product if its not also sold on Amazon. The reason is that the seller can't delete negative reviews. If the maker of a product won't subject their product to the court of public opinion, by people who have actually tried it, then its good chance they have something to hide. And particularly if they are based in some third or second world backwater, out of the reach of western authorities, I would definitely steer clear.

  • Reply SuperJV4x June 9, 2016 at 2:02 pm

    you know another class of products to steer clear of? The websites that have a video that plays with a line drawing being executed very fast so as to keep pace with and illustrate the narrative – One feature they always have is that they guy talking keeps saying he is going to tell you in a moment exactly what the thing is, then he keeps diverting so that 20 mins later he still hasn't gotten to it – and these videos never have a pause button. You have to sit there for their entire presentation as a captive viewer. Companies like that are schemes born from the souls of shameless lying whores.

  • Reply SuperJV4x June 9, 2016 at 2:27 pm

    Pure speculation here – Its very interesting how candida and now bacteria are being discovered to have intelligence – I've wondered if candida are a vector for parasitic spiritual entities, which use the fungal colony as a single mind, which due to being underdeveloped, has to piggy back on your nervous system to form a viable being. And possibly if some of the negative emotions a person experiences with severe candida are the emotions of the entity – giving rise to feelings of depression, paranoia, guilt, caginess, etc. Like someone who does not want to be found out. Maybe some people who are undeveloped and negative and then die can't come back as a human so try to come back as a yeast infection but they are guilty because they know they are interloping someone else's life and hence the emotional spectrum of candida.

  • Reply Goo gle September 10, 2017 at 4:04 pm

    I am suffering badly from it. It made me unable to go to the bathroom for four months. I feel like its like aids. Its morphing. Now I am diagnosed with a resistant form.I also have a kidney infection. Nothing is working and my urine isnt the right color? ITs more like egg yolk. Ive tried everything… and nothing has worked…. any thought?

  • Reply Candida Crusher December 19, 2017 at 10:08 pm

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