How and Why to do an ENEMA

September 4, 2019

people are always asking what do I take for this or what do I take for that everybody wants a magic pill or earth I mean the answer is what do I take or what do I buy it’s what do I get rid of stop doing the things that are bad for you and clean out your life and your body both of which by the way can heal themselves easily if you give them a chance one of the best ways to jump start this process is in anima I am not kidding this is one of the best ways to do it if you think you’re not clogged up on the inside because you go to the bathroom every day which by the way should be three times a day thirty minutes after each meal doesn’t mean you’re not clogged let’s say you’re thirty years old have you ever seen the plumbing pipes of a 30 year old house sure water and sewage is running through them but after 30 years there is so much build-up on the inside of the pipes that it’s difficult for anything to get through and every day more and more of this crap is getting stuck inside you your body gets this nutrition through the intestinal walls and if they’re coated with all this plaque you’re not going to get any nutrition through you can eat ten pounds of the best most nutritious food in the world but if you’ve got that hard crud down there you’re lucky to get one ounce of nutrition into your system that’s why you’re so tired and rundown all the time you know now do you see why eating super foods and herbs is I’m going to do you any good unless you do some cleansing so you can actually absorb into your system cholinergic fiber aren’t gonna do much but scrub a little bit what you need is something that outright dissolves this hard crusty stuck and I’m telling you it’s tough what is it you Koide plaque when you happy food especially unnatural inflammatory foods like bread pizza anything made with wheat grains flour starch candy milk dairy pancakes cookies pies potato chips cook foods and basically anything from the modern diet your body creates mucus to protect itself from all this crap this mucus hardens and makes this super hard black slicks shiny stuff that sticks to your intestines like nothing else just like the black hard stuff that sticks to the bottom of your cooking pots and pans scrubbing it with fiber isn’t gonna do much so how do you get rid of this stuff you got it soak it in water water is the universal solvent it can dissolve almost anything given enough time we created the Grand Canyon okay so how do you get water into your intestines you can’t really get it in your small intestine but you can get it into the big one your colon did you know the average person carries about five to ten pounds of all hard crusty fecal matter in their body that’s right part of that pizza you ate three years ago is still in there all hard black and shiny yuck did you know that the more clogged up you are the more cranky you are as a person the more rundown and depressed you become the harder it is to remember things think straight the harder it is to perform sexually mentally and physically if you have a headache sinus congestion or any kind of illness sickness or disease nothing nothing nothing will help get rid of it faster than this getting rid of the crud in your bodies like cleansing out the fuel lines and fuel injectors in your car your horsepower increase is 100 times like the day you are made so here’s what you do it’s real easy get an enema bag that looks like this it’s rubber holds half a gallon of water not one of these stupid chemical vials which are worthless this is what you want a rubber hot water bottle that holds half a gallon of water and has a hose coming out of it some drugstores still carry these things but it’s easier to get them online for 10 bucks they’re cheap this one is a hot water bottle douche enema kit wash it out a couple of times to get rid of the plastic residue get a gallon of clean healthy water like through spring water or distilled water not alkaline water heat it to body temperature and then fill the bag with a funnel screw the hose on the best place to do this is obviously a bathroom let some of the water out so there is no air in the tube then pinch it lubricate the tip with something natural like olive oil or coconut oil hang the bottle upside down on something that’s about shoulder height like a towel rack or cupboard handle it needs to be higher than your butt because gravity has to pull the water down there are many ways to do this but this is the way I do it kneel down on the floor naked stick the tip in your butt about two inches bend down with your butt in the air and your head on the floor one hand holding the tip in place so it doesn’t pop out and the other hand ready to squeeze the hose to stop the water flow if needed if you’ve never done this before you will almost immediately feel the urge to go to the bathroom resist this urge squeeze the hose if you have to and when things calm down let the water flow again the water’s body temperature so you shouldn’t feel it very much if at all you need to get the whole bag of water to empty inside you don’t worry you won’t burst if you are full of crap you will have a hard time getting the whole bag of water in at first you may have to go to the bathroom and start over but don’t stop until you get an entire bag of water inside you the reason we want your butt higher than your stomach is so the water will run upwards through your plumbing if the feeling gets too intense it may help to kneel straight up and then bend down again just get the whole bag in there you’ll know it’s empty when the bag is totally flat pull out the nozzle put the gear in the sink and hightail it to the toilet plan on sitting there for about 20 minutes to half an hour because you will go to the bathroom about five to seven times with a few minutes of weight in between each time you will be amazed how full of shit you really are if you have a headache or sinus congestion you’ll be amazed because it’ll probably be gone after this because everything is connected when you’re done you’ll feel so clean and so amazing you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this years ago your energy levels in your mood will be through the roof if anyone is in a bitchy or crabby mood hand them an enema bag and say don’t come out until you’re done this they’ll be singing afterwards and thank you I know this from firsthand experience it always amazes people don’t freak out it’s only water as a matter of fact if not a lot of water comes back out it means you were dehydrated and your body soaked it all up time to do another one this is by far the safest easiest way to heal almost anything not just things that are physically wrong with you but also emotionally mentally and spiritually if you want a total cleansing experience do a three-day water fast enemas several times a day a neti pot running water through your sinuses and head and shower three times a day you’ll be an entirely new person I don’t advise people to do coffee enemas anymore because the caffeine goes right into your bloodstream sure you can use wheatgrass or garlic or whatnot but I just use plain good old simple water how often you do this if you’re sick at least several times a day if you’re recovering several times a week and if you’re normal several times a month that’s what I do look everything’s toxic the air the water the food everything you got to clean out regularly will a wash out the good probiotic gut flora some of it but not really enough to worry about I suggest people take a good liquid non-dairy probiotic afterwards like these coconut kefir or non-dairy acidophilus mix it with a bunch of water so it’ll make it through your stomach acid align the full instructions are in the book heal yourself 101 there is no excuse this can save a life it’s helped people with appendicitis attacks food poisoning it gets rid of gas and bloating immediately it helps you get over cold flu bronchitis and pretty much anything you can imagine it’s helped countless people with cancer clean out their corroded bodies the list is endless get over the squeamishness of it it’s just water I do it everybody I know does it it’s changed people’s lives just do it you’ll thank me you

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