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How a Winery in a College Town Survives

December 8, 2019

Wine. Wine Wine. One of the most delicate
yet surprisingly punchy drinks ever created. Many associate it with high-class
and much sniffing, swirling and small sips. But what happens when an exclusive
winery meets one of the few remaining college towns left in America?
Patrick Merry tells us his story of breaking into this dynamic industry. I was born and raised in Billings, Montana and certainly not a mecca of wine, grape growing, wine making My parents can instilled in me young age passion for high-quality wine. Think
family vacations starting at the age of six to Napa, Sonoma; they were kind enough
to take us to Disneyland as well but what stood out to me most were the
vineyards, the barrel rooms and kind of the the allure of the romance of an
agricultural product that was also a luxury product. After another year of hobby
winemaking in 2003, I decided in the spring of 2004 to go ahead and hang on
my shingle and applied for and received a bonded winery license and opened
Merry Cellars in the basement of what is now well was the old post office building but what is now Paradise Creek brewery The Pullman community has been so incredibly
supportive, if it weren’t for them we never would have survived, especially
those first few years. I don’t know what I’m doing and I have a background in
engineering and business and computer science. I’m making wine because I’m
passionate about it. So really, it was the heart and soul of
this local community that carried us through.

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