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Homemade Pizza Video Recipe⭐️ | Start to Finish Pizza Recipe with Dough, Sauce and Toppings

August 19, 2019

hi welcome to Bhavna’s Kitchen quick
recipes to satisfy your hunger delicious recipes to satisfy your crave
and healthy recipes to keep you fit today I’m making my favorite pizza so first I’m going to prepare the dough
into the bowl take 2 TSP of rapid rise yeast add a tablespoon of sugar 1/4 cup
of warm water mix it and let the yeast bloom when the yeast has bloomed nicely
add 2-3 tbsp of oil salt as per taste garlic powder if desired dry Italian
herbs you can use fresh herbs mix well and now ready to add flour and
using the dough hook I’m going to knead the dough for about 6 to 8 minutes it
will take about more than 10 minutes if you do this job with your hands when
done coat the bowl and the dough with oil so that the dough do not get dry all
right so the dough is ready and I’m going to let it rise until it gets
double or triple in volumes while the dough is resting I’m going to
prepare sauce here I have all the vegetables I’m going to use to prepare
the sauce tomatoes red bell pepper onion garlic carrot and basil leaves first I’m
going to boil all these vegetables until soft basil I’m going to use later add
water salt to taste turn on the stove on a medium to high heat into boil
vegetables faster I’m going to use pressure cooker the vegetables now right
now it’s a super hot but if you want to remove the skin of the tomato and bell
pepper you can do so before you blend you can easily lift the skin of the
tomato take out vegetables into the blender blend the vegetables until nice
and smooth perfect take out into the bowl now a couple of more ingredients
into this sauce here I have this paprika very mild flavor and sugar optional mix
it very well and also here I have finely chopped basil leaves mmm the aroma so
wonderful all right so the sauce is ready as well
and now I’m going to work on toppings toppings ready I am using onion colorful
sweet peppers jalapeno tomato I cut into slices olives and cheese it’s been more
than half an hour so let’s check the dough look at this – it’s more than
double even punch down bring down onto the floured surface knead it again all right so I rolled out two pizzas one
is a large and the other one is medium now what I normally do if I have time
again I just cover the roll pizza dough and again let it rise slightly just a
little bit it won’t rise too much so it’s totally up to you all right I have
everything ready so it’s time to prepare pizza preheat oven at 375 degrees
Fahrenheit first I’m going to spread sauce next I spread some cheese now some
people just like to sprinkle cheese on top only
but this is my way of preparing it because I wanna see those colorful sweet
peppers vegetables and now it’s time to sprinkle vegetables and now the colorful
peppers again more cheese on top all right you can see that how colorful
it looks the next thing I do different is I press a little bit these things
inside the dough the reason is that when you load with lots of toppings sometimes
when you eat it may get separated from the crust so this helps to keep
everything in place all right now some more toppings tomato olives and I have
kept some more jalapenos which I’m going to put on one side only because kids do
not like too much of jalapeño perfect doesn’t this pizza looks so yummy
already look at it here I had the cheese pizza ready as well all right so the oven is
ready pizza is ready and ready to go into the pre heated oven at 375 degrees
Fahrenheit and bake pizza for about 20 minutes or until you see the bottom of
the pizza crust golden brown color Pizza has been baking for about 20 minutes and
ready to come out look at this pizza the aroma is so
wonderful I can’t tell you how good it is okay this is awesome one two ten ten so
I hope I made it easier for you to prepare pizza from scratch thank you for
watching and I will see you soon with another great recipe


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