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Homemade Ant Repellent – Eight ways to drive ants away | How To Get Rid Of Ants Permanently

August 29, 2019

Eight ways to drive ants away. Lemon has the effect of disinfecting ants
by its acid and bitter taste. Since there are no side effects for humans, let’s sprinkle
a small amount of lemon juice regularly in places where ants are easy to go. It is common to see ants around the house,
and there is no need to worry, especially if there is no damage to the food or the garden
. However, as summer comes closer, the number
of times you see ants increases, and problems may occur in the house or in the garden . In addition to damaging the garden, ants may
invade the kitchen and the place where food is stored. Some will ask experts to exterminate
ants. In addition, it has been selling pesticides
of various types in the store, in many cases, These include health and pets, food, chemicals
that can have a garden, but also to your own health effects have been included I will. However, instead of such insecticides, there
is a way to keep ants away without adversely affecting your health and the environment
. Garlic water: The smell of garlic is very unpleasant for
ants . You can keep the ants away by using this garlic, and you can protect your house. Usage: Place water and crushed pieces of garlic in
a container and leave it for 24 hours. Then let it boil.
Please cool down and put it in a spray bottle and spray it to the necessary place anywhere. Rice: Fermented rice has the effect of disinfecting
ants. Usage: Please spread white rice in places where you
see ants. Ali finds rice and carries it to the nest
. The effect will be demonstrated by fermenting
the carried rice with heat. Orange skins: Many people throw away leather as they are
without knowing that the orange peel has a wonderful health effect and it can be used
for cleaning the house . Also, the orange peel contains harmful ingredients
to ants . Usage: Please mince or glue the orange peel or sprinkle
in the place where ant appears. East: East appetizes ants, but it also has the effect
of disinfecting ants at the same time. Ali is drawn to the smell of yeast, but eating
yeast itself is harmful for ants . Usage: Mix 100 grams of dry yeast with 1 liter of
water, 100 grams of sugar. Let’s take this little by little and spread
it in the garden and the place where ants may invade. Pepper fruit: Pepper also eliminates ants and has the effect
of preventing ants from invading the garden and the house. Usage: Please put the pepper powder mixed with water
into the spray bottle. Let’s spray this in the garden or elsewhere
where ants may invade. baking soda: Sodium bicarbonate also has the effect of
exterminating ants and keep them away from the garden. Usage: Please sprinkle baking soda around plants
in the garden and places where you can see ants.
Even if you use salt or ash, it has the same effect . Mugwort tea: Wormwood is a very bitter plant, it is also
unpleasant for ants, it has the effect of keeping ants away from home. Usage: Boil 2 liters of water, please put the leaves
and roots of a mugwort. Stop the fire, soak the mugwort for at least
5 hours, put the strain in a spray bottle, spray around the plant in the garden, around
the house etc. Lemon water: The acid and bitter taste of lemon are unpleasant
to ants, keeping ants away . But the effect does not last very long so you need to use
it everyday to get what you want. Usage: Put a fruit juice of 1 lemon on one cup of
water and put it in a spray bottle. Let’s spray this to the place where you
see ants.


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