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Home Remedies & General Health FAQ : How to Settle an Upset Stomach

October 18, 2019

If you find yourself with an upset stomach
or any stomach pains, there are a few things that you can do to help relieve an upset stomach.
I’m Dan Carlson, I’m a nurse. Certain things like drinking 7-UP, Sprite or ginger ale,
very helpful to help calm down the stomach. You can take medications, certain pills are
very good for reducing the amount of acids in your stomach. Maybe stick to a more bland
diet, don’t eat too much at a meal. If you’re eating too large of amounts, it will slow
the process of digestion and maybe causing your stomach pain. Maybe it will be a little
better of an idea to eat more frequent smaller meals throughout the day. Like I said, stay
away from the spicy foods and anything that you have seen in the past causing you stomach
pain. What you can do for that, try not to drink water, a large amount of water with
your meals as well. If you find that you can’t seem anything to treat that pain, consult
a physician and he can help you through the process as well. I’m Dan Carlson and that’s
how to treat an upset stomach.

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