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Home Remedies for your Dog’s Ailments – PAWDCasts: Pilar and the World of Dogs

December 12, 2019

I’m Pilar Kuhn and this is PAWDcasts: Pilar and the World of Dogs. Today we’re going to talk about every
day ailments that… that on things much on sometimes something happens here
dog and you know is that things aren’t quite
right do you need to take you down to the vet, well maybe not. If you noticed that your dog may have
an upset stomach you actually can go into your own cabinet grab these little pink tablets – rhymes with
sneptobismol. It’s actually a generic term for a basic
tummy settler. This is actually fine to give to your dog. Two
when it’s a large dog and we give them to the small dogs we give
them just one. They may not eat it on their own. You may have to put in a
piece of cheese. Let some time go past, see how things go. If the problem persists take them to the
vet. There’s also another product you can get at your general aquarium store. It’s
called metronidazole. It’s an antibiotic so it is a medicine but it
helps treat protozoal type bacterial infections or just basic disturbances. This is
something that you’ll need to give maybe half a tablet to a dog to one tablet. Let it go, see what happens. If the
problem persists again go to your vet. These are two items that can help save you money and time. And help your dog feel better almost immediately. The other things that
happen with dogs is they might get a cut or a scratch and might start licking it. That
produces hot spots. Hot spots are basic bacterial infections
on the skin. If it continues and persist they’ll need antibiotics. You’ll still have to go to the vet they’ll want to cut the hair. It will cost you money. It will cost you time and make your dog look like a science experiment. Nobody wants a science experiment
dog walking around the neighborhood. So what you can do is you can go to your
basic pet store and find a product like this one. It’s a hot spot spray. It’s not
prescription based. And you can treat the spot, not a problem.
You can also treat the spot if you catch it early on with basic
hydrogen peroxide. Put it on a cotton ball or a little cotton
swab, treat the area, but it will bubble up. Don’t be worried
it’s cleaning it out. Keep an eye on it. Keep it dry. You can
use a regular hair dryer or just make sure it stays combed out and aerated and most likely it’ll go away. If it doesn’t, you’re gonna have to go to
the vet to get a different antibiotic because the one I mentioned earlier, the
metronidazole, it’s not for treating those types of bacterial infections. So, these are some basic home remedies,
things you can get very easily, save yourself a trip to the vet. Again as
always, if the problem persists go to the vet. I’m Pilar Kuhn and this is PAWDCasts. things this things much on

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