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Home remedies for fungal infection in eyes

August 17, 2019

home remedies for fungal infection in
eyes here are a few remedies recommended by
doctors to reduce your risk of contact lens related eye infections including
fungal infection chamomile tea chamomile tea can be used
to provide relief from fungal eye infection it can also be used as eye
wash boil the chamomile tea or tea bags in
water bring the tea to normal room temperature and then apply the tea with
a clean cloth to get relief from itchy painful eyes eyes honey honey has antibacterial properties
which can help to kill the infection causing bacteria take equal quantity of
honey and water boil the water and mix the honey in it once it is cooled
applied the mixture with a clean cloth or cotton balls to the affected areas
honey cleans and disinfects any injury that might be the cause of fungal
infection in the eyes forecasts
acid is mild and is often used as an antiseptic in the treatment of mild
winds it can also help heal eye infections it can be used as eyedrops to
clear and heal the retina as enough jasmine flowers
jasmine flower is another effective way to reduce the inflammation and
irritation caused by eye infections take a jar of distilled water and add some
jasmine flowers leave them overnight and use the water as I wash the next day it
can also be used as eyedrops two three times a day to fight the infection more
effectively delay aloe vera for treating eye infection use
a try and clean cloth or cotton ball soak it with aloe vera gel and apply it
on the affected area it will give a relaxing feeling to the nerves affected
by the infection


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