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Holistic Medicine Cure For Yeast Infections

August 24, 2019

[Text on screen]: Holistic Medicine. How to Eliminate Yeast Infections, Thrush, and other Candidiasis-Related Conditions from Your Life Forever Chapter One: Holistic Medicine Vs. Traditional Medicine DR. DAWN LIU: Hi, Faith. I’m Dr. Dawn Liu. Very nice meeting you. FAITH: Nice to meet you. DR. DAWN LIU: So, what can I do for you? FAITH: Well, I have been suffering from yeast infections for quite awhile. DR. DAWN LIU: Yeast infections. OK. FAITH: And I have heard more about holistic medicine and I am curious how this might be able to help me. DR. DAWN LIU: OK, so, yeast infections. Also, as I read from this form you filled out there are a few concerns you have, and yeast infections is what you put as the top one. FAITH: Yeah. DR. DAWN LIU: So that is your top priority that brought you here? FAITH: Yes. DR. DAWN LIU: OK, and also you just mentioned that this is your first experience with, you know, any realm outside of traditional medicine for you. FAITH: Yes DR. DAWN LIU: OK, so you want to know more about holistic medicine, right? FAITH: I do. DR. DAWN LIU: OK, so tell me what you know about holistic medicine first. FAITH: I guess more of ů I mean, I’ve seen a lot of things in Henry’s, you know, when you walk down the aisle. DR. DAWN LIU: Supplements, right? FAITH: Natural products, herbal as opposed to over-the-counter or prescription that your doctor would call in; a medical doctor. But I do have questions, you know, regarding what is the difference between holistic and herbal, or is it one and the same? DR. DAWN LIU: I see. And I’m sure you’ve probably heard about acupuncturists, chiropractors, herbalists, right? Well, they’re different approaches. Maybe homeopathic, naturopathic as well. Well, let’s put it this way: Holistic medicine is not one profession or one specific industry. It’s actually a more generalized term describing a lot of different disciplines, including all the ones we just talked about. And it mostly is a kind of eclectic term for people who are engaged in those professions that treat, that deal with any kind of a discomfort or diseased state using approaches out of the traditional medicine. So the question comes to: What is traditional medicine vs. holistic medicine. Is that correct? FAITH: Yes. DR. DAWN LIU: OK. So, holistic medicine, by itself, the main distinguishing feature of the holistic medicines is that it takes into account the entire person: just you, yourself, including also what you do, your diet, your lifestyle, your habit and also even your mental and emotional makeup. All those into account to find out exactly how you’re body’s out of balance. In a way, it’s like a lot of the holistic medicine approaches all center around this concept: Our body’s naturally at a homeostatic state where it is at. It’s just kind of like we’re not ů we shouldn’t be too fat, not too skinny and not too this, too that. It’s somewhere in the middle. A happy middle ground is the place. Any time a diseased state happens or you experience any kind of comfort, if it’s enough to be brought to your attention, then it usually means this balance or state is somehow disturbed. So, the approach for most natural; the natural approaches in holistic medicine is trying to find out what led to this imbalance and how to bring it back to the center. Well, the traditional medicine approach is a little different. They look for “exactly.” Now, for example, you have a little growth on the skin or you have a little specific pain somewhere on the body. Well, let’s find out exactly what that stuff is composed of and then let’s just laser-focus it. Just remove, erase, get rid of that pain specifically. If it’s gone, then it’s gone. Don’t ask as much as of a question regarding how you got there. And they don’t necessarily regard the status as if you are out of balance somehow. It’s just: Whatever presented, let’s resolve it. So, they all have their merit. In my opinion, traditional medicine and holistic medicine, they’re very complementary to each other. [Text on screen]: To Learn more visit

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