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Hmong Shaman Talk w/ Xifu Sara: #1 Video Series

March 6, 2020

Hello everyone, my name is Sara Lee wife of Xoua Thao. I live in Minnesota. United States (USA) I am glad and happy that those of you who live far and close even in different countries, have taken the time To look and listen with your eyes and ears To my words about the spiritual side And about the Hmong Shaman ways About the shamanic healings and diagnosis the healings of the spiritual side The ways of connecting to spirit Magic and other practices related to spirituality For those who want to understand and learn about I started my shamanic journey back in 2008 It’s been more than 10 years now.. I have about 25 plus students that I help to guide and give guidance, advice So that they can progress with the intent to become a full fledge shaman Because I am a Shaman, a psychic as well I practice shamanism In my life… My belief, my thinking and my ways of life… I follow the “TAO” the way… or Taosim practice in my daily life.. My practices and belief is geared towards the teachings of “LAO TZU” Taosim But when I do shamanic healings, I am still using the traditional shamanic ways of spirits and culture influences The Taoist practice is an integration and is related with shamanic practices as well The Taoist practice is an integration and is related with shamanic practices as well so when I do healings, I do integrate it into the shamanic aspect of it as well For it to become effective So that there will not be any issues When I was still young, I did go to Church I did believe for a period of my life about the Luthern belief of GOD In the belief of GOD I did believe for a period of my life about the Luthern belief of GOD I have gone to church to sing the gospels But because my parents did not have the belief that GOD existed They eventually pulled me back into shamanism But I did not began Until i got married start my journey As a child growing up When the parents called a shaman to come do rituals, I never paid attention I never understood the purpose But now My path has crossed for me to become a shaman So then I had to face it So that I can help myself and others as well When I first start my shamanic journey, I will not lie, Those of you who are just starting… I did not know anything.. understand anything… I was not even versed well or fluent in the Hmong Language I just kinda was in the black about it The XIfu told me and I just did it According to what the xifu told me But I really did not understand any of it The reasoning behind what I was doing and why???? I just did it…. but After a while, I lost interest, did feel motivated… I didn;t know, didn;t understand Couldn’t connect to spirit to my spirit guides… the messages.. the spirit side was blurry Could not find the clarity… to grasp into reality Just kept going into the dark road The truth was that as a Hmong Child I grew up in the States… I was not culturally immersed, nor understood the deeper Hmong Language Did not understand metaphors, poetry, forms of communications.. did not understand shamanism or understand the Hmong Cultural practices That’s one of the reasons, I had a hard time But once you understand Becoming a shaman becomes easier I have had about 5 xifu’s One reason was due to communication issues the older generation teaching the younger generation is like a horse talking to a cow The understanding is limited If you were older and understood the language You would understand more, by listening to the rituals and chanting You have less problems and issues and can proceed faster if you have no understanding then it becomes harder for you to keep going harder to know They didn’t allow you to speak in English and encourage you to do it You have to speak in your Hmong Language for you to become a hmong shaman When chanting in Hmong, it is lacking, and very stuttered.. It is not smooth and cohesive Now I am better at speaking Hmong then before you can hear the clarity better I speak better now But in the past when I first started, I was not good at talking, speaking I can write, and read But to speak is much harder and to understand the deeper meaning was hard When you start your shamanic journey, your soul starts to connect back to your roots of Hmongism cultures and practices lanugages, rituals your lineage, your blood and ancestors It encouraged me to learn and grasp now it has helped me more to connect The shamanic path is not an easy road there are only few that will rise without issues and become a shaman it is their understanding and comprehension and their good communication between student and teacher they have good connection to be able to help each other fully they are able to receive and perceive easier they will rise faster but is you are having a hard time understanding learning is harder for you and understand is further away Your shamanic journey will be hard for you and if you and your xifu have no connection and understanding there will be issues that will arise you will rise harder When I first started I met with lots of problems and issues First before I started my journey… i was having lots of health issues alot of things happening I was having issues with kidney failure back pains and spinal injuries Could not sit, raise up from the sitting laying position hands and feet would be burning you can feel the heat.. at night you can feel the coldness, like your blood was frozen Things like that made me ill.. Keep thinking and dwelling on with anxiety Why is this happening to me… Why no one can help me.. the doctors would say nothing is wrong with your body.. nothing is wrong with your body.. nothing is wrong with your body.. My mind was constantly running Going to bed at 9pm, not actually falling asleep until about 2am Going to bed at 9pm, not actually falling asleep until about 2am Going to bed at 9pm, not actually falling asleep until about 2am So little time to sleep, the mind running constant worrying about all things and everything crazy and different things… all the problems.. just sleeping a couple of hours then its time to wake up to go to work But at that time I did not understand anything the anxiety, confusion, the emotions, feelings…etc.. depression, sadness, thoughts of death many issues All the bad luck happening in life as welll making you scared and afraid but somehow the bad luck would push it self away but somehow the bad luck would push it self away One time, I got into a car accident, The person who hit me, tried to sue me he tried to sue me… before he had the chance to go sue me in court the heavens … took his life away He wasn’t able to sue me I have also met with the paranormal, spirits and entities.. the troubles came.. sleep paralysis.. I got so scared to the point that I did not even want to sleep You want to sleep but, you feel like theres someone there in the corners of you bedroom there is something in the bedroom I refused to turn the lights off to sleep I kept my eyes wide open blinking and opening so often to to keep and make sure no one was coming the fear the scared feelings.. Your thoughts had no motivations no goals and no future there was going to be no happiness.. You just have the sadness and depression about yourself and your life My life is ending like this.. Nothing to look forward to.. Nothing to look forward to.. Nothing to look forward to.. Living in a dark world If I was to have gone seek help for these symptoms I would have been diagnosed with anxiety, even psychosis, schizophrenia, etc.. mental illness.. depression, I would have had been put on anti-psychotics, antianxiety, ant-depressants to numb me.. so that I can be :NORMAL” But I knew what was going to happen, so I declined to to seek I knew within myself that it was not me…I am not like this that I would be like this or act this way.. Because in my younger days, I love to learn, was highly academic achiever I was in my top class But since I got married With my first 2 children..(probably baby-blues) My life changed.. I can see the difference It wasn’t like when I wanted to achieve in school excel at work.. be motivated to do many things everything changed why so young, but so much sickness just become anxious When I was still little in my family, I was the one who was the sickest and smallest The smallest and palest child but thanks to the parents that saved my life help me overcome my illness life to grow up There was one time, when I was given a vaccine But it gave me a very high fever i don’t remember which vaccine To protect me from disease so that my body can fight off the virus and develop antibodies to it I remember that after the injection I went into a state of not being able to wake up and response properly wake up and response properly from what I remember, I slept for 3 days 3 nights never woke up from the bed at that time my parents did what they could for a sick child with the high fever But I remember well that i was gone for about 3 days 3 nights then I came back to reality At that time the fever was probably so high within the body, the blood boiling The brain probably got fried The blood and lymph was not running properly Made me disoriented and comatose unable to response and wake up That kept pulling me to spirit side there was also another time I remember I was probably around 4 years old I havent started school yet We were living in an old house I remember One time overnight, when everyone was sleeping I woke up I woke up I heard someone washing the dishes I thought to myself I walked to the kitchen I saw something whitish moving back and forth By the sink It was not a full figure It looked more like a floating piece of cloud The water was not actually running no water and no dishes in the sink either But I could hear the on the spiritual side… sound of water running and the clashing of the dishes see the ghost cloud moving back and forth as if washing actual dishes I believe because as a child, you can still connect to spirit easier and hear and see the past of when it happened the actual person living still washing the dishes back then they probably passed away in the house haven;t actually fully left yet still doing chores as usual not moving on and releasing the cooped up energies not moving on and releasing the cooped up energies So with my life, there are many things that have happened many illness but the pivotal point in my life that pushed me to become a shaman was when I was married and had children That;s when I started to sense the pushing from spirit harder and heavier to connect and seek my heart and my thoughts were constantly moving towards seeking spiritual assistance for someone to look into me.. didn’t know what i wanted them to look at but kept telling myself for someone to look at me if anyone or someone can help me I didn;t know what I had or what I wanted in which direction or way I only know I was sad and lost so like missing something too much thinking haven’t thought about it, but it just pops up popping up for me to think about for me to wonder insomnia, unable to do the illness of the body one things to the next becoming a concern to myselfl, unable to be stable that’s why i went to seek spiritual assistance seeking one after another one psychic, one shaman after another it just didn’t want to stop yet just wanting everyone to keep looking at you unitl they can find the issue if they can’t grasp it then it didn’t help There’s something left You are not there, you need to keep looking you have to open and see it so that i can be happy and stable so that i know what the problem is went to many people to look eventually, did see one shaman, who looked she was looking and looking wasn’t there yet.. the heart was racing, and crying out you have to find it, the problem within me I know that there is something you need to find, if you can’t then I started to cry before she got there when she revealed I felt my heart open It felt like a bomb ready to explode when she said that I have spirit guides when she said that I started to ball out tear after tear it wouldn’t stop.. the heart the soul, came out kinda like when someone dies and you cry your heart out someone dies and you cry your heart out That was the problem that was looking for finally it came to light at that time, you finally saw and understood they told me to go seek and look to find the issue so that I can help myself when my spirit and soul is in the low frequency kinda like when you going into the land of the dead go into reincarnation because of the depression the spirit and soul was like that of the candle ready to die almost done burning if there was nothing to help them stay light up my life would not be lasting any longer with the illness and problems in life need to find a resolution so that something can uplife your spirit and soul back to your body after the reading then i was able to start my journey to become a shaman It was not a easy road for me to start and follow i have met with many issues at that time Now I understand how hard it is I have tried the divination to find my xifu’s five xifu’s I have even gone to LAOS to look for a xifu I have gone far Alot has occur in my life its not something easy not a happy good life alot has happened that’s why I have to walk the path This is just a glimps into my shamanic start my illnesses problems, bad luck in life lots of things in my life has happened This video series #1 talk about my shamanic path how I got started In the next video i will talk more about shamanism and other stuff I am happy that those of you who want to listen come and listen and learn to help you uplift you and those who are having a hard journey to help you to see that you are not alone that you are not the only one that there are other people who are also suffering and or having the same issues that no one can relate to you if you open up then others will connect and see that there is help if you open up then others will connect and see that there is help This is just to help you and uplift you


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    Thankyou, I always enjoy everyone of your video teaching all kind of neeb.

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    Thank you for sharing
    Looking forward to hear some more

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    Thank you for putting your experience out there. Ive shared some similar scenarios as yours too. I have been following you ever since I knew about mine. What you were feeling from the beginning is exactly how I felt throughout my life and I always questioned myself if I could possibly become a niam neeb. I thought it was a fantasy for me to even think like that, but when I found out that I was one, I realized why I fell into depression and hardship. Its really a struggles but I always look for stories like this so I will feel that at least I'm not alone ❤

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    Thanks for sharing your experiences… Makes sense to why I keep feeling the way I do and my hardships… ❤️❤️❤️

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    Xav mloog more about kev Ua neeb.

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