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Hitler Demands Antibiotics for a Sore Throat

November 4, 2019

We can’t get you an appointment with Dr.
Croft, he has a ten week waitlist I’ve had this sore throat for 3 days.
I can’t stand it any longer But most pharyngitis is viral Dr. Greeff always gave me antibiotics for my sore throat Go see Dr. Ryeburn. He is by far the best doctor in town The Soviet have overrun his clinic. We can’t break through Go see Dr. Fawell, he hands out antibiotics as if it were candy I did! He took a throat swab, then billed MSP for prolonged counseling May I suggest you try Ibuprofen You idiot, Ibuprofen hasn’t even been invented yet! Then we’ll take you to the ER Last time I went to the ER I waited 3 hours for Dr.
Ikari to come in and he wouldn’t even give me Tylenol #3 If you don’t get me Penicillin for my sore
throat, I will have all of you shot I need my antibiotics. I have a speech at
the Reichstag, afterwards I sing in Tristan und Isolde Maybe Dr. Pienaar can give you Penicillin. Remember how he gave
Eva Braun estrogen pills, she is much more amiable now. You’re right about that Mein Fuhrer Take a squad of men, break through enemy lines,
and bring me a vial of Penicillin You have no fever, adenopathy, or tonsillar exudate.
The probability of strep is less than 10% Twenty years building National Socialism will end due to a sore throat.
No need to shoot myself, I will go septic and die. It’s Dr. Fawell’s office calling. Your throat culture is growing Gonococcus How could my dear Eva do this to me?

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