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Hillary Clinton’s Rough Weekend: The Daily Show

November 6, 2019

-Here’s a question. Have you ever had one of those
weekends where it’s so horrible, you thought to yourself, “Man, I should have just canceled the
weekend and stayed at work.”? Well, Hillary Clinton–
she had that weekend, and it all started on Friday. Hillary Clinton facing a major
backlash from Republicans after opening up a new
and biting line of attack against opponent Donald Trump
and his supporters. The racist, sexist,
homophobic, xenophobic Islamophobic, you name it. You could put half
of Trump supporters into what I call
“the basket of deplorables.” Ooh! “Basket of deplorables.” Damn! Grandma slam! -(laughter)
-Yeah. You know
when Hillary said that all the grannies in her clique
lost their mind! They were just like,
“Damn, Hillary!” (laughter) But look, but look,
on the real, though– a lot of people were upset
by Hillary’s comments, and honestly,
I actually agree with them, because Hillary can’t be
running around the country insulting and generalizing
about large groups of people. You know, that’s Trump’s vibe. And even if polls show that 76%
of Trump’s supporters want to ban all Muslim immigrants, and 40% say blacks are lazier
than whites, you can’t just go around
calling half of Trump supporters
“a basket of deplorables.” The correct term is
“a duffel of dip (bleep). -(laughter) -That’s… that’s
what you were looking for there. So try and be accurate. -So…
-(applause) So that was…
that was Hillary’s Friday. So now fast-forward
to Sunday morning. Now, if over the past few weeks you’ve been watching
the news nonstop because you hate yourself, or because you can’t find
the remote control, then you’ll know,
one of the biggest conspiracies going around right now is
that Hillary Clinton is dying. And not in the
“we’re all dying” kind of way. No, no, no. In a
death-is-imminent kind of way, like the Grim Reaper is wearing
a Hillary shirt kind of way. That’s the kind of death
we’re talking about. And everyone
has different theories, but the bottom line is,
she gonna die. Traumatic brain injury
with symptoms down the road
is very, very likely here. She coughed on the airplane, and
then she spit something up. MAN:
She may have arthritis.
Is there a possibility
she had a mini stroke? …rumors about her having
brain damage, coughs, and even– I hate to say this–
even syphilis. MAN (over speaker):
It’s obvious that, uh, Hillary has had
this Parkinson disease for ten years now, and they say
she has one year to live. Where do you get the Parkinson’s and the “one year to live”
facts? Uh, off of Facebook. (laughter, groans) (Southern accent):
Uh, yeah. Off of Facebook. NOAH: That’s really what
this campaign has become. Voters making their
most important decisions based on what they see
on Facebook. And I don’t understand why. Because the people on Facebook are the people we know
in real life. We don’t trust them
in real life, either. But when we see their comments
on Facebook, all of a sudden we’re like,
“You know what, “drunk Uncle Billy
you’ve got a point. “Maybe Hillaryisdying. And I bet Harambewas
an inside job. Yeah!” Now, normally, we’d be quick
to dismiss those theories– we’d besoquick
to dismiss them– but then… Sunday happened. Some concerns raised
this morning about the well-being
of Hillary Clintonafter she left
the 9/11 memorial service
earlier than expected.NEWSMAN:The reason was
a medical episode.
As one witness told me,
uh, she appeared to faint.
Clinton then taken
to her daughter Chelsea’s
three miles away.NEWSWOMAN:
About two hours later,
Clinton appears,
smiling and waving.
-WOMAN: Are you feeling better?
-Yes. Thank you. NEWSMAN:According to her
campaign, she overheated…
Okay, now, here’s the thing. Hillary faints
at the 9/11 memorial, and then she just comes out
and waves, like, “Hey!” Doesn’t talk to anyone.
You can’t just come out, and make it like
it’s normal, Hillary. You fainted.
We want to know what happened. You’re just walking out like,
♪ I dropped it like it’s hot ♪ ♪ Drop it like it’s hot. ♪ If you think America was just
gonna simply accept “overheated” as an answer,
well, then you don’t know how divided this country is. Because it’s gotten so bad,
people can’t even agree onwhatthe weather is. The weather has been horrific. Very hot.
Extremely humid temperatures. It was not as hot
as it has been in New York, I can tell you that. It was very humid out here,
I have to tell you. It was a beautiful
September morning… NEWSWOMAN:
…just miserable outside…
It wasn’t
thathot…She’s on in extreme heat… …a day that isn’t
particularly hot… NEWSWOMAN:
…unseasonably warm…
…very, very comfortable… It was very, very,
very, very hot. I had sweated
through my entire suit. Weather is not
a subjective thing. Just give us the weather report. Yeah, because one person’s
gonna say it’s hot, another person’s
gonna say it’s cold– it depends on who you ask.
If you ask me, if you were like, “Hey, Trevor, what did you think
of the weather yesterday in New York,”
I’ll be like, “Well, personally, I think it was one of
thecoldestdays of the year.” Why? Because I’m from Africa. That’s why. Yeah. And my malaria has affected
my perception of heat. That’s why. Africa Jokes. Where you don’t know
if I’m kidding. So, it was hot outside
or it wasn’t hot. Hillary was overheated
or she was exhausted. No one really knows,
and that’s the problem. Because then,
after Hillary’s camp told their story,
this video comes out on Twitter. And look at this video. Hillary can barely stand,
all right? The van pulls up, and she has
to be hoisted into the van. Now, putting
your politics aside, this is a disturbing video
to watch. Because Hillary
doesn’t look fine. She looks like she’s
just had brunch with Bill Cosby. -(laughter)
-And now… and now, only because
this video came out, only because
this video came out, the Clinton campaign
had to admit that something
really was going on. NEWSWOMAN:Clinton’s doctor,
Lisa Bardack,
announcing eight hours
after the Democratic nominee
left the 9/11 ceremonythat Clinton was diagnosed
with pneumonia on Friday,
news withheld from reporters
at the time.
Yes. Hillary was diagnosed
with pneumonia on Friday, and her campaign
didn’t tell anyone about it. And you know what? Everyone–
especially reporters– have a right to be angry. You know?
As does everybody else who Hillary kissed and touched
this weekend. Yeah. Look at her, look at her,
handing out pneumonia like it’s a free sample
at Costco. “Would you like some pneumonia?
Like some…” And I don’t care.
All you people like, “Pneumonia isn’t
especially contagious.” Hey, you let me decide that! My body, my choice, okay? You see, this is… this is
the problem with the Clintons. It’s not the things
that they do that get them. It’s the way they try
and cover them up. Because if you knew
on Friday, Hillary, that you had pneumonia,
and you’ve known for a while that your opponents
have been saying that you are hiding
a terminal illness, you could end
all the speculation by being transparent, just coming out and saying,
“I have pneumonia.” Instead, you walk out
of your daughter’s apartment acting like nothing’s wrong. I mean, look at that. The purse is there. Walking out of that apartment
was Hillary’s chance to set things right. I mean, here are just
a few of the things Hillary could have said. I have pneumonia, you (bleep)! (laughter) Oh, I’m going… I’m going…
I’m going down! I’m going down again. Psyche! (laughing) Hey, everyone! So I have pneumonia, and I decided to work today,
anyway, despite my doctor’s advice, but let’s be honest, if I hadn’t come
to the 9/11 memorial today, you would have called me
unpatriotic and chewed me out, so I guess in the end
it doesn’t really matter! All right, bye-bye! Just some suggestions
for next time. Use the, don’t use them. Yeah. But no matter what, if this
happens again, Hillary, please, just sit us down, look us in the eye,
and tell us the truth. But not-not that close. Don’t come close.


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    Africa Jokes

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    21 degrees celcius is now sweltering heat? She was unconcious and dragged into a black ambulance, then appeared 2 hours later with slimmer hips and different fingers.

  • Reply Barbara Spectre September 19, 2016 at 2:35 am

    Pneumonia is a symptom of a host of neurological diseases such as Parkinsons and CJD.

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    For many things, by the time you realise what you have, you aren't contagious. Also, once you've taken antibiotics for a day or so, you aren't contagious.

  • Reply SethNewtonMusic September 20, 2016 at 5:05 am

    Finally a Daily Show piece covering Hillary Clinton somewhat honestly and not belittling the chaos that is her candidacy

  • Reply Bigbradwolf September 20, 2016 at 8:11 am

    Hillary is only interested in looking after her back pocket, benefactors, big business, movie stars and the Saudi's.
    Trump will look after jobs, the economy, the border and Americans.

  • Reply jcwynn September 20, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    If Hilary is too sick to continue her campaign (or isn't healthy enough to be president anyway), can Bernie come back as the Democratic nominee?? God please save us all if you're there

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    If this had happened with trump, Trevor and the rest of the daily show would have been all over how ridiculous it is to blame fainting on pneumonia. I understand the movement against trump m, but can we at least look at this objectively?

    (For any troll looking to attack, probably worth noting I am NOT a trump supporter)

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    One single valid reason why the Clinton camp would've considered it a big deal to inform the public she has caught pneumonia? And we're supposed to believe that this hasn't occurred to the Daily Show, that they truly believe Hilary lied about this as a result of some poorly thought out confused clumsiness???? No, that's obviously not what's going on here. What IS going on is that the Daily Show is just like all other mainstream media, a fully owned subsidiary who's primary function is to shill for it's owners aka the power elite (a club that the Clintons are clearly very much a part of, just like the Bushes who recently made it clear they are voting for Hilary:). By the way, in case you're curious or interested in that line of business here's how it works: you tow the line or the over inflated pay check disappears. At least that's the part I overheard during Trevor Noah's contract negotiations:D

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  • Reply w0tm October 2, 2016 at 10:57 am

    ID'ing a Hillary double is not rocket science! What am I missing?? Remember the HOLE surgeons made in her tongue to test for some illness? Pixs all over!! Surgeons also said and repeated here on YT "a hole that large will NEVER heal". "Maybe a little" one said but "not much". Will all of the doubles now get their tongues pierced now that this OBVIOUS ID is public. People drawing triangles to show mouth to ears to the micrometer and so many other silly things. WHY?????

    For the debate I assumed they would aim the camera UP so that an image of her tongue would be difficult to catch. They did all the other dirty tricks such as "Trump audio ACCIDENTAL glitch", width of the two podiums to make Trump appear "overwhelmed" by a monster podium while Hillary has COMMAND everything A-OK! and so on.

    Try to laugh with your tongue constantly pushed against the roof of your mouth (to hide the hole) – NOT possible! Certainly not for more than a brief moment. And the person on stage had her tongue out in plain sight many times. NOT a slam on people using their tongue as part of their speech mechanism BTW. We saw Donald's tongue just as much! Look for fake hair on him I guess. Personally I'm GLAD technology has existed and used to create doubles for people such as a POTUS! Most of the higher ups have doubles BTW. Putin has at least two doubles. Good!!

    Obama has three at least – you can tell by checking and counting pixels, colors etc. that can take days!!! But worth the effort. The #3(??) Obama has only spoken once. They must have screwed up. The teleprompter went on the fritz and he rad the same paragraph four times before they panicked and turned it off. He had no clue! Nor did the lap dog media. He had to wing it from then on taking questions. Stuttered more than a broken 78 RPM record. "They" shut it off FAST and the media was all the super friendly MSM. As I say all of this is not rocket science. Personally no matter who is POTUS I want a double standing there if a nut case gets close enough to even throw a rock!

    Also, I am a techie NERD BSEE who does audio work among other things. INTENSE super high tech audio work. Not possible to make Pee Wee Herman sound like John Wayne BUT similar voices – YES! You can find them for sale on the Internet. Notice a small square box at the front of the throat about half way down. A couple of days of tuning then getting the double to "inflect" his/her "new" voice then add body movements and so forth and after about 30(??) you can have a double that is a LIVE ringer for the real thing! "Is it Charmin?" (remember nice Mr. Whipple? "please don't squeeze the Charmin" – I will always miss him!),

    HEY – everyone should now go back and rerun the video of the debate – you have 90 minutes of Hillary's tongue to watch! Not to mention the occasional unintended movement of the implanted vocie box.

    There are a half dozen other "double giveaways" but these are the most obvious – Bill still has doubles BTW. They had to "retire" FDR, Truman etc. although those doubles were not will made. After the real JFK was killed they got serious on the clone/double business. True cloning where a double is "grown" like these 3D machines make non-living items is coming soon! I've heard of prtotypes but not ready for "prime-time". By 2019 we'll have true full blown clones giving simultaneous speeches all over the world. I understand the Russians are leading in the "clone race". The couple of Putin doubles are REALLY GOOD! It takes all day counting pixels to spot a Putin double.

    Anyway – TONGUE TONGUE TONGUE — THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! Even holes drilled today would not look the same as the 2012 hole as one surgeon said "some scar tissue will form – not possible to drill AND age a tongue hole. Option is for her to keep her mouth wired shut until after the election. What excuse will they use for THAT??!!

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  • Reply Michael October 4, 2016 at 1:53 am

    I can't find a video where he bashed Clinton. I guess he's just super biased. Lame.

  • Reply Barkeroni October 5, 2016 at 8:29 pm

    go figure…Hillary makes a huge misstep and this biased show finds a way to twist it on Trump or lighten it. As Ben Shapiro said, there is no daily show now without the brainwashed audience ready to laugh at everything this new guy says.

  • Reply Matthew Love October 7, 2016 at 8:32 am

    man there are like internet diagnoses, oh, you have a headache. Thats a major symptom of swine-flungal-meningitis-ebola, you should see a doctor ASAP, while you're at it, call a priest, get an exorcism scheduled. and finally be sure to call the epidemic / biohazard first response team.

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    I'm mad her Dr. was the one who told, what ever happened to Dr. patient confidentiality? I guess she was probably given permission to do so but you're right Trevor, Hillary should have said it herself.

  • Reply Mureithi Kivuti October 21, 2016 at 1:35 pm

    Africa isn't that bad. I'm from Kenya and it's pretty awesome

  • Reply Popperite October 21, 2016 at 4:27 pm

    Sure she could have been more transparent. But the Trump campaign had made her health an issue before this all happened. I wonder why? There was probably some panic about that, which was picked up by the people who advised her.

  • Reply oƃƃə October 25, 2016 at 12:23 am

    What was she thinking?

    100% of Trump supporters are deplorables.

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  • Reply unknown unknown December 8, 2016 at 8:13 pm

    She said half. Get over it. If you are so superior, than just own who you are…you think you are a wonderful racist or a fabulous sexist. Don't deny it if you think you are better.

    And, please people, get your facts straight. I could say Hillary is sick, Trump is a women or they both practice witchcraft. Does that make it true? No.

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    Do you know about facts ? Things that should made up your informations and discussions ?
    For example: the weather. The weather reports are like the easiest things to see. What do you see on television all the time ? Weather reports. You just google "temperatures" and you have them, and it's not crooked because it's given for the entire freaking world.
    Unemployment rate ? You can find it.
    Homocides, gun induced killings ? You can find it.

    Stop making it seem so hard to see the truth, just get off of facebook and Fox News and open freaking Google !

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    If she'd said something, she would have been accused of lying to cover up something "much worse", or being too frail for office if she can catch pneumonia on the trail. C'mon. She couldn't win. The only way people would believe she had pneumonia is if it came out like it did.

  • Reply Shihara Ferdinando April 12, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    amazing vid but one thing we all need to understand is her personality is not that of the others…she's and introvert by definition ( INTJ ) she tends to be naturally less transparent.

  • Reply Jay Winter April 22, 2017 at 5:39 am

    Hillary spent so much time confusing unifying her own political party and unifying the country. People kept saying she didn't need to appeal to the right and to try to bring the right leaning independents over to her. Some love to say that her "baskets of deplorable" comments were brilliant of her, but honestly, they lost her undecided voters. I know that compared to the things that fell out of Trump's mouth, that hardly seems fair. It doesn't matter if it is fair though, because to those deeply offended, well, have any of you been able to forgive Trump for his remarks yet? No? Then try flipping perspective and see if that helps.

  • Reply Casey Moninghoff April 27, 2017 at 4:18 am

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  • Reply Samuel Endres July 26, 2018 at 8:53 pm

    Illness or physical form shouldn't matter as much as it does in the US. I mean, in Germany we don't have that problem seeing as it would be discriminating. For example, what if someone in a wheelchair runs for president? Would people really say someone in a wheelchair would be a bad president because…wheelchair? Health? What about Stephen Hawking? Does his health hinder his mental capabilities? Physical and mental abilities don't strictly go together. And in case someone tries to bring the whole 'showing strength of a leader' kind of thing. That sounds like something an authoritarian state would do. You know, Russia, North Korea, and so on? Real strength is to recognize that there is more than physical strength. We aren't cave dwellers anymore, so we shouldn't act like them and not put so much focus on physical strength.

  • Reply DMC1 September 23, 2018 at 8:24 pm

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