Hillary Clinton Pneumonia Diagnosis: 3 Facts

September 14, 2019

[Narrator]: Hillary Clinton calling in sick? Could this be the scandal that brings about the end of the United States? Or is it literally just someone getting sick? Welcome to Watchmojo News, the series from where we look at the news that should be on your radar. In this installment, we’re looking at 3 things you need to know about Hillary Clinton being diagnosed with pneumonia. [News Reporter]: …Clinton blaming it on allergies, [CLINTON COUGHING]
but her doctor now says an exam because of that cough led to the pneumonia diagnosis. but her doctor now says an exam because of that cough led to the pneumonia diagnosis. [Narrator]: The first signs that something was awry came about during a speech on Labor Day when Hillary Clinton broke into a coughing fit. [Hillary]: (coughs) Every time I think about Trump, I get allergic. [Narrator]: A week later, at a 9/11 Memorial ceremony, the presidential candidate was forced to leave, as she was feeling overheated. With the eyes of the nation on Ground Zero for the terrorist attack’s 15th anniversary, Clinton’s early exit was noted and a video of her leaving went viral. In a statement made by her physician, it was made clear that she had been experiencing “cough-related allergies” and that upon further inspection of the prolonged cough, Hillary was diagnosed with pneumonia. This resulted in her campaign canceling a two-day trip she was scheduled to take to California. With Hillary Clinton ringing in at 68 years and the Donald rocking the big 70,… [Trump]: Well, barely. [Narrator]: …questions on both the candidates’ health have come into play during the campaign, as these are two of the oldest candidates to ever run for president. Republicans have been quick to point out the seeming trend of Clinton’s ailing health, with Donald Trump repeatedly saying that she doesn’t have the ‘stamina’ to be president. [Trump]: She doesn’t have the strength or the stamina. [Narrator]: With the episode at the 9/11 ceremony, Trump claimed health was now a genuine campaign issue and vowed to release his own medical records following the event. [Hillary]: I’m not concerned about the conspiracy theories, um, there are so many of them. I’ve lost track of them. [Narrator]: Jeez, what is it with this guy releasing documents? [Trump]: Our president has finally released a birth certificate. I’d want to look at it, but I hope it’s true. [Narrator]: This, of course, comes weeks after Trump’s own physician admitted to writing his glowing medical assessment for the candidate in about five minutes, mostly using Trump’s over-the-top stylized language in his report. [Trump]: We can be nice and politically correct and we can say… Uh, it’s… We don’t have the time anymore, folks. [Hillary]: So I’m hitting the road to earn your vote. [Narrator]: The leader of the free world isn’t usually able to take a whole lot of sick days, so electing a candidate that’s in good health is kind of a priority for the country. That being said, the campaign trail is a long and exhausting one and people getting sick is not out of the ordinary. Just think about how many hands they have to shake every day. While it may be easy to point to the fact that Hillary Clinton is on the tail end of her sixties, you can rest assured that she is likely to have some of the best doctors in the country by her side. And by the way, for someone with a strong immune system, pneumonia is not that much worse than a cold. So, basically, if you’re anti-Hillary, she’s unhealthy and unfit for the Oval office, and if you’re pro-Hillary, she’s just another person showing up sick for work. In the unlikely event she’s unable to complete the race, changing horses this late in the game is quite the risky move, but with no other options, the Democratic Party might be left with no choice but to tap early hopefuls such as Joe Biden or even Bernie Sanders. So, did this video change your vote? Should the president be able to call in sick more often? For more stories on the topics you need to know, subscribe to [Man]: What’s happened? [Hillary]: It’s a beautiful day in New York.

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