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Herbal Prevention for Flu Season w/Jane

November 29, 2019

Hey everyone this is Jane with Barlow
herbal and we have run into fall here and it’s starting to get chilly I’m all
bundled up in my jacket and I was like should I take it off and make this video
acting like it’s still nice and warm no I’m actually pretty chilly right now
we’ve got some cool weather happening here in Utah and we’re getting ready to
go into the time of year that a lot of people love and a lot of people dread
because it’s a time when they get sick they always get a cold they pick up the
flu bug that goes around and this is the year if you’re not used to using herbal
medicine this is the year to dial that in this is a year to really get familiar
with plants like lomatium and osha and all the plants that can
keep our immune system strong and help our body fight off viral loads in
particular the flu so here’s what I would suggest we’ve really dialed in our
lomatium protocol if you’ve never tried lomatium there’s two things
that you need to do as a precursor number one we suggest you do something
to support and detox your liver so and this is to prevent the rash and you need
to probably do this anyway because your liver works really hard for you and
especially this time of year if you’re doing lots of parties and get-togethers
and you maybe are drinking a little bit more alcohol then you typically would
then this is a really good time to pay attention to support and detox your
liver because it works really hard for you so if you are using lomatium for
the first time or maybe you just want to you know suggest to someone else someone
you love and family member a friend a co-worker that they try the the LDM
lomatium for the first time here’s what we’re suggesting go through a
bottle of LiverLove and do do that for two weeks before you start the Munityboost now this is what we’re suggesting to prevent the rash on the highest level
that we possibly know that you can because some people can’t afford to take
time off work they can’t afford to they can’t afford to get the rash because it
kind of takes you down and here’s part of the thing if you can get the same
results with lomatium without getting the rash then that is a beautiful thing
because the rash is not a dangerous or contagious thing
the rash is actually the body doing a really super smart thing it’s clearing
out a viral load it’s get the body finally has a tool to get rid of a virus
and what we find is the liver is just not healthy enough to take the full
eradication of this viral load and the skin as your largest organ is
just helping you out so get a bottle of LiverLove or your favorite liver support
something that preferably has dandelion root and milk thistle if you can do both
of those that’s great and then do that for two weeks and then start the
Munityboost now when you start the Munityboost keep going with the LiverLove until the bottles gone which is about a month and you’re giving your
liver in your gallbladder some really nice nourishment detox and support it’s
just an organ that we because we don’t see it we don’t really think about it
until it starts to give us trouble so that is the key that’s the kind of the
key tip right there start paying attention to things that you know in
your body need attention and love before they give you issues or trouble
so LiverLove Munityboost and then lomatium now if you are not if you’ve
already passed the point where you need to worry about the rash this is the time
of year when when I start and all of my family members start taking a
preventative dose of LDM-100 now we actually have this out in a reduced
alcohol version it’s in an organic vegetable glycerin we make it exactly
the same as the regular LDM but then we put on a low and slow heat we reduce the
alcohol way way way way way down and then we reconstitute it with organic
vegetable glycerin and it’s a little bit sweeter it still has that kind of tang
of lomatium in there but now you’ve got a greatly reduced version of LDM and
you can take it sublingual you can take it straight it’s a little bit easier to
take straight then the full strength alcohol one now drop per drop this lomatium is just as powerful as the pure LDM and 100 but it’s nice because you can
very easily give it to kids without you know worrying about if
your kids are maybe sensitive or you don’t want to give them alcohol that’s a
really good reason also don’t forget that our Throat Spray has lomatium in it
and it is such a beautiful blend of herbs that go in they support your
throat health and they can help with a cough now if you’re going after a deeper
cough in the lungs this is where I want to suggest that you don’t forget about
the Lung Blend you want to do something to support your lungs so if you are a
person who has compromised breathing maybe you got a lung infection pneumonia
bronchitis something when you were younger or even a few years ago as an
adult what’s gonna happen is every time you get sick you might notice that it
firstly first goes into your chest and that’s where your cold or the flu goes
right into your chest so you might want to remember the Lung Blend and you can
do this as a prevention as well now the main herb in there that I believe is
antiviral is the osha root osha root has a lot of similar properties to lomatium root a lot of these root herbs are very very powerful in helping humans
heal from hard core things like viruses and different infections so if you’re a
person who is really susceptible to getting an infection in your lungs then the Lung
Blend is something I would suggest once a day about 25 drops just for prevention
take it once a day to help keep yourself and your lungs free and clear during
cold and flu season so this is a great reminder that the season is upon us and
this is the time to start adding these preventative measures in now besides the
herbal component there’s two big things I want you to focus on number one is
sugar and I do talk about this all the time but it lowers your immune system
besides a whole bunch of other things that can be negative so think about the
sugar that you eat involve yourself in it socially very strategic so be really
conscious of the sugar that you’re eating and then what I would suggest
along with that is stress so the holidays even though they’re fun they’re
full of lots of joy and lots of fun they’re full of a lot of
stress and you take sugar and stress which both wreak havoc on your immune
system and you’re a perfect storm to pick up any virus that’s coming around
so I would even click those two things in the stress and the sugar and then put
that third component in that herbal medicine power punch as a prevention
you know don’t wait till you get sick take it every day and this is a perfect
storm for health to get you through the holidays
feeling good feeling your best and letting your body perform the way it’s
supposed to perform because I know sometimes we don’t pay attention until
we get something that takes us down and then it’s just like pure misery and
we’re kind of forced to rest we’re forced to take a little bit better care of
ourselves and you know the thing is to take better care of yourself and take
good care of yourself while you are healthy so I hope you have an amazing
rest of your week and an amazing holiday season thank you for being there and let
me know if you have any questions you’re always welcome to get ahold of us and
we’ll talk to you soon


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    Can you take it if you had your gallbladder removed.
    Thank you

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    Thank you for your swift comment

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