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Help PANDAS by Improving the Lymph-Brain Connection

October 23, 2019

Hi everyone John Ossipinsky here. You
know I’ve been working with the lymphatic system for over 24 years and
I’ve been explaining a lymph-brain connection for much of that time. Because we’ve always understood that there were lymphatic vessels right outside the
brain. If you have a child who is exhibiting extreme behaviors whether
they’re shutting down or getting very aggressive and again not acting like
themselves, we have to think about the lymphatic system. The other night I saw
the show 20/20 on pandas. I don’t know if you saw that, it was really very moving.
But I understand what’s going on with these children. Some of them had strep throat numerous times. That means they had a bacteria and then they had
antibiotics. So when we do that repeatedly or we have colds and viruses
repeatedly, then we’re producing cellular waste in our body and that cellular
waste can clog the lymphatic system and manifest as diseases like panda or
autism. In 2015 they found a direct lymph-brain connection that we can use to maintain the brain. Meaning they found lymphatic vessels in the brain. In the
lymphatic field we were always taught that there are no lymphatic vessels in
the brain. Well, now we know there’s a direct lymph-brain connection that we
can use to help the brain. In these children the repeated
bacteria or viruses or antibiotics creates a lot of cellular waste, parts of
cells. Those cells congest the lymphatic system and recent research shows that
the majority of cerebrospinal fluid must flow through lymphatic vessels. So after
a few viruses, bacteria or antibiotics, when we have
excess cellular waste our lymphatic vessels, right here in our neck, there is
one vessel on either side of our neck that takes thousands of lymph vessels.
The lymph from them must flow through one vessel. Often it gets clogged up like log jams in a river. So if a child just had a
again, serious illness and they were filling up with bacteria and dead cells
and then they were given antibiotic, that can create excess cellular waste that
will shut down the lymphatic system which will shut down the brain. This is science.
So if you’re working to help your child who’s having extreme behavior or
catatonic where they just shut down, then you need to address the lymphatic
system in whatever you are doing. Because to do antibiotics and steroids
or plasmapheresis and not include the lymphatic system we’re missing
everything. The lymphatic system must drain the brain. If this makes sense to
you like, like what you’re seeing here. Help me, help other people by promoting
this and letting other people know about it. But this is something that’s serious.
If you’ve seen these children, one girl was afraid to eat. She wouldn’t eat
because she just was afraid she was going to be poisoned. It affects the brain
in different ways. I have seen children go through a lymphatic system
detoxification and these are children who have had, maybe a little
hyperactivity, a little ADHD and when I worked on them for an hour the next day
the parents told me, wow, they just shut down that next day. They were and they
used the word catatonic and the child was like that for a few hours and then
the body sort of worked with that, absorbed that waste and the child
started to think better. Now in pandas or autism that lymph-brain connection
has become blocked. When a child has a lot of symptoms of Panda, then they are very toxic and days that they are more
themselves and why does this happen and you’ve seen this in pandas and autism. A
child will be very hyper or have a lot of problems or shut down and then in a
few days later they’re better. This is all due to toxicity. Whether the
lymphatic system is able to again clear fluid out of the brain and in that fluid
is proteins. So if you have a child who isn’t thinking clearly whether it’s
PANDAS, autism, ADHD or developmentally delayed, you don’t know what it is. We
need to get the lymphatic system going. If you need some information on helping
the brain, whether it’s in PANDAS or autism contact me at or I’m on a mission
to help parents understand how this information is missing and again when
you go to your doctor to talk about pandas or any other thing they’re not
talking about the lymphatic system. So if you’d like to include the lymphatic system
again, this is emerging science and it’s real science. Then contact me at and you’ll see it will make a difference in your child’s life
just by understanding the lymphatic system and talking to me. I hope this
makes a difference. You have a great day!

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