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Heart-Safe Medicine

February 7, 2020

[Music.] [Scientists work with lab equipment.] GLENNA BETT: It costs between one and two
billion dollars to bring a drug to market and the earlier a drug that isn’t going to
make it to market can be eliminated from the pipeline, the greater the savings. VIDEO TITLE: Heart-safe medicine:
Screening new drugs for cardiac safety. GLENNA BETT,
Cytocybernetics founder and CEO:
Cytocybernetics is a tech transfer company out of UB.

[Glenna Bett speaking in a laboratory.] What Cytocybernetics does, it has a method
by which it can detect if a new drug that’s

[Computers.] coming to market is going to cause heart
attacks as a side effect.

[Glenna Bett speaking in a laboratory.] The Cytocybernetics assay identifies drugs early
on that are going to be a problem later

[Scientists working in a lab.] in the pipeline. We have a better way of
predicting the way that a drug will

[Moving graph.] interact with the heart. And this is for all
drugs — anti-cancer drugs, antidepressants, anti-histamine drugs —
all kinds of drugs.

[Scientists working in a lab.] It’s an FDA requirement that they
demonstrate that they don’t have the likelihood of initiating a cardiac
arrhythmia. Our initial technology

[Glenna Bett in a lab.] enabled us to look at the effect of a
drug on a single heart cell, and now with

[Microscope image of cells.] the new robotic automated system, we can
look at the effects of the drug on

[Gloved scientist using a pipette.] several heart cells at one time. The
University at Buffalo has been incredibly helpful in our journey, from
getting this technology out of the lab

[Aerial view of buildings on UB’s campus.] and into the marketplace. The support
that they’ve provided has just been

[Computer screen.] incredible in getting us to where we are.
The whole entrepreneur ecosystem that’s

[Scientist in a lab .] growing here at UB has been a very
important part of our success.

[Text on a computer screen.] University at Buffalo logo,
web address,,
and hashtag, #UBuffalo.

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