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Gun deaths and mental illness: It’s not just about mass shootings

February 18, 2020

The president is proposing an expansion
and reform of mental health programs including those that help identify and
treat individuals who may be a threat to themselves or others. so we know that about one in five people
experience a mental health condition about one in 25 in the United States
experiences a serious mental health condition. Only about half of those
individuals get any kind of treatment whatsoever. If someone has a mental
illness it does not mean that they’re going to commit a violent act it usually
means they’re going to have significant difficulties throughout their life. The other thing that’s a challenge is when this kind of thing happens it actually
prevents people from reaching out to receive help because of the increased
stigma and so unfortunately there’s kind of this inverse relationship between the
help people need and the availability to get it or to even reach out for it at
that point.

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